15 Best Jobs That Let You Travel

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15 Best Jobs That Let You Travel

15 Best Jobs That Let You Travel

With one of these travel jobs, you may see the world and get paid well.

With these travel jobs, you may fulfill your desire.
It's not necessary to travel solely for pleasure to see the nation or the world. There are numerous travel-related occupations that make it simple to gain money and indulge your wanderlust.

We combed through all the top professions in our rankings of the 2022 Best Jobs to identify those that allow for travel. Not all of these careers demand travel; some career paths provide you with the freedom to go on vacation whenever you like.

They also have benefits, including a healthy work-life balance, decent compensation, and low unemployment rates. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the source of all information on wages and job growth.

Here are a few occupations that travelers might enjoy.

Technician in Environmental Science and Protection

Salary Median: $46,850
By 2030, 10.6% job growth is anticipated

To monitor the environment for pollution and toxins, consulting companies, the government, and other organizations employ environmental science and protection technicians. While some of their work might be done in a lab, they might also be required to travel to factories, lakes, or streams to do fieldwork.

Although some professionals in the industry hold bachelor's degrees, the typical level of education required to operate as an environmental science and protection technician is an associate degree.

Hazardous material handling jobs could necessitate specialized training. Our analysis shows that this profession scores highly for low stress, bright future potential, and a healthy job market.

Translator & Interpreter

Average Pay: $62,330
Job growth anticipated by 2030: 24.8%

Jobs for interpreters and translators are available all over the world.

In contexts ranging from corporate conference rooms to UN offices, bilingual people are required to translate between languages. According to the BLS, about a quarter of interpreters and translators are self-employed.

Others may have a single employer or work for a staffing firm that places them in several roles.

The majority of professionals in the industry hold a bachelor's degree, although native-level competency in two or more languages is crucial for interpreters and translators. According to our survey of the Best Jobs, this profession ranks among the best ones for achieving work-life balance.

airline attendant

Salary Median: $59,050
30.4% job growth is anticipated by 2030.

A list of jobs that pay you to travel would be impossible to compile without including flight attendants. As they work to make sure passengers on airplanes are safe and pleasant, these professionals wear numerous hats. They provide refreshments, demonstrate safety protocols, and must be prepared to act in an emergency.

Depending on their designated air routes, they can have the chance to travel to various cities and nations during the time in between flights.

Although they often need a high school diploma or GED, flight attendants are not required to hold college degrees. After being employed, they normally go through their airline's training program, and they might need to pass a physical test before they can fly.

Politics expert

Salary Median: $125,350
By 2030, 8.6% job growth is anticipated.

If you're interested in how government functions, you shouldn't ignore the less common travel job held by political scientists.

While the federal government employs more than half of political scientists, others also work for universities and nonprofit organizations. Their employment may need them to travel to other locations for meetings or research, while this isn't necessary for all occupations.

The majority of political scientists hold Ph.D. or master's degrees in a subject like public policy, political theory, or international relations. One drawback of this career path is that it performs below average in terms of prospects for progression, according to our approach to identifying the Best Jobs.

Installer of solar photovoltaics

In the upcoming years, employment opportunities for solar photovoltaic installers are predicted to rise dramatically. The need for renewable energy has made these employees in demand, and they install solar panels.

The BLS reports that the states with the biggest number of solar photovoltaic installers are California, Texas, and Arizona. If you want to work in this industry, you may need to relocate there.

This is a physically demanding job that requires outside work, and since solar panels are frequently put on roofs, you'll need to feel at ease working at heights.

Although some community colleges and trade schools offer certificate programs for solar photovoltaic installers, a degree is not required. However, a lot of firms are prepared to train candidates with a high school diploma.


Salary Median: $130,440
By 2030, 12.9% job growth is anticipated.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to find pilots listed among the greatest travel-friendly professions. These experts pilot commercial and airline aircraft to destinations across the globe. Pilots may get the chance to visit some of the most well-known and stunning locations on the planet during their downtime between flights.

A pilot needs a commercial pilot's license from the Federal Aviation Administration in order to fly for hire. Typically holding a bachelor's degree, airline pilots may begin their careers as commercial pilots doing charter flights or aerial excursions.

An airline won't let them in the cockpit to fly passengers on domestic or international routes until they have logged tens of thousands of hours in the air.


Salary Median: $43,760
Job growth anticipated by 2030: 32.4%

You can pursue an acting profession even if you're not on the A-list. For supporting parts, stage performances, and advertisements, there is always a need for many individuals.

There are opportunities to be a part of traveling productions or shoot on-site, even though not all jobs do so and pay well.

Despite the fact that some actors pursue their studies in college, a formal degree is not required.

Even so, you might discover that enrolling in acting, voice, or dance classes improves your chances of getting a part.


average pay: $56,900
Job growth anticipated by 2030: 9.1%

Electricians will always be in demand since skilled trades never go out of style, regardless of whether the electricity is generated using coal or renewable resources.

Some employees work close to home, while others could travel as part of a team to finish significant assignments. Even electricians who work for tiny businesses may discover that they get frequent vacation time that enables them to travel the world.

Electricians must go through a rigorous training program before they can obtain a state license and work freely because electricity can be dangerous. An apprenticeship program, which might last four to five years, is frequently a part of such training.

Groundskeeper and landscaper

Lawns may be mowed, plants planted, and walkways made by landscapers and groundskeepers. For individuals who enjoy working outside and have a passion for plants, it's the perfect career.

