15 Best Mac-compatible podcast editing software

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15 Best Mac-compatible podcast editing software

15 Best Mac-compatible podcast editing software

The top 14 Mac-compatible podcasting tools You'll need the appropriate equipment if you want to produce a good podcast. Learn about the top podcast editing programmes to create high-quality episodes for various budgets and levels of experience.

Podcasting will definitely take off in 2022. The number of people who watch or listen to podcasts has significantly increased. There is no pressure on podcasters because so many people adore the medium. They must maintain those standards and deliver high-quality results. We will discuss the top 14 podcast editing programmes for Mac in this article.

When it comes to producing creative work, the Mac is obviously incredibly powerful. When you wish to record or edit podcasts, utilize them to the fullest extent possible. You can use a variety of apps to enter your zone of creative flow.

What should you think about when selecting podcast editing software?

You should first take into account the following while selecting the best podcast editing software:

Your Skill Level: Using complicated software when you're just getting started is not a good idea. This will only complicate matters excessively and detract from your display. Not to add, you shouldn't overspend on things that you won't actually utilize.

Your Budget: What kind of budget do you have for editing software? Beginners should start with a free choice before upgrading to a more feature-rich editing programme once they've gotten into the swing of things.
Tools for mixing and trimming: This should go without saying, but make sure you have the correct editing tools to cut out extraneous material and to combine or mix any songs you want to.

Audio fine-tuning: You might wish to check for options that include audio equalisation, noise reduction, or background noise removal (automatically).
Automated tools: Although this may depend more on personal preference, they can save you time. On the other hand, it might be preferable to utilise more sophisticated software with more controlling tools if you're wanting to edit with greater precision.

You might want to think about podcast software with video editing features as the audio market shifts more toward visual content.

Consider your degree of experience, the features you require, and your podcast from the beginning. This will help you compare the best podcast editing programmes available.

The top 14 podcast editing programs for Mac are ready to go!


The most popular cross-platform program is called Audacity. The audio program is open-source and free. Audacity is a Mac program that makes it simple to edit and record audio on multiple tracks. It is at the top of our list. The platform has two useful applications. One is to modify the recorded podcast audio with the available tools.

The second choice is to immediately record your audio and modify it with Audacity. You can change the order of the frames, eliminate unpleasant noises, adjust the frequency, and then export the audio outside.

Logic Pro

For the Mac, there is a digital audio workstation named Logic Pro. Apple's Logic Pro is one of the best available DAW applications. The addition of live loops and sampler plug-ins has greatly increased the appeal of Logic Pro X among sound editors. You may set up and manage numerous projects by using defaults and templates.

It is possible to playback the complete recording. It is possible to sync an audio track. Key shortcuts, a silent uninstaller, and varispeed are just a few of the additional features that are accessible. Eliminating crosstalk and audio disturbances is a good first step. Additionally, the order of the audio frames could shift.

The addition of music can improve the quality of the production. This procedure can also be aided by reducing the dynamic ranges.


Modern social media users and podcast listeners are picky about audio and video quality. It takes consistency, comprehensibility, clarity, and outstanding content to win over new fans. WaveLab Cast helps you create podcasts and interviews that are perfect for producing beautiful results and gaining more subscribers by providing a choice of high-quality, user-friendly tools for recording, editing, improving, and distribution.
Numerous software features make audio retouching simple and facilitate speedy transmission.

Adobe Audition

Use Adobe Audition to create podcasts with high-quality audio. Export high-quality audio files to your podcast audience after recording and mixing on a capable digital audio workstation. You should record and edit your vocal files using the most adaptable podcast recording and editing tools. You can adjust the values to get richer tones. Make your own edits and add some musical flair. Making a podcast in Audition is easy. The software generates a multitrack recording that enables you to mix and edit multiple voices simply by selecting a podcast template.


