10 Best Mobile Apps For Text Animation

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10 Best Mobile Apps For Text Animation

10 Best Mobile Apps For Text Animation

The Top 10 Mobile Animation Apps for Text Animation

The Top 10 Text Animation Apps For Mobile Devices

No marketer has ever claimed that videos and interactive content are boring and diminish engagement!

In fact, if you are a passionate digital marketer yourself, you are aware of how interactive content has advanced and is becoming more popular.

One of the main factors in its appeal is the way that animated texts and movies have transformed the idea of narrative, making it more engrossing while also being more affordable!

The majority of the video content available to our fast-paced society on many platforms had a poor customer response. Many businesses looking to close the conversion gap have found the buzz surrounding text-animated films to be a viable solution.

These animated works of humour often referred to as "memes," have become a craze on the internet.

Everyone wants to succeed and get on board, as evidenced by the hoopla surrounding such content.

However, the idea of animation is frequently associated with the use of sophisticated technologies, which the majority of us are novices.

Interestingly, making such captivating animated texts and films doesn't require you to be an animator or a subject matter specialist. Simply download an animation app to begin creating such captivating videos.

Why Would You Make Animations on Your Phone?

.The development of technology has altered how we do our jobs. Why should you rely on desktops or laptops to meet your needs for animation when smartphones have effectively replaced and balanced our work-life burden virtually everywhere?

With the help of excellent video software, making videos on smartphones is now twice as simple and quick. The majority of these programmes have themes built right in, so making videos is simple!

Still not persuaded? Here are some of the main justifications for producing compelling content on your smartphone:

With the help of excellent video software, making videos on smartphones is now twice as simple and quick. The majority of these programmes have themes built right in, so making videos is simple!

Still not persuaded? Here are some of the main justifications for producing compelling content on your smartphone:

Smartphone Use Is Universal

According to a tech jury report, people use their cell phones for 70% of their media consumption. The aforementioned statistic clearly illustrates how, as a generation, we spend the majority of our time in front of our phones.

Consequently, while we are at it, using a smartphone to create films or animated texts offers access to multi-level functionality that is simple to use.

You may personalize your videos.

Effective time management is another reason to make animated content on your phone. Instead of exporting and editing at numerous locations, creating animated material on a smartphone saves time.

Making animated texts on a smartphone is easier when all the files and folders are in one location.

Your Videos Are Shared Immediately

Making text-animated videos on your smartphone also has the added benefit of being simple to distribute to the target audiences you want. The new text animation programs are renowned for their simple social media platform integration, which enables you to share your creativity across many media channels.

How to Make Text Animation Videos

Text-animated movies can help you spread brand recognition more quickly and easily reach new audiences if they are used effectively. How, though? See the following two key points:

  1. Captures the audience's interest
    You now have the choice, as a company or brand, to use animated storytelling to keep the audience interested in text animations. Animated content helps present and potential clients establish a lasting impression when compared to other video forms. Not to mention, compared to the typical ad format, it is considerably more affordable.
  1. Captivates viewers even in silent mode
    Do you still enjoy watching Tom & Jerry, even when it's on mute? This is because viewers were drawn in by the animation and images!

Similar principles apply to animated texts, where you may engage the reader effectively and pique their attention. Animated text and content can quickly increase your audience engagement because of their nature as being entertaining, innovative, and creative.

App for iOS and Android with Text Animation

The next step is to find the ideal app for yourself and begin making them now that we are aware of all the benefits connected with text animation.

We are aware that "one size does not fit all" and that it might be challenging to choose the best program to assist you with text animation from the many that offer a full range of accessibility features.

We've put up a list of the top 10 text animation apps for Android and iOS to make it easier for you to choose the one that best meets your needs. Let's look at them below!

Animated Text – Text Animation Maker

Animated text is one of the most popular programs. There are numerous editing possibilities available in Animated Text for users of every skill level. The application provides many options, with a variety of background choices and animated GIF text selections.

It's interesting that this program has beginner-friendly templates. The following are a few of the app's standout features:

  • 20 incredible text animation designs
  • Option to add background images to photos
  • Save your content in the form of a video or an animated GIF.
  • In discussions on Messenger, share animated GIFs.
  • The animated text messages are simple to download for iOS and Android devices, respectively, through the App Store.

Text To Video

The next text animation app is called "Text To Video." It offers a wide range of editing tools to the user. The program gives its users the ability to add background music and offers various editing levels.

