15 Best Fastest Browsers for Android

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15 Best Fastest Browsers for Android

15 Best Fastest Browsers for Android

The Google Chrome browser is pre-installed on all Android devices, but many Android users choose to use another browser to browse invisibly or to access capabilities that Google Chrome does not offer. Because of this, we've compiled the top 8 Android browsers in 2022 in this post. We'll go through each one's features and provide a direct download link so you can try it out for yourself.

You should use one of these top Android browsers on your smartphone.


Similar to how Android lets you fine-tune the look and feel of your home screen, the top Android browsers let you personalize your mobile web browsing experience.

Despite the fact that we still believe Google Chrome to be the finest Android browser for the majority of users, alternative browsers prioritize speed, privacy, or readability, and some even provide their own VPN-like proxy services. Many of the Android browsers on this list, like Chrome, can sync with their desktop equivalents so that you can access your history, saved passwords, or even send open tabs from your computer to your phone.

Whatever your requirements and tastes, one of the top Android browsers we've thoroughly tested and used on our own Android devices is probably the perfect fit for you.

Taking the most well-known and extensively utilized application first,

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The most popular app is Google Chrome.

Since it comes pre-installed on Android devices, it is the most widely used browser. However, based on one of the sites' observations, it is only moderately fast when compared to the other browsers on this list.

Additionally, it is the safest browser, making it the most effective at thwarting attempts to steal your data and block access to dangerous websites. However, it might be less private because Google monitors your activity and clicks on the numerous websites you visit and utilises this information to provide material or advertisements that are pertinent to your interests.

You may add quick links to the home page, fill out forms, and more, making it one of the applications with the most features.

The quickest browser for Android is Brave Private Browser.

The majority of the fundamental functions of Google Chrome are present in this program, which was released in 2016, but it performs better in terms of privacy and speed.

Brave Browser is one of the fastest Android browsers available, based on the same experience. As a result of the Safe Browsing feature, which is turned on by default when the application is installed, it is also distinguished by safe browsing and a lack of privacy violations, as it stops websites and advertisements from tracking your personal information.

A specific method has been developed by the app's creator so that tokens can be given to website owners for content rather than using adverts because the app bans ads.

The software also comes with a unique search engine that, in contrast to certain other search engines, does not monitor your location or search history. A battery and data-conserving mode is also included. Additionally, it can activate HTTPS-everywhere mode and prevent third-party cookies.

Download Brave Browser for Android directly, quickly, and for free (126 MB).

The ideal browser for people with Microsoft accounts is Microsoft Edge.

After a series of revisions and upgrades by Microsoft, Microsoft Edge (whether the Windows program or the Android application) has evolved into one of the greatest browsers in the world.

This Android software is one of the greatest browsers on this list and has great speed. Additionally, the application allows you to add extensions. Ad blocking, web page translation, a password manager, a tracking blocker, and a voice search capability are all included by default; it should be noted that some other browsers require downloading extensions for some of these capabilities.

The app contains a NewsGuard feature that only shows news from reputable websites.

We all agree that changing the default search engine in the Microsoft Edge app for Windows is challenging, but doing so is still simple with the Android app since Google may be set as the default search engine rather than Bing.

Additionally, you can effortlessly log in using your Microsoft account and synchronize your browser across all of your devices. Therefore, we suggest this application if you utilize a Microsoft account and software suite.

Direct, quick, and free download of the 101 MB Microsoft Edge browser for Android.

Opera: has multiple iterations

The availability of multiple versions of this application distinguishes it. Ad blocking, device syncing, and auto-fill are just a few of the standard features available in the conventional edition of Opera Browser.

The Opera Touch version provides quick-use features like word definition searches and the ability to block websites and adverts that track your personal information.

Opera Mini is one of the low-volume browsers that doesn't need high specifications, and it also has the ability to read without the Internet as well as the advantage of saving data up to 90%. It ranks among the swiftest browsers in this article.

The version for gamers is Opera Gx. The CPU, RAM, and network data utilization of this program can be constrained on Windows. Additionally, it has Twitch and Discord add-ons. It is simple to synchronize between a computer browser and a mobile phone using the Android version, and file transfers are also feasible.

Direct, quick, and cost-free download of the 106 MB conventional Opera browser for Android.

Firefox browser is Google Chrome's main rival.

Firefox is the second-most popular application in terms of usage. There are two versions of this program as well. The first is a conventional browser with all of Google Chrome's capabilities, including cross-device synchronization, autofill, password managers, tracking prevention, and more.

This browser is not particularly quick, but because of the many features it offers, many users prefer it.

Firefox Focus, which focuses on privacy and security, is the alternate version of the software. It is made to help users concentrate on the information and eliminate distractions, and it is very simple to use. Having the ability to quickly wipe all browsing history

Direct, quick, and cost-free download of the 75 MB classic Firefox browser for Android.

A 65 MB direct download of Firefox Focus for Android is available for free.

One of the top browsers for protecting your privacy is DuckDuckGo

For individuals worried about privacy, it is a great substitute for the Brave browser. It contains all the privacy and security features you require, including mandatory HTTPS mode and the use of the DuckDuckGo search engine. You can close your browser, all open windows, and erase all browsing history with a single click.

