15 Best Video Background Removers for Mobile and PC

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15 Best Video Background Removers for Mobile and PC

15 Best Video Background Removers for Mobile and PC

Best Free Video Background Remover Apps for Android and Windows We frequently encounter situations when filming videos where the background doesn't match the subject. The background of the video must be removed and replaced with a virtual one in order to do this. Use the video background remover to swiftly alter the video's background, which saves a lot of time and money.

When filming videos, we frequently run into instances when the background doesn't match the subject. In order to accomplish this, we must take out the video's background and replace it with a virtual one. To quickly change the background of the video, use the video background remover. which significantly reduces time and cost.

Best video background removers will be primarily introduced in this article. Using them, you can quickly and easily change the video background regardless of whether you are a professional content creator or video editor.

Before the development of various artificial intelligence techniques, professionally editing videos was not an easy task. Accurately removing the background is one of the most challenging modifications that can be made, and you need to use the green curtain to facilitate the removal of the background. However, if you already have a video that has been previously recorded and want to change its background and you do not have enough programming experience, this may not be possible. You can utilize one of the websites we'll discuss in this post for the montage.

Erase & Change Video Background

An iOS-compatible program for removing video backgrounds is called Erase & Change Video Background. With the help of this software, you may produce spectacular films by removing the backgrounds from recordings and combining them with images or other videos. After editing the video, you can share it right away with other apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Mail using the software.

Complete mobile video background replacement is one of the features.
favor the use of background music in videos.

Video Background Remover

An Android smartphone app for removing the background of videos is called Video Background Remover. This program primarily offers users four key features, including rapid green screen removal, transparent backdrop replacement, background removal from phone videos or real camera shots, and background removal from photographs. There are numerous advertisements, though, as it is a free tool.

Share content directly to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.
Provide support for formats including MP4, MOV, TS, AVI, MKV, WebM, and MPG.
Beginners and creators are welcome.

Video Background Changer

A video background removal app for Android is called Video Background Changer. The software allows users to create real-time videos with backdrops made of their own photos. The movie's background can be changed to display your preferred city, sea, beach, and more. You can post the video in the app to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. after modifying the video backdrop.

Features: Accepts a wide range of file types, including AVI, MP3, and others.
Enable the addition of stickers and text.


a strong tool that effectively removes video backgrounds while giving you the option to replace them with different items. To create the ideal image that will better impact your audience, you may also add visual effects and employ filters.

Cutting Pro

When you submit the required video and sign up for Cutout Pro, you will see a preview of the video and have the option to replace the backdrop image with a different color or image if you are unable to acquire the desired results. When the video is ready, you can download it and share it on other media.


One of its standout services is the ability to remove the background from a video using yet another potent tool. You can visit the website and look around the resources it provides.


Key characteristics:

More than 3,000 effects and templates
8 million royalty-free stock assets for motion graphic titles with LUT color settings
The software we recommend most highly for fast and easily removing of the background from films is PowerDirector. A wide variety of tools, such as chroma key, green screen, blending, masking, overlays, and even sky replacement, are available for removing the background with this software. If you require assistance, the software has a sizable tutorial library and blog you can consult for solutions to all of your editing queries.

Additionally, PowerDirector offers a wide selection of effective editing tools, templates, transitions, effects, and much more. We're talking about AI-powered tools for voice augmentation, object detection, and motion tracking. Additionally, compared to the top rival, PowerDirector renders in genuine 4K up to 7.6 times faster.

PowerDirector includes all you need and more to produce original and compelling content, whether you're a professional video editor, live streamer, social media influencer, or weekend video editing enthusiast. Videos are the best since you can simply remove the backdrop using a variety of techniques. PowerDirector has everything you need if you need software that can handle even the most difficult video editing tasks.


Linux, Mac, and Windows compatibility

Tom's Manual Score: 4.5

Tools for Background Removal: 5/5

Cost: Free *

There are monthly premium subscriptions available for $23.99 for Pro and $9.99 for Create.

Key characteristics:

Direct YouTube upload
Motion graphics and tilting Advanced transitions
Since 1989, Lightworks has been a popular video editor for Mac, Windows, and Linux users. It is a stock music library. Its user-friendly chroma key tool gets it a place on our list of "free and easy" video backdrop removers. However, you'll need to invest some time in mastering the fundamental functions and editing interface first, making this a simple decision for experts but not for amateurs.


for Windows users only

Compatible with Mac and Windows

G2 Score: 4.1/5

Tools for Background Removal: 4.5

Cost: Free *

For $70 for the Home Edition and $129 for the Master's Edition, premium versions are offered.

Key characteristics:

Over 50 visual effects
tools for adjusting color
sound effects
titles that move
Because the Mac version lacks several features and tools, VideoPad is our recommended choice for Windows users to remove the background from videos. Many Windows users choose VideoPad as a replacement for the now-defunct Windows Movie Maker because it is user-friendly for beginners.

You don't need a green screen if you use VideoPad to eliminate the backdrop from videos. Using a color picker tool, you can choose the color you want to delete. It includes several fine-tuning options, including feathering, fading, threshold, and brightness.

