20 Best Mobile Applications to Be Life-Saving

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20 Best Mobile Applications to Be Life-Saving

20 Best Mobile Applications to Be Life-Saving

The Best Mobile Apps Can Save Your Life Today's world can be perilous, as we are all aware. There are countless, uncountable chances that anything potentially fatal could occur at any time, anywhere. Therefore, we must continually live in terror for the worse.

Numerous online programs are accessible and provide vital life-saving services at the touch of your phone, putting those who are constantly plagued by paranoid thoughts at ease.

In the event of an accident or disaster, these programs provide services like emergency ambulance services. In a sense, it's possible that you'll reflect on the past and realize that a smartphone application helped save your life.

Moonlight gives you the option to alert authorities directly from your phone when you're in a perilous scenario, which increases your sense of security. It has a group of dispatchers available on call at all hours to support you.

The way it works is that you simply press and hold the button on the app whenever you feel uncomfortable. If everything goes as planned, let go of the button and enter your PIN number. A release button will be released, do not input your PIN, and a warning will be issued to the authorities if the threat continues.



First Aid By American Red Cross

an official First Aid app from the American Red Cross. It offers a variety of features, such as quick access to safety data, safety advice, and a first-aid scenario guide. Additionally, there are animated lessons that make learning about first aid simple.

It offers various safety advice for various weather conditions, earthquakes, and attacks and integrates with 911 so that assistance can be requested at any time. The software also does not send spam or advertisements.



Ice Medical Standards

An app with emergency medical contact information is called Ice Medical Standards. It enables you to add your emergency contact information directly to your phone's lock screen display so that, in the event of an accident or emergency, first responders may quickly find this information and get in touch with the person who needs to be contacted.

Through this app, emergency personnel or first responders can also access your medical information. Your high, medium or low-rise state is shown by the cooler coding of the medical information, which is Red, Yellow, and Green.


Medisafe Medication Reminder

Medisafe Medication Reminders gives you medical reminders; these reminders could include when you are supposed to be taking your medication when you are supposed to refill your subscription, and how long your dose is expected to last.

This app can come in pretty handy if you are on medication, it helps you avoid medication stockouts.




The hikers' app is called Cairn. It estimates the amount of time you can spend hiking up or down routes. Additionally, it notifies other devices owned by family members or your hiking group about the planned path.

The application also enables you to download several maps and learn about areas without cell service so you can choose the best route for your safety.




Safe is an automated speech system that may instantly notify specific contacts on the phone of your whereabouts.

The camera on your phone can also be used to record and stream emergency video with this app. It has a built-in siren that turns on when you command it to.



You can record any incoming or outgoing calls using iCall. To preserve evidence of your talks and protect yourself against disputes or call scams, you can use call recording software.

You simply open the app and hit the record button to start recording. There is no cap on the number of calls you can record or how long each call can last. Your phone will keep the recorded calls so you may retrieve them whenever you want.

First Aid and Emergency Techniques

Our selection also includes the app First Aid and Emergency Techniques. This mobile health software has all you need to know about giving first-aid help, as the name suggests.

The software provides tutorials and directions that could stop the situation from getting worse or possibly save lives, whether it's caring for burns or cuts or determining the degree of suffering.

FIRST AID in case of emergency

FIRST AID in case of emergency is a free mobile application that provides information on first-aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques, as well as real-time notifications related to active terror threats. It was co-developed by the Bydgoszcz (Poland) units of the Regional Police Headquarters, Emergency Ambulance Service, Rescue, and Fire Department, and the Polish Internal Security Agency.

The program, which is accessible in both Polish and English, features GPS location tracking, video training, and automatic dialing of emergency numbers.

BG Monitor Diabetes

There are several health-tracking apps available in app stores, but the BG Monitor Diabetes accomplishes the job well. The app tracks blood glucose, diet, and insulin information in order to help you manage your diabetes and avoid staring at your logbook.

The program not only calculates insulin automatically, but it also offers insights and spot patterns. Additionally, you may monitor your progress using in-depth graphs and charts.

