2023's Top Document Tracking Systems

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2023's Top Document Tracking Systems

2023's Top Document Tracking Systems

2023's Top Document Tracking Systems 

Are document tracking systems what you're looking for? Let's find out which is the top product currently available!

Since the strange crackling sound your dial-up internet produced before you could go online and "browse the web," the internet has advanced significantly.

Documents are one important thing that the internet's early adopters left behind. They still have the same look and feel as something you would have written in the 1990s using your dull word processor and adding plain text and static images that never seem to stay where you want them to.

But more significantly, you are still unable to make informed decisions about them. There is no way to verify whether the material you distributed to your colleagues was ever opened. There is no way to tell if your viewers like the stuff you provided. There is no way to find them. Sigh…

What makes document tracking important?

Many organizations are attempting to maximize their online presence because doing business today almost always involves having a social media presence. All types of data are desired by businesses.

You can adjust what isn't working and what is by having a wealth of helpful data about your customers, prospects, clients, investors, and even competitors.

This explains why companies track practically all of their internet actions. Advanced analytics are being used by businesses and professionals to examine how their work is perceived and determine what they are doing properly or poorly.

Professionals employ a wide range of analytical tools to monitor and evaluate every part of their business activity, including their website, blog, social media accounts, emails, videos, and audio files, but what about your documents? Why are documents exposed to the elements? It's surprising that document analytics seems like a distant dream since the majority of our work involves creating and distributing documents.

It's astounding that we don't have the right tools for measuring document engagement. Are you aware of what transpired with your document after you shared it? Consider having a tracking system for documents that provides the following information:

Do they have it open?
What time is it?
They scrolled how far before stopping.

How frequently did they check it?

Just consider the value of such specific data. Gaining knowledge of what works and what doesn't, it can assist your company in making smart business decisions in the future. You may make use of this crucial data and acquire a competitive edge over your rivals by analyzing it.

Among the top document tracking programs available are:
You are already miles ahead of the competition if you are astute enough to be looking for a document tracking system. All you need right now is a document tracking system to guide you in making informed judgments and preventing expensive business errors.

You may track your documents using a small number of available document-tracking systems. Let's examine what is available today and which document tracking systems you ought to use:

Let's examine each of them in greater depth so you can choose which is the finest document tracking software for you:

Document Tracking System #1: Bit.ai

A modern cloud-based document collaboration solution called Bit enables teams to produce, organize, and track all of their company's papers in one location.

Create marketing and sales materials, employee training manuals, meeting notes, proposals, and pretty much any other kind of workplace document with your team in a Bit workspace. Make your papers more interactive by including anything from the internet that has a URL, such as YouTube videos, spreadsheets, SlideShares, audio files, GIFs, Dropbox files, web articles, and social media postings, in addition to text and images.

You can make a trackable link after you are happy with your paper and are prepared to distribute it. Once shared, your trackable link will give you data on how frequently it has been visited, how far people have scrolled, how long they spent on it, etc.

You can share numerous trackable links with Bit for each recipient or group you want to track. This distinguishes Bit from all other document-tracking tools available today.

Bit allows you to share your papers immediately, in a contrast to other programs that require you to convert your document into a PDF and then send a link via a third-party tracking service. There's no requirement to convert it to a PDF or another file format. No need to use a third party to distribute a special link. Share your document exactly as is to receive thorough, useful insights!

These are some characteristics that make Bit the best option for producing, distributing, and tracking office documents:

savvy sharing

Bit enables you to share trackable and live documents.

For each recipient or group, you want to track, you can add numerous trackable links in a single document. Analyze how your audience responds to your content to make more informed follow-ups.

Participant Analytics:

The magic happens right here! Real-time insights about user behavior with your content can be gathered. Together with other fantastic engagement analytics, users can see who has viewed their Bit document, how often, how long they stayed on it, and how often they came back to it.

Real-time warnings

When someone opens your Bit document and provides input, Bit will immediately notify you on your dashboard and via email. As a result, you can answer to the receiver right away and conduct business more swiftly.

Lead gathering

Add a lead capture form to your Bit document as a wonderful way to collect lead information. This allows your team to collect information (name, company, job title, email, phone number, etc.) before your audience views your Bit document.

password security

When sharing your Bit documents, you can optionally password-protect them. This restricts access to it to those to whom you have disclosed the password. You can change or disable your password whenever you like.

Better and smarter documents are really simple to make using Bit. You can track those documents too with just one mouse click!

Document Tracking System #2: DocSend

Another document management application geared particularly towards sales and marketing organizations is DocSend. DocSend gives salespeople a thorough overview of how prospects interact with their sales collateral and offers insightful information on the sales collateral they send out.

You will be able to track when your sales presentation is opened, distributed, and where prospects spend the majority of their time thanks to immediate "read" notifications and page-by-page statistics. Sales teams can do business more effectively and have the right conversation with the right person at the right time thanks to DocSend.

DocSend has the wonderful feature of allowing users to make changes to their documents even after they have submitted them. Passwords can be created, access can be revoked, download rights can be changed, and documents can be modified to fix typos or other issues.

Document Tracking System #3: Attach.io

Attach is a different document tracking tool available on the market that is largely targeted at the requirements of sales and marketing. In order to know when to follow them back and customize your pitch for optimum impact, Attach lets you analyze how your audience engages with your material.

When any of their files, including PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and others, are accessed, users may observe in real-time. Information on how often an attachment is accessed, who opened it, which sites were visited by the recipient inside the email, which links were clicked, etc.

When their documents haven't been opened, salespeople can also be notified, allowing them to follow up with prospects and prompt or remind them to take action. Attach can now transfer data about your viewers' interaction and information to your Salesforce CRM thanks to a new interface with Salesforce.

Document Tracking Tool #4: SalesHandy

With features like Email Tracking, Email Scheduling, Mail Merge Campaigns with Automated Follow-Up, Link Tracking, and In-Depth Engagement Data of Prospects, SalesHandy is a Sales Engagement Platform. SalesHanddy offers document/email attachment monitoring capabilities in addition to email tracking.

SalesHandy is a handy tool for salespeople looking to craft their sales pitches and increase conversions. It includes features like real-time notifications when someone opens your document, tracking the precise location from which the prospect has opened your document, password protection, setting expiration dates, knowing which documents are performing the best, and many more.

Similar to Attach, SalesHandy also sends a notification if the recipient doesn't open the document within a predetermined window of time.


Every day, five billion email attachments are received, yet there has never been a means for the sender to know if the receiver has viewed or opened the attachment. Knowing who opened your shared papers, when they were opened, how far they were scrolled through, or how long they spent viewing them can be a game-changer.

Your understanding of document tracking insights aids in:

Whether what you sent the client, prospect, investor, or your own staff actually read.
Whether you need to improve the engagement of your material.
Copy content that is effective across audiences.
How to follow up with a potential customer.
when you ought to contact a client again.

Better and more intelligent documents can be easily created with Bit. You can track those papers too with only one mouse click! Never before has document tracking been so simple. Happy tracking to all! Why wouldn't a company look for a fantastic document-tracking tool with so much to gain?


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