For free software, VideoPad has an outstanding selection of editing tools, features, and functions. It also has a user-friendly interface. VideoPad contains the functionality you require if you're a novice editor and only occasionally wish to remove the backdrop from a video. The Mac version has even less editing tools than the free version, which also contains annoying notifications. Additionally, a lot of consumers complain that VideoPad's customer service could be better.


Unscreen is a free web program that completely automates the process of erasing video backgrounds. Upload the file to eliminate the backdrop and only see the foreground. The new video background can be made transparent by the user and filled with additional videos, images, or a single color.

Unscreen has support for the mp4, WebM, and Ogg video formats in addition to the ability to delete animated gif files. The process of taking the back off a dynamic image or a video is trickier than taking the back off a static image. The advantage of using this video background remover is that you can upload a file and instantly remove the background.

Features: A wide variety of dynamic backgrounds and high-quality GIFs are available.
Mp4, WebM, Ogg, and GIF dynamic image formats are supported.
no upper limit on file size or resolution.

Chroma keying in Lightworks is possible with a variety of color options. We discovered that the tool was effective and had a useful Remove Spill slider to repair any bleeding. The chroma key effect came with an astounding array of options and resources. The fact that you don't actually need to use any of them to successfully remove the background from a video may discourage newcomers.

Despite being a good option for free software, Lightworks is better suited for experienced editors due to its steep learning curve. However, the biggest drawback of using Lightworks' free version is its limitation on video export to MPEG 720p. Try PowerDirector if you want a free video editor with sophisticated features but need something more user-friendly for beginners.


Cutout Pro is a user-friendly professional cutout program. Cutting out the necessary items from the video background makes it simple to add new backgrounds. No green screen is required, either. This free video backdrop remover automatically removes the image once you publish your video.

Online, it is possible to directly erase the background of common movies. After that, you can download for nothing little videos with translucent backgrounds (high-definition fees are required).

Automatic contour detection: blue screen cutoff in chroma key (for the film industry).
Detailed explanations are provided in the instructional film.
technique for the hierarchical montage.
The backdrop may be extremely precisely inferred for anything, including people, things, animals, food, cars, etc.


With the help of the free online tool Kapwing, you may quickly and easily remove the background from the video's main body. It offers simple online tools for video editing collaboration, including tools for video cropping, adding text or titles, adding transitions, and more.

Additionally, it features a wealth of AI smart tools that make it simple for users to produce, edit, and create video content for every platform. Videos with a green or blue screen can have their backgrounds removed with the help of Kapwing. There's no need for any challenging tutorials. To access the green screen tool, click "Green Screen Video Editor" on the website.

Features: Blue screen and green screen video support.
The Threshold sliders let you fine-tune the hue, saturation, and brightness of the filter in addition to choosing the colour values you want to eliminate.
built-in tool for chroma key.
provides video templates for social media sites like Instagram and LinkedIn.


A free video editor for Windows is called VSDC. One of its most amazing capabilities, "Chroma key masking," makes it simple to erase video backgrounds. A solid color background can be automatically detected and removed from the video by VSDC's built-in chroma key.

A Windows computer, a camera, a green screen, and a steady light source are all you need. And the free editing program from VSDC makes replacing backgrounds simple!

The adjustable threshold is a feature.
support for subpixels
Directly upload videos to social media.
It is free for Windows users.
adapted for novices.


Screen recording software for Windows and Mac's computers called Camtasia is simple to use. This software not only allows us to record the screen but also has some video editing features that allow us to quickly edit the video after recording the screen.

The ability to eliminate the video's background is the most important of them. Simply load the identical dollar-themed video into Camtasia, then select "Visual Effects >> Remove Color" in the left column. Choose the green color you want to be keyed out in the property bar on the right.

Hotkey support for increased productivity.
canvas, timeline, and edit bar combined into one.
Rich in different video effects.

Final Cut Pro

Software for removing the backdrop from videos called Final Cut Pro was created by Apple specifically for Mac computers. It features integrated green screen tools for making movies that can compete with TV broadcasts. Additionally, Final Cut Pro offers a variety of video editing tools, offering users a tonne of creative freedom. On a Mac, using Apple's own software is unquestionably the best option.

Easy to use features.
various virtual backgrounds are available.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is undoubtedly a choice worth considering if you need the best background remover for videos. The background can be eliminated using the frame-by-frame occlusion tool. But this can also obscure some plot points in the film. A professional editor should be used for the process because it is so tiresome.

Features: Effective backdrop removal.
not a watermark.
The size of the video has no restrictions.


One of the simplest green screen tools is Chromavid. For rapid video and photo effects, it offers chroma keying, just like journalists do in TV shows or movies. Chromavid accepts the three additional background colors of blue, red, and yellow in addition to the green screen.

Normal Chormavid, Reverse Chromavid, and Merge Chromavid are three techniques for removing video backgrounds. It is possible to merge, remove the foreground, or change the color of the primary figure.

Features: There are many young users and the operation is straightforward.
No time limit on the recording.
Disable the Chromavid watermarks.

Filmora Video Editor

Wondershare's video background removal tool is called Filmora. A sophisticated feature of stacking tracks is the green screen effect of this software. It can make the top layer's green screen film's color transparent so that the lower layer's film (or image) can then be seen through it. To create virtual scenery, creators can superimpose the main character on a variety of different backgrounds.

Features: Has many different video effects and themes available.
Change and delete videos with a solid background color quickly.


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