The all-inclusive podcast recording and editing program Riverside is ideal for novices, specialists, and everyone in between. You may quickly create a polished podcast using the Riverside Magic Editor's automatic editing and customization features. For video podcasts, in particular, the Clips feature is a real game-changer. This tool transforms the highlights of your long-form content into succinct commercial teasers with only a few clicks. Riverside offers backgrounds that are simple to create and trademark, tools for automatically adjusting your audio, and an AI Speaker view that switches to the speaker's speaking right away.


Tracks can have their pitch and velocity changed, along with other editing and morphing operations. Since GarageBand is only accessible on Macs, you can add music to your podcast using an iPhone or iPad. The time you need to spend editing audio after recording can be reduced by using real-time editing tools in GarageBand to improve sound quality. Among the many integrated components of the user-friendly interface that make it simple to create background music are pre-recorded loops and synths. It doesn't take long to learn how to effectively use the program for sound editing and modification.

FL Studio

A couple of the panels FL Studio starts with include Playlist, Channel Rack, and Mixer-Master. Additionally, there is the Browser, which you can use to browse for built-in or optional plugins and sounds, as well as a myriad of icons on the top bar, to the left. FL Studio's interface labels each icon and tries to provide the user with some information, but the amount of space all the different features take up can make you feel overwhelmed. Downloading and using plugins and VSTs for FL Studio is really easy. FL Studio was created with sound quality in mind. FL Studio's user interface is much more suited for that use, while first being a little frightening.

Let's proceed with the remaining steps.


There are many built-in plugins in the software that can be used to improve your audio. Adjustable automation features also expedite the podcast editing process. Beginners will find Reaper's user interface to be simple. You may find a multitude of resources, including a program manual and training videos, on the Reaper website.


Auphonic is distinctive due of its automation features. Your audio files' quality problems, such as track leveling, background noise, and volume, will be resolved without your intervention. This podcast editing program effectively does everything for you thanks to its automated features. You actually don't need any prior technological knowledge to get started. You may create audio quality presets as soon as you start using the software, which will allow you to produce more audio more rapidly and spend less time on post-production.


Acoustica 7 is the best tool for audio editing, podcast creation, mastering, and audio restoration on both Mac and PC. It has a powerful and accurate clip editor that makes it easy to navigate and edit single-track audio in the highest possible quality. Audio samples can be imported or recorded on multiple tracks, mixed, and manipulated during multitrack sessions.


Producers of podcasts may focus on producing good content since Descript relieves them of the tiresome technical effort of audio and video editing. In a world with AI and other things, you get something descriptive when you build a podcast editing tool from scratch. You don't need any prior experience with sound engineering to change audio by modifying text. Underneath Descript's slick exterior lies a fully functional, professional multitrack production engine with all you need to realize your most inventive creative ideas.

Pro Tools

The free edition, which is excellent for newbies just getting started, comes with more than 20 plugins. The priciest editions of this software are created for more seasoned users and include automatic features that reduce editing time. For instance, Logic Pro allows you to create podcast template files. The complexity of this software will depend on your specific needs. Because it provides the basics, beginners should select the free edition. Once you have the hang of it, you may easily advance to the more advanced premium features.


Advertisers on a tight budget should use the digital workstation program Ardour. Simply connect a keyboard or microphone to a top-notch audio interface and start recording an audio track. Yes, everything comes with infinite undo and redo. Other functions like blending, isolating, and fading are also feasible for high quality.

Hindenburg Pro

Radio broadcasts and podcasts are produced using this application. Work smarter and faster with our user-friendly yet effective, field-tested audio editor designed to automate and streamline your spoken-word workflow. Every feature was developed to solve problems that regularly occur in podcasting and radio, such as irregular levels, noisy recordings, noisy voice recordings, bleeding microphones, and shifting loudness needs.

These are the top 15 Mac podcast editing programs. Each piece of software offers a variety of helpful functions, and some even support cutting-edge AI. Compare the pricing options to see which one best meets your needs. Pick the option that best fits you.


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