20 Best Call Center Workforce Management Software

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20 Best Call Center Workforce Management Software

20 Best Call Center Workforce Management Software

What Is Workforce Management Software and What Are the 20 Best Workforce Management Software for Call Centers?

What Is Workforce Management Software?

As HR procedures expand, modernize, and develop, managing a workforce has grown to be an enormous challenge. The best workforce management software will have functions that deal with everything from call center optimization to HRIS, time tracking, leave management, onboarding, benefits administration, and payroll systems, to mention a few!

To assist you with anything from employee engagement to time & attendance management, I'll go through some of the best, most dependable workforce management tools in this article. I'll also describe the strengths of each workforce HR software package so you can decide if it's good for you.

Depending on who you ask, workforce management software (also known as WMS or WFM software) refers to any digital solution created to support a workforce's daily activities.

Numerous typical HRM processes, including timesheets, labor forecasts, performance management, absence management, task management, and payroll software, will most likely be included in this.

Some WMS might be able to do all of the aforementioned to differing degrees and be a jack-of-all-trades. Others might concentrate on a small number of professional services, or in certain circumstances, only one.

WFM Software Comparison Criteria

Here is a list of my evaluation standards:

User Interface (UI): Workforce management requires UI capability to provide intuitive employee self-service when required and convenience of use for HR departments. As a result, the interface needs to update in real-time, simplify navigation, and show off aesthetically pleasing and contemporary workflows.

Usability: Since extensive WMS training frequently results in higher labor expenses, it's critical that any software be simple to use for a mobile workforce and/or HR management. Training should be given on time, completely, and easily available, and sufficient continuous customer service support should be given.

Workforce management software must be able to integrate (plug-in or API) with popular apps for staffing, task lifecycle automation, budgeting, employee time and clock-in tools, shift scheduling software, and artificial intelligence.

This is important because workforce management software is typically just one part of a larger SaaS machine. Is it simple for the software to integrate with a wide range of apps and services from third parties?

Value for money: Pricing for workforce management software should be reasonable, adaptable, and open to the needs of both large and small firms. Bonus: Are contact center help, a mobile app, and other benefits included in the price?

WFM Tools Key Features

  • Support for several platforms, especially mobile: Because workers may bring their own devices or have a preferred platform, WMS must be OS- and device-independent.
  • Access to time clocks in real-time from anywhere The ability to manage time effectively while on the road is becoming increasingly important for today's mobile, remote, and hybrid workforce.
  • Automated reporting for critical metrics is required since managers must navigate big or remote workforces quickly and efficiently. They also need to have access to ROI measures and KPIs.
  • Remote management oversight - Managers should have the authority to contact, check in with, and follow up with agents at all organizational levels.
  • The bottom line is that your personnel is an asset to you, so you should budget resources for talent acquisition and continued training.

Maintaining an operational call center depends on efficiency.

Call center labor management software is also among the simplest ways to increase call center productivity.

With workforce management software, you can assign suitable agents to the right seats at the right times.

Additionally, it can help with workforce analysis, real-time staffing modifications, and precise call volume projections.

Are you unsure of the ideal software for your call center?

Not to worry. We've already done the legwork for you.

What advantages does workforce management software offer?

Using workforce management software in a call center or contact center has the following four benefits:

  1. Track progress on important metrics
    The appropriate agents can be assigned to particular inbound calls using skills-based routing and forecasting in some WFM solutions.

This can enhance customer experience by resolving issues more quickly. It also improves the effectiveness of your operations.

And since your call center is powered by the WFM system, you can simply track these changes in terms of your financial KPI and other important metrics.

  1. Better employee engagement options
    Utilizing desktop and mobile apps, workforce management software enables you to monitor employee working hours.

In this manner, you can tell who is working too much and who is capable of handling a heavier job, etc. The agents can then be guaranteed adequate work breaks, time off, chances to transfer shifts, etc.

It not only avoids employee burnout but also keeps workers inspired to go above and beyond their job descriptions and give customers a better experience.

  1. Lower Labor Prices
    Some workforce management technologies are capable of predicting how many calls a center will field in a given month. Based on the data, you can reassign agents to balance out customer requests and available agents.

By avoiding overstaffing, you can save money on salaries and lower operational costs.

  1. Get rid of payroll mistakes
    A workforce management system can be used to speed up the payroll procedure. The best software will precisely track agents' working hours and enable you to automatically create payroll.