These are also the kinds of careers that let you travel. In several regions of the country, landscaping is a seasonal industry, giving employees plenty of time off to travel during the off-season.

For landscapers and groundskeepers, there are no formal education requirements, and many people learn the ins and outs of this profession on the job.

Industry associations like the National Association of Landscape Professionals and the International Society of Arboriculture offer professional certification programs for people looking to enhance their careers.

Therapist of massage

Salary Median: $43,620
Job growth anticipated by 2030: 32.2%

If hired by a cruise line or sports team, a massage therapist may travel widely in addition to working in a small geographic area. While those who travel with athletes may assist them to enhance performance or avoid injury, massage therapists who work at resorts or on cruise ships typically provide massages that emphasize relaxation and wellness.

Web Developer

Saemphasizean: $77,200
By 2030, 12.8% job growth is anticipated.

Web development can be the ideal career if you want to be a digital nomad or someone who can work remotely from wherever. These employees build websites, which may be done virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

Even though they are more frequent, bachelor's degrees are not always necessary to land one of these travelling jobs. However, you do need to be well-vetravelingmputer code and programming. You can learn that information on your own or through a choice of courses that are available online or in person.

Wind Turbine Technician

Typical Pay: $56,230
By 2030, 68.2% job growth is anticipated.

According to our analysis of the Best Professions, wind turbine technicians not only have jobs that allow you to travel, but they also have the best maintenance and repair jobs in the country.

These specialists carry out inspections and upkeep on wind turbines. It's a field with high demand, one that's often low-stress, and one that gives you the freedom to travel — either to job sites or during downtime.

Although some wind turbine technicians receive their training on the job, it is becoming more typical for them to finish a formal training course. These courses, which are provided by technical schools and other organisations, can cover anything from electrical sorganizationsto rappel down the side of a wind turbine in an emergency.

Civil Engineer

Earnings Median: $88,570
By 2030, 8.2% job growth is anticipated.

The roads and bridges we use every day are thanks to civil engineers. They also design water systems, tunnels, dams, and other types of infrastructure. Since they need to be on-site to monitor construction progress and troubleshoot any issues, project managers frequently have jobs that demand travel.

A bachelor's degree is required for civil engineers, and those in more senior roles may also have a graduate degree. It is best for people with abilities in math and scPeople with abilities in math and science should pursueubjects. State licensure may be necessary for specific roles, and some industry organizations offer professional certification.

Web Developer

Salary Median: $77,200
By 2030, 12.8% job growth is anticipated.

Web development can be the ideal career if you want to be a digital nomad or someone who can work remotely from wherever. These employees build websites, which may be done virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

Even though they are more frequent, bachelor's degrees are not always necessary to land one of these travelling jobs. However, you do need to be well-vetravelingmputer code and programming. You can learn that information on your own or through a variety of courses that are available online or in person.

Construction Manager

Salary median: $97,180 Jobs expected to grow by 11.5% by 2030

Construction managers have a second job that may lead to travel opportunities thanks to strong job growth. These experts supervise the building of everything, including housing developments and roads. Large corporations frequently send their managers to different places to oversee projects.

After years of employment in the construction industry, some workers advance to the position of manager.

However, particularly for big or complicated projects, businesses could choose to hire someone with an associate's or bachelor's degree in the discipline. Construction management associations like the American Institute of Contractors and the Construction Management Association of America offer voluntary professional certification for their members.


Salary Median: $99,250
By 2030, 16.8% job growth is anticipated.

Veterinarians who focus on pets may have an office, but those who treat large or exotic animals frequently have to travel to their patients. For instance, food animal veterinarians may visit farms and ranches, while veterinarians specializing in food safety and inspection may check animals and enforce legal safety requirements.

Veterinarians are in a favorable position due to the current labor envirfavorable predicted future employment growth. However, you'll need a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and a state license to be qualified for one of these positions. license earning an undergraduate degree, most veterinary medical schools need four years of additional education. Depending on the state, passing both the national and state licensing tests

Software Developer

Salary median: $110,140 Job growth anticipated by 2030: 22.2%

The programs we use on a daily basis, from the operating programs of your daily favorite app, are made by software developers. They might travel to meet with clients or work in offices. People can feel free to go and work wherever they wish as long as they have access to a computer and steady internet because this is a job that lends itself nicely to remote work.

The typical education in the field of computer and information technology is a bachelor's degree.

Software professionals, according to our Best Jobs criteria, benefit from above-average flexibility and great advancement opportunities. Additionally, this career receives high marks for providing a good work-life balance and room for advancement.

Information Security Analyst

Median Salary: $103,590
Job growth anticipated by 2030: 33.3%

Information security analysts are in charge of maintaining the security of computer networks and systems in this rapidly expanding field. They keep an eye out for breaches and seek systemic flaws. While some information security analysts are employed by a single company and work out of an office, others visit clients and test their networks all throughout the nation and the world.

Informatiocurity analysts normally hold a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related subject such as computer science, programming, or information assurance. Some businesses might favor employing analysts with a master's degree or a track record of previous employment. These professionals can also obtain professional certification.

These top travel jobs include:

Technician in environmental science and protection.
translator and interpreter
airline employee
specialist in politics.
Installer of solar photovoltaics.
Groundskeeper and landscaper.
Therapist for massage.
Engineer for wind turbines.
Engineer, Civil
Manager of construction, web developer.
IT professional.
Analyst for information security.


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