One of the wonderful aspects of the app is that it rates the privacy of each website you access, with A being the best and F being the worst. Keep in mind that the software by default filters advertisements and websites that collect your personal data.

This program is relatively light and has a low loudness, but it lacks many of the functions that other browsers provide, such as synchronization and password management. It has a really good speed in terms of speed.

DuckDuckGo Browser for Android is available for direct, quick, and cost-free download with a size of 20 MB.

The top default browser is Samsung Internet Browser.

The default browser rarely meets expectations, but Samsung's browser defied this trend. The speed of this browser is quite quick.

Additionally, it enables a wide range of functions, including swiping movements and the addition of plug-ins for blocking obnoxious advertisements. Additionally, there are some fantastic Amazon and online purchasing add-ons. Additionally, the browser enables watching of 360-degree films.

The majority of new Samsung smartphones come with this as their default browser, so you can rely on it if you don't want to download any other ones.

Download the direct, quick, and cost-free 74MB Samsung Browser for Android.

The oldest browser on this list is Dolphin.

The oldest is this app, which has been around since 2009. However, it's still fantastic software, especially when it comes to the several gestures that can be used to launch the program, switch between windows, or even perform a word search.

Other features of the application include ad blocking, incognito surfing, a large number of add-ons that can be downloaded, theme customization, and browser syncing.

It is seen as moving at a medium speed. However, given that it is one of the most established browsers available, it merits a spot on this list.

Dolphin Browser for Android may be downloaded through Google Play.


Download Vivaldi from Google Play

The original Opera team's Vivaldi desktop browser offers a wide range of customization choices, but its Android version is more concerned with providing distinctive features.

Your primary view is Vivaldi's Speed Dial, an aesthetically pleasing and simple quick launcher for bookmarks.

You might find the built-in rich text Notes tab, the native full-page screen capture, the Clone tab option, which brings up a duplicate of your current tab to prevent losing it, and the translation tool, which can handle web pages in 108 languages, useful when performing online research. You can even use the built-in 2D shooting game, and QR code reader to access websites without having to launch a separate barcode reader program, and tab width settings.

Puffin Web Browser

You'll be amazed by this browser's responsiveness and performance.
The burden of running this software is transferred from your smartphone to cloud servers, which is one of the main aspects that makes it blazingly quick.
Puffin has received about 50 million downloads on Google Play. This program has quickly risen to the top of the list of Android third-party browser programs.
Seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, Adobe Flash Over the Cloud is accessible.
The program sends encrypted packets to the server.
The two versions of this program that are available are the Puffin Web Browser, which is free to use, and the Puffin Browser Pro, which costs $5 to download.


The Apus mobile browser was developed especially for Android smartphones with limited processing capacity. It is also among the best and quickest Android web browsers.

Apus is one of the fastest Android browsers thanks to its ability to respond swiftly under duress.
A speed mode and a multi-tab manager have been included, making it one of the best browsers for Android in 2022.
This little browser has a fantastic launcher as well as a few special features that aren't present in other Android browsers.
You can copy text and search the web using this Android web browser's "pop-up" feature.

The quickest and lightest browser for Android.
Perfect for mobile devices with little memory and Android versions older than 4.0.
It is free.
It has a speed mode that makes browsing quick.
It has an extensive tab manager.
Apus is a hidden gem that, despite having fewer features than Mozilla Firefox, is perfect for casual browsing.

UC Browser

The feature-rich UC browser is one of the greatest web browsers for Android that you can download to your device.

The software also comes with a powerful download manager that enables uninterrupted file downloads from websites.
The user interface of the browser is current and frequently updated.
You'll use UC Browser, an Android browser with lots of features and security.
Additionally, it has UC news, music, and an integrated music player.
There are numerous themes and backgrounds from which to choose.
On slower networks, switch to text-only mode.

It is the best browser for Android in 2022 thanks to additional exceptional features like Speed mode for slower networks, an auto-page loader, and Text only settings.
There is a download manager integrated for quicker downloading.
Speed mode enables rapid Facebook browsing on slow networks.
There are several available add-ons.
It is free.


The application is robust and wipes all traces of your browsing history after you close the browser window.
When you hit the home button or switch to another program, it does not show up on the recent screen because it is so difficult to detect.
Without a question, it is the most secure Android browser available.
Orbot must first be downloaded from the Google Play Store for TOR to function, though.

Additionally, you can surf anonymously by using TOR.
All of your online histories are immediately deleted.
You can download files right away to your smartphone.
Flash-based content is supported.
There is a LastPass app integration.
One of the best anonymous Android browser apps you'll ever find is InBrowser.
Fully permits private browsing on Android.


With Flynx, you can load a lot of URLs at once and let them all work in the background while you concentrate on other things.
Rapid reading mode removes interruptions like advertisements and saves content for offline reading.
Articles offline are stored.
You can do so to save time and data.
It is possible to multitask between the links.
Information reading works best with it.
It is free.
15 different world languages are available for it.
Even though it has been known to fail a few times after functioning for a while, Flynx is one of the best mobile browsers for Android.



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