10 Best Social Media and Analytics Business

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10 Best Social Media and Analytics Business

10 Best Social Media and Analytics Business

The best dashboard tools for social media, analytics, and business data. It would take a lot of time to log into each tool's dashboard to monitor and visualize the crucial data given the rise in the number of tools we have for social media, analytics, etc.

If you spend a lot of time on different admin panels or dashboards, you need a centralized tool to visualize everything on one dashboard.

Do you require something similar?

If so, the tools listed below can be of use to you.


DashThis is an all-in-one platform for visualizing your marketing data and was named Canada's Fastest-Growing Company in 2020. It is an automated reporting solution designed to help marketers save time and quickly produce reports.

This reporting system can even be modified to meet your specific business needs. DashThis may therefore help you whether you're a marketing firm, franchise, small business, or independent contractor. Not to mention that this tool has helped countless digital marketers and agencies from 122+ different countries easily and quickly produce marketing reports.

Instead of handling everything manually, it has an easy-to-use analytics dashboard that anyone can utilize. Using strong and beautiful reports to scale your business is now simple thanks to a wealth of useful features. They provide more than 34 integrated integration data managers, and you will always have access to your data and KPIs.

Instead of starting from scratch each time, you can use their pre-built marketing templates. Then, just connect your data, select your chosen template, decide on the report's frequency (monthly, quarterly, etc.), and begin viewing. To further simplify matters, you can use their cloning and grouping features.

If you need to create and edit a large number of dashboards at once and import a lot of data, DashThis also provides these features. Additionally, you can quickly share your dashboards with colleagues by adding them and granting them permission to build and edit dashboards. Automatic email dispatches are another way to automate report dissemination and provide your clients access in real time.

Create the exact layout for your data by customizing the widgets, section headers, comment boxes, and presentation styles. With Google Analytics, AdWords, and Search Console; Facebook Insights and Ads; Twitter, LinkedIn Pages, Instagram Ads; Yahoo, YouTube, Bing Ads; Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs; and others, DashThis may be integrated without a hitch.

With the use of custom widgets, the platform's white label capability lets you modify or change the URL of your dashboard. Additionally, you can import data by using the CSV file system.


With the aid of Improvado, you can connect your marketing data to various services such as Amazon S3, Google Big Query, Google spreadsheets, Tableau, Google Data Studio, Looker, and more. It supports 200+ such connectors, giving your marketing department complete independence with no engineering requirements.

Popular connectors, including Facebook Ads, Instagram, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Shopify, Salesforce, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL, Power BI, Excel, Qlik, Domo, and more are also included in this list. With one dashboard from Improvado, you can centralize all of your marketing data and visualize it using your preferred tools.

Additionally, depending on the needs of your organization, you can use its data transformation system to carry out basic or complicated data transformations. When you require streamlined reports and raw data, Improvado always has access to them. As a result, you can find solutions more quickly while also learning more insightful information.

By creating personalized YouTube marketing dashboards, Amazon performance dashboards, and display ad dashboards, Improvado gives you the power to transform the way your company uses data.


FusionCharts' responsive and interactive charts, consistent API, cross-browser support, and thorough documentation let you create fantastic mobile and online dashboards. It enables you to obtain 2000+ choropleth maps in addition to 100+ graphs, gauges, and charts.

FusionTime provides comprehensive time series and stock charts without interfering with next-generation dashboards. Give your users the option to email or export the full dashboard in PDF format. Obtain all different types of charts, including columns, pie, areas, lines, and bars.

You can also view charts that are specific to a particular topic, like heatmaps, Gantt charts, gauges, spider charts, Marimekko charts, waterfall charts, tree maps, and many more. For your IoT apps, the time-series charts assist you in viewing thousands of data points.

You will also have access to a number of installation alternatives, including CDN, straight JavaScript, and NPM. FusionCharts employs front-end integration and plugins to help developers finish projects more quickly.

FusionCharts offers all you require for as little as $499 per year.


Utilize management software that provides you with a thorough picture of everything at a look to make business decisions with efficiency. It's Monday.com, which has all the tools you need to easily design custom dashboards and track schedules, budgets, and progress. The high-level overview of each piece of information makes it simple for you to visualize the reports as well.