Thanks to the user-friendly UI, this is a wonderful choice for beginners who want to take animated text apps or animated content to the next level. Its best attributes include:

  • Multiple Languages Supported
  • Options for selecting the colour of the text and background text styles, font size, font colour, and the option for several text slides with delay

Textron: Animated Text Video

Textron is another excellent option for text animation apps on this list, allowing users to experiment with various levels of editing functionality. The application offers outstanding features that are simple to use and enable speedy sharing options across many digital channels. It also makes it suitable for both experienced and inexperienced users.

The following are some of the app's top features:

  • several different colour combinations
  • a large selection of font choices
  • Option to insert custom images as the background for animations Option to add own music or import existing from the library

Legend: Animated Text in Video & GIF

A wonderful app for text animation, as well as other features like intro videos for social media applications and quick videos, is "Legend: Animated Text in Video & GIF." This software is a fantastic choice for marketers trying to sell their brand on platforms like Facebook and Instagram because to its variety of features that help generate high-quality output.

The program includes the following features:

  • 50-plus text animation designs
  • personalize a few animation clips
  • options for video archiving
  • simple social networking platform integration

Hype Type Animated Text Videos

Users of Hype Type can produce engaging visual text animated stories. The program is a wonderful choice for creating intro and outro animation because it provides over 300+ text animation design possibilities. It's interesting that the app also offers creative motion typography to users.

Some of the app's standout features are listed below:

  • There are many different text layout options, so even beginners can use it.
  • routine updates
  • options for changing text layouts' mojo


Another well-known tool that aids users in producing beautiful work is Steller, one of the top animated texting apps on the Apple Store in 2019. This text animation app has an intuitive user interface that enables them to edit at various levels.

Steller is a fantastic app for experienced users that includes features like:

  • Optional background music
  • many configuration options
  • The feed's stories can be saved.


The text animation tool Vimo offers the most features for both text animation and video editing at the professional level. With its cut editing and clip-adjustment features, the moving text software provides multi-level customization. The following are a few of the app's key features:

  • Licensed-free music
  • Social media platform ratios
  • Effects of rotation and mirroring
  • fade-in/fade-out audio


A popular cartoon text app is called Tomo. Users of the program have access to a large number of text animation choices. The numerous background options along with text animation options assist create excellent content. The following features of the app are listed:

  • Options for adding background music
  • Simple sharing tools
  • Syncing with accounts on social media
  • To a video app, add moving text.

Adobe Spark Post

Every type of user will find Adobe Spark Post to be appropriate. In addition to being an animated message app, the program gives users strong tools to start modifying at any level. The program provides a variety of editing options, including many layers of editing and designing.

The following are a few of the app's key features:

  • Auto-scaling and -coloring
  • several layout choices
  • seamless syncing with social media sites
  • Background removal options


Quik, a distinctive animated messaging service, is the best editing service for GoPro users. Its straightforward connectivity with many apps guarantees a top-notch creation experience. The application also provides HD 1080 or 720p editing and over 23 themes. It, therefore, makes great software for professionals.

The following are some of the app's top features:

  • Support for a wide range of formats, from MOV to WAV.
  • a variety of customization possibilities using slow-motion cinematography
  • Flashback capability
  • a user-friendly UI

It's No Longer Difficult to Add Text

It's time to download the animation app that best meets your needs now that you know which one is the greatest one available.

These apps make it such that adding text to your video is no longer a difficult chore, offering simple tools for beginners and premium-level editing features for experienced users.

If you still struggle, you can get kinetic typographic animation from an explainer video business. Take a look at this Adhesive video, for instance:


Videos with animated text can be extremely effective.

When considering the limitless opportunities animation presents, it is without a doubt one of the most effective tools in a marketer's toolbox.

Animated texts and videos not only offer a fantastic way to maintain your material current and on a tight budget, but they also significantly contribute to the distinctiveness of your brand.

The animated text might be useful in your upcoming email campaign in addition to helping you win at branding. In fact, including personalized animated features in your emails can help you stand out from the competition and increase conversion rates.

Use animated content in A/B testing. The goal is to determine whether you have higher audience engagement rates.

Additionally, because we're talking about A/B testing, it should go without saying that you'll need a reliable email marketing tool to carry out this quick test.

While MailChimp frequently leads the list of trustworthy email software, we advise you to look into alternatives that might get the best results while being affordable for someone just starting out.

Compare MailChimp to other solutions like MailerLite and ConvertKit to find the one that best meets your needs.

Overall, text-animated films may be your ticket to success if you want to grow your social media following in the most eccentric way possible.

Get the aforementioned programs in your hands and work some magic!


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