It is especially helpful when figuring up billable hours because it considerably reduces manual effort while avoiding mistakes or disagreements caused by people.

Final Thoughts In any call center where a timely response to incoming inquiries is crucial, workforce management software can be a game-changer.

It can be used to optimize the workforce, improve agent engagement, expedite procedures, and produce reliable reports. The same platforms can be used by call center employees to monitor their productive work hours, self-schedule, get feedback, or seek time off.

So why wait?

Try trying one of these WFM tools, such as Time Doctor, to make sure that workforce management in your call center is carried out as effectively as possible.

Avaya OneCloud UCaaS Software

The UCaaS Avaya OneCloud product
An on-premises and cloud-based call center system, Avaya OneCloud UCaaS (formerly Avaya Aura Contact Center), serves all enterprises in a variety of industries.

With the aid of sophisticated outreach algorithms and processes, the system enables users to provide regular callers with individualized experiences.

In order to market, cross-sell, and upsell products to callers, agents can employ inbound and outreach capabilities with the aid of the algorithms. It also helps agents receive money, organize service appointments and give promotions and discounts.

A performance management feature is offered by Avaya OneCloud UCaaS and records, evaluates, and saves client interactions to identify areas for improvement.

Additionally, it offers voice analytics, scorecard evaluations, automatic coaching, and customer feedback. The module aids users in achieving compliance goals with legal requirements like PCI, GDPR, and MiFID.

A performance management feature is offered by Avaya OneCloud UCaaS and records, evaluates, and saves client interactions to identify areas for improvement.

Additionally, it offers voice analytics, scorecard evaluations, automatic coaching, and customer feedback. The module aids users in achieving compliance goals with legal requirements like PCI, GDPR, and MiFID.

Users may drive performance, operational efficiency, and customer-first behaviors by using the platform to assist users to identify patterns. AI-driven agent assistance and advice are further features. Phone, forum, and online ticketing are all available for support.


3CLogic Software

Leading cloud contact center platform 3CLogic is revolutionizing business communications for both clients and staff.

The system, which is built on AWS, offers sophisticated and scalable speech-enabled capabilities for top CRMs including ServiceNow, Salesforce, and MS Dynamics.

Using dynamic IVR, CTI, AI, SMS, and speech analytics, 3CLogic, which has installations across five continents and serves Global 2000 clients, fosters digital transformation by enhancing CX, operational efficiency, and reporting insights.

8x8 Contact Center Software

Small to midsize enterprises can use the cloud-based call center solution provided by 8x8 called Virtual Contact Center. This solution enables several forms of engagement, in addition, to call center operations, including voicemail, email, web callback, web chat, and more.

A feature called the universal queue is provided by the Virtual Contact Center and uses skill-based routing to allocate interactions. This minimizes transfers by directing consumers to agents who have the necessary skill set.

Real-time monitoring of call center operations is possible, and metrics analysis is possible with historical data.

Personal Agent Connect is a function offered by Virtual Contact Center that promotes communication between agents and clients. In order to settle tickets, the solution enables agents to give clients their phone numbers.

It also provides other call center features including IVR, CTI, audio logging, and voice recording.

Virtual Contact Center can be designed to interface with other business applications and offers integration with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

AireContact Software

A cloud-based contact center solution called AireContact offers call center management and engagement tools for many channels of communication. Users of the program can develop campaigns, control dialers, and handle call queue overflows. It serves organizations of all sizes.

Users of AireContact may handle communication across several channels, including email, live chat, text messages, and social media feeds, thanks to the platform's inbound and outgoing contact center functionality

(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). "SimplyTALK," a component of the software, enables users to manage agent interactions and consolidate caller information in one location.

Additionally, AireContact offers Cloud Dialer, which enables customers to manage campaigns, allocate prospects to agents, and track campaign results in a real-time dashboard while uploading contacts lists from Excel files.

SimplyWISE, an additional module in AireContact, enables managers to oversee the interactions and output of their teams, assign tasks, and view incoming and outgoing conversations.

The vendor provides assistance with installation, setup, and training.

Bright Pattern Software

A cloud-based contact center software program called Bright Pattern assists companies in managing multichannel service across inbound and outgoing voice, email, chat, and social media.

Bright Pattern offers customer relationship management (CRM) connectors and grows from 5 to 10,000 concurrent agents to help with customer service.

