100 Best Material Design Android Developers

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100 Best Material Design Android Developers

100 Best Material Design Android Developers

The Top 100 Resources for Android Developers Using Material Design for Android

The new beating heart and soul of Google's Android is Material Design. A visual language called Material Design combines innovative thinking with sound design principles. It focuses on using great design principles and standards to produce a stunning and consistent user experience. Google already uses Material Design in its app designs, as do other major app developers like Whatsapp and SwiftKey.

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We've gathered the greatest material design resources for you if you're excited to implement it in your apps:

  • Sheets & icons
  • Templates
  • Backgrounds
  • UI Kits, and
  • more!

We'd love to hear from you in the comments if there is anything we missed or if you have any resource recommendations.


Material Icons
iMaterial Pro Icons
Figma Material Design Dashboard UI
Material Icons
Material Design Simple Line SVG Icon Pack
Material Icons For Adobe XD
Material Line
Google Material Icons for Sketch
Material Design Icon Templates
Free Set of Material Design Hand Gestures
Dog-ear Material Icon Template
Free Material Icon Set
Android Lollipop Icon Set
Material Design Icons with Bounds
Material icons for PC 1.01
Material Icons Bundle
Material Design Icon Template
Material Icons Pack
Material Design morphing icons
Material Filled Icons
Material Design Icon Templates
Android L System Icons
Android Grid PSD
App templates
Material Design System Icons
Material Design Flat Avatar Set
Material Design Iconic Font
Material Design Icons
Monochrome Material Design
431 Material Design Icons in Photoshop Custom Shape
Material Design Powerpoint & Keynote icons


Material Design Icons Patterns
30 Material Design backgrounds
Free New Set of Material Design Patterns
40+ Material Design Backgrounds

Color palettes and swatches

Material Design palette
Material Colors
Material Design Color Palette
Material Design Palette


Material Me UI
Open Source UI Ki
  • Creator: Sunil Digicorp
  • Platforms / Supported formats: HTML, CSS, JS
  • Price: Free
Material Design Website Template
  • Creator: Faiz Malkani
  • Platforms / Supported formats: HTML, CSS
  • Price: Free
Material Design Lite
  • Creator: Garbee
  • Platforms / Supported formats: HTML, CSS, JS
  • Price: Free
Lightweight CSS framework
  • Creator: Amorey
  • Platforms / Supported formats: JS, CSS
  • Price: Free
Bootstrap Material Design framework
  • Creator: Filip Kappa
  • Platforms / Supported formats: HTML, Shell, Ruby, JS
  • Price: Free
Material Design and Animations for Ionic
  • Creator: Zach Fitz
  • Platforms / Supported formats: CSS, JS, HTML
  • Price: Free
MUI Core
  • Creator: Siriwatknp
  • Platforms / Supported formats: JS, TypeScript
  • Price: Free
Materialize CSS Framework
  • Creator: Alan Chang
  • Platforms / Supported formats: JS, CSS, HTML
  • Price: Free
Google Material Design Theme
  • Creator: kkortes
  • Platforms / Supported formats: CSS, HTML, JS, CSS, CoffeeScript
  • Price: Free
Material Design for AngularJS
  • Creator: jelbourn
  • Platforms / Supported formats: JS, HTML, SCSS
  • Price: Free

UI Kits

DiscoMusica – Free Sketch UI Kit
  • Creator: Tobia
  • Platforms / Supported formats: Sketch
  • Price: Free
Zalando Material Design UI
Dribbble App Material Design
Instagram in Material Design
Material Calendar UI
Dropbox App Material Concept
Free Google Inbox PSD
Android L PSD Kit
Android L Web and Mobile Interface
Skype – Material UI Concept
Bootstrap 5 & Material Design 2.0 UI Kit
Android Keyboard – Material 3 UI Kit
Material Symbols
Android Nougat Free GUI
Material Kit 2
Google Material Design
App Bar UI design guidelines
Figma Material Design System UI Kit
Material UI Kit for Adobe XD
Material Design 3 UI Kit Sketch Resource
Google Material Design UI Sketch Resource
Material Design for Bootstrap 4
Material Design UI Kit freebie
Android UI Design Kit 4.4
Vivid Soft Material UI Kit
UI Kits Website Design & Mobile Responsive
Material banners
Do UI Kit
Free UI Kit
Free Material Design UI Kit
Android Material Design UI Kit Sketch Resource
Component based Material Design UI Kit
Material Design UI Kit
Material UI Kit: Cooking
Facebook Material Design
UI Kit Inspired by Android L
Material Design (Sketch)


Elastic SVG Sidebar Material Design
Material Design Input Text
InkDrop style animation
  • Creator: Akhil Arjun
  • Platforms / Supported formats: CSS, HTML, JS
  • Price: Free
Material Design Pre-loader jQuery Plugin
  • Creator: aaronlumsden
  • Platforms / Supported formats: CSS, HTML, JS
  • Price: Free
Material Design Sidebar
Material Design Tiles (CSS-based)
Material Design Drop Animation
Material Design Animation Timing
Raised button with ink effect
Material Design Spinner
Open And Close Effect
Android L Ripple Effect
Android L ripple effect without Polymer
Alternative Polymer Style Buttons
Material Radio Input

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