Data tools can be used to exchange files, assign tasks, prioritize each task, and observe who is working on what at any given time. Everyone remains focused on the game objective thanks to the editable board.

Utilize a timeline, charts, calendar, and other views to monitor progress. Get a detailed picture of your team's resources so you can assess the abilities of each person and adjust the process as necessary. Instead of wasting time on manual tasks, let your team concentrate on the important duties.

For up to two seats, using Monday.com's capabilities to handle the entire process is completely free. If you require more than two seats, you may select a plan that meets your needs starting at $10/month/user and try it out risk-free for 14 days.


View and track all of your marketing data in Reportz's single reporting solution, which takes care of all of your reporting needs. Simply create a dashboard, give your team access to it, and visualize.

Starting out, you can quickly modify your dashboards by acquiring KPIs and real-time data from your marketing streams. Reports come with an intuitive, basic dashboard that enables white labeling.

They created it with automation, real-time data access from various points, and integrations with marketing tools in mind. Because of all these features, you may produce reports in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours as you would with conventional manual operations.

You can go with specific dates or select from pre-set time frames (days, weeks, or months). Additionally, they want to provide dashboard templates for a variety of statistics, including those on social media activity, SEO KPIs, link building, and content marketing performance.

Google Analytics, RankRanger, Ahrefs, Google Search Console, SEMrush, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram, Salesflare, Google My Business, SERPstat, Google Sheets, SERanking, WooCommerce, Mailchimp, and other tools are among those that Reportz supports integration with.

Additionally, Reportz looks out for your security by allowing you to password-protect your KPI dashboard. To ensure security, you can also refresh dashboard URLs and then send your clients or reliable colleagues its connection.


For monitoring and evaluating social media, support, analytics, infrastructure, etc., Cyfe offers a single dashboard.


You have access to thousands of pre-built widgets, including:

Google Trends, Gmail, Google Analytics, Google+, Adwords, AdSense, and Google Wallet.
Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Facebook Ads.
Fresh Books, Shopify, WordPress, and Eventbrite
The data is available for download in PNG, JPEG, PDF, or CSV formats. Try it out for yourself to see whether Cyfe meets your needs since you can start using it for free.


One of the most well-liked live TV and KPI dashboard programs is Geckoboard, which can visualize nearly anything, including the items listed below.

  • Buffer
  • Intercom
  • Zendesk
  • JIRA
  • Hubspot
  • AWS
  • Twitter
  • And much more.

Geckoboard is used by large web companies including Airbnb, Slack, Skyscanner, Netflix, HootSuite, and others.


You may see the Internet of Things data in the stunning dashboard with the aid of Freeboard. You can start using it for infinite data, widgets, and dashboards for FREE because it is open-source.

You can use dweet.io or any other web-based API to combine your data with Freeboard.

View a few of the dashboards made with Fireboard.

Air quality – https://freeboard.io/board/538e1374f1776c1c2e000713

Humidor – https://freeboard.io/board/538e1392f1776c1c2e000714


Databox allows you to centralize all of your business KPIs. The dashboard solution for marketers, executives, and analysts is called Databox.

As you can see from the example above, you may link your preferred data source to evaluate and produce a useful dashboard.

You can create three data sources and have the data refreshed every day with Databox's free plan.

I compiled my Google Analytics data into the stunning dashboard you see above in a matter of minutes.

App Insights

With AppInsights, keep all of your metrics in one location. Solutions for marketing, DevOps, analytics, project management, customer support, etc. are offered by AppInsights.

Your business data can be shipped from a number of sources, including the ones listed below.

  • GitHub
  • Adobe/Google Analytics
  • HubSpot
  • Mailchimp
  • Pingdom
  • Zendesk

It's simple to create a dashboard; you can get started for free.


One of the well-known companies offering data visualization solutions is Tableau, which is accessible on a desktop, server, and in the cloud. You can access Tableau Cloud's self-service in the cloud and pull data from any location while inviting your team to view useful report.

The interactive data can also be integrated into another application, such as Salesforce.

I hope the solutions above assist you in designing a dashboard and report for your company that you can actually use.


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