Health2Sync - Diabetes Care

Health2Sync, named one of the "Best Diabetes Apps of 2019" by Healthline, aids in the fight against diabetes by making blood sugar monitoring useful.

The app contains a special feature called "Partners" in addition to the customary tools for collecting blood pressure, weight, mood, and other health-related data. You might ask your loved ones to follow your development and offer supportive remarks when you need them.

Data can be exported from the app to PDF or Excel. It has more than 500,000 installs and is accessible on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

Blood Donor by American Red Cross

The American Red Cross's award-winning and wildly successful Blood Donor App puts the ability to save lives in your hands (more than 3 million downloads).

The Blood Donor App is a must-have for your phone because it has features like making it simple to locate nearby blood drives and donation facilities, receiving notifications when your blood is being transported to a patient, and keeping track of your contributions.

The app also provides access to your COVID-19 antibody test results. The life-saving software makes giving blood fun by allowing users to form teams, find new donors, and track their progress on a leaderboard.

The Merck Manual Home Edition

The aim of the Merck Manual is uncomplicated. The dependable source of medical information since 1899 thinks that access to accurate, useful, and accessible health information is a fundamental human right.

The Merck Manual Consumer app, which is based on the premise that "knowledge is power," provides clear, useful information for thousands of medical conditions and is updated on a daily basis by more than 350 medical professionals.


One of Poland's top mobile service providers, Polkomtel, which operates under the Plus brand, developed the healthcare app Ratunek.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, Ratunek is an emergency app that provides rescue organizations with the caller's precise location.

Rescuers can work quickly and efficiently because of the location's accuracy. SMS is used to send the location during the call. More than 100,000 people have downloaded the Polish-language version of the app.

Nodus Medical

Nodus is a digital assistant, not simply an app, that aims to increase surgical teams' productivity and free them up to do what they do best: save lives.

The free iPad app streamlines the operations of surgeons before, during, and after a procedure. The tool makes it easier to cooperate with other doctors and standardize surgical processes. German and English versions of Nodus are available.

ICE: In Case of Emergency

An easy-to-use app called ICE: In Case of Emergency continuously displays all of your pertinent health and other important information that may be used in an emergency. On the lock screen, the app generates a notification that can be seen. More than 100,000 people have already downloaded the app.

BetterHelp – Online Counseling

The BetterHelp app puts more than 10,000 experienced licensed counselors and therapists at your fingertips, making it one of the most well-known companies in the mental health space.

You can arrange a call with your therapist and gain access to a "safe room," which is your personal space where you can speak at any time.

The Berkeley Well-Being Institute's thorough research revealed that BetterHelp is just as successful as face-to-face counseling. The app offers support for many aspects of mental health, including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and mood disorders.

FollowMyHealth Mobile

With the help of the tracking app FollowMyHealth, you can manage and access all of your medical data while on the go.

You can safely speak with your doctor via telehealth about everything from your lab results to medication renewals. Your health can be managed on your terms with the aid of FollowMyHealth. You have the option of downloading the mobile app or using the desktop version to log in.

SOS Lifesaver

Being in an emergency situation is frightening, and frequently asking for assistance is difficult. When you require immediate assistance from a friend, family member, or a professional, the SOS lifesaving app assumes the role of being a cutting-edge emergency application.

At the stroke of a button, the app may send a bursting SOS warning, which will ring your emergency contact's phone even if it is set to silent and includes all relevant locations and other distress-related information.

Touch Surgery

You may be familiar with flight simulators. A surgical sim would be nice. Regardless of their location, Touch Surgery enables clinicians to train for new treatments or prepare for surgical operations.

The app offers over 150 different operations and is supported by the top medical organizations in the US. Touch Surgery lets medical workers learn new procedures from leading doctors by using cutting-edge 3D graphics and detailed simulations. The App Store offers the app at no cost.


More than ever, the focus is on health and well-being, and there are many healthcare apps available on the mobile app market that can be used for emergencies, first aid, or simply to get reliable information while on the go.

As individuals get used to the concept that they can now get healthcare from the comfort of their own homes, prospects for digital healthcare will continue to grow as the market for mHealth expands.


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