Multiple channels, including voice, chat, web, social media, and service desks, are supported by Bright Pattern. Any web browser can be used by customer support teams to access client information

and skills-based call routing can assist teams in addressing customer needs by directing support requests to the appropriate team member.

In the event of a system malfunction, Bright Pattern Contact Center also has automated call re-routing.

For instance, Bright Pattern will automatically re-route a call to a new server if a server breaks while a customer support agent is on the line, preventing the call from being dropped.

ChaseData CCaaS Software

ChaseData CCaaS provides cloud-based, independent call center capabilities with built-in customer care and support. It is intended for teams working in outbound, inbound, and hybrid call centers.

Auto, predictive, preview, and progressive dialing are all dialing options. Automatic call distribution makes ensuring that calls are correctly routed in accordance with a set of rules involving preferred languages, skill levels, and training.

Many of ChaseData's features were created based on consumer feedback. Supervisors can track different components of a campaign thanks to security settings at the management level.

Agents can review digital calls later if necessary, and the system administrator always has access to all calls because they are cataloged on the server for at least 90 days.

Both on-premises and cloud deployments of ChaseData CCaaS are options. It works well for call center teams of all sizes, from small to large.

Nextiva Call Center Software

Both large and small businesses can benefit from Nextiva's reliable call center solution. For inbound and outbound calling campaigns, Nextiva Call Center enables businesses to set up a contact center in the cloud. Smaller businesses can now affordably acquire enterprise functionality.

Numerous capabilities are available from Nextiva Call Center to manage incoming or outgoing calls. Advanced call routing, call queues, hold music, and announcement messages are some of the top features.

Scheduled reporting, management alerts, and dashboards are favorites among businesses with more developed demands. The web-based call center solution provides a wide range of expert call center features. Without expensive gear, clients may set up their call centers.

Talkdesk Software

Using the cloud-based call center service Talkdesk, businesses may save on customer support expenses while increasing customer satisfaction.

Callers are sent to the agent who is most suited to meet their needs based on customizable data using interactive voice response (IVR), automated call distribution (ACD), and skills-based routing.

Talkdesk personalizes discussions by displaying the caller's name, image, contact information, purchase history, and contact history in real-time in the agent's browser.

Every time a new contact calls, the system automates the creation of a new profile. Talkdesk provides an email with call information, a voicemail recording, and a transcription when a call is missed.

With call monitoring, call recording, and real-time and historical reporting, managers and agents can also make data-driven decisions.

Numerous applications, including InfusionSoft, Salesforce, Desk.com, Zendesk, and Shopify, are integrated with the system. Per rep, per month, is the cost. Support is available over the phone, email, and knowledge base.

VanillaSoft Software

VanillaSoft is a cloud-based sales management solution that integrates CRM, lead management, and telemarketing tools to assist sales teams in managing their day-to-day activities.

With the use of lead-generating and nurturing tools and a queue-based sorting system, VanillaSoft enables customers to manage sales pipelines and win new business.

To manage lead tracking, auto-calling, email marketing, appointment setting, and call recording.

The information required to track sales campaigns is displayed on the real-time management dashboard. Multiple variables or input fields may be used in lead scoring so that it can track different sales funnels.

The solution offers management-predefined email templates. The information is noted in the call history and reported by VanillaSoft on which emails were accessed. According to Email Drip, automated emails are delivered based on specific triggers.

Several different industry verticals, including banking, professional services, education, hotels, merchant services, and non-profit, can use VanillaSoft. Email, phone, and other online resources are used for support.

Five9 Software

For inbound, outbound, mixed, and omnichannel contact centers globally, Five9 is an all-in-one cloud contact center solution.

Five9's agents can deliver client experiences via phone, email, chat, mobile, social media, and more thanks to Practical AI.

While Five9 Genius derives customer intent data to give agents next-step suggestions before they pick up the phone, the AI-driven Five9 Engagement Workflow combines NLP and intelligent routing to direct consumers to the appropriate agent.

To triple agent conversation time, four dialing modes that can be adjusted skip busy signals and no-answers.

To free up agents for high-value interactions, routine client queries can be handled by Five9's IVR using speech recognition. Utilize real-time metrics and dashboards to track, evaluate, and report on the performance of the contact center, and automatically sync all interactions with CRM.

The contact center may be operational in a few days and scaled up or down depending on business requirements.


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