25 Best Today Tools for Managed File Transfer (MFT)

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25 Best Today Tools for Managed File Transfer (MFT)

25 Best Today Tools for Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Best Current Secure Managed File Transfer (MFT) Tools

The only product that offers automatic verification of vulnerabilities using Proof-Based ScanningTM is Invicti Web Application Security Scanner.

Every firm must be able to share files quickly and securely. You can benefit from using secure managed file transfer (MFT) software.

Transferring files among a team's members and other stakeholders is a necessary step in the business process for any organization. To stay up with its evolving business requirements, an organization, particularly one that works with IT, should ensure quick and secure information sharing.

Although there are many other file transfer and file sharing methods, managed file transfer solutions have recently gained a lot of popularity. The best-managed file transfer software programs are discussed here, along with information on secure managed file transfer and its features.

Managed File Transfer (MFT) Software: What Is It?

Data can be exchanged or delivered across a network in a secure, compliant, and time-effective manner using managed file transfer (MFT) software. The foundation of MFT technology is file transfer protocol (FTP) technology, which has been enhanced with management and security capabilities to safeguard data and scale the delivery of files and data. Ordinary FTP and secure FTP aren't the only file transfer protocols that MFT systems provide (SFTP).

Both on-premises licensed software packages and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions can be used to deploy MFT tools. Users can have end-to-end visibility and control, reporting, logs and other audit trails, and data protection through encryption thanks to the broad range of security and management capabilities.

MFT solutions are used by businesses to automate, streamline, and simplify file transfers. MFT products are best suited for businesses that must regularly transmit vast amounts of data while preserving security and compliance. MFT tools are typically highly used in sectors including banking and financial services, insurance, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing.

File transfer protocol (FTP) software and MFT solutions both enable the movement of files and other types of data. However, MFT software offers more layers of administration and security.

For a product to be eligible for the Managed File Transfer (MFT) category, it must:

  • use the FTP network protocol as a foundation
  • FTP and SFTP should not be the only file transfer methods supported.
  • Make the file transfer process automatic and secure.
  • Offer real-time reporting and operational insight over file transfers while they are en route. Offer security and encryption to secure data in transit.
  • Sync with current security infrastructure

Managed File Transfer: What is it?

A reliable and effective method of secure file transfer is managed file transfer or MFT. Before delivering it to the recipient, MFT programs encrypt your file or data utilizing Open PGP, AES ciphers, or other protocols.

It is regarded as being superior to other file transfer protocols and methods, such as the hypertext transfer protocol, secure file transfer protocol, and file transfer protocol (HTTP). MFT is appropriate for transferring sensitive, high-volume, or compliance-protected data.

Companies in the retail, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, telecommunication, and insurance sectors favor this strategy over alternative technologies as a result.

MFT's differences from other file-sharing options

Consider how MFT differs from other well-known file transfer protocols:

  • MFT systems offer secure encryption in contrast to FTP. FTP does not encrypt your file in transit or at rest, hence experts do not advise using it.
  • MFT vs. FTPS: MFT is preferable since FTPS requires both private and public key authentication to decode data.
  • MFT vs. SFTP: In SFTP, key management and client configuration are more difficult than in MFT.
  • Contrasting MFT with HTTP, HTTP protocol is not advised because it does not provide an encryption facility.

Utilizing Managed File Transfer Solutions Has Many Advantages


Damage can be minimized by foreseeing and examining risk factors. MFT provides operational visibility into problems like unsuccessful transfers that aid in proactive problem-solving and SLA adherence.


A company's file transfer requirements will probably increase as it expands globally. You will therefore require extra file transfer capacity and new file-sharing modules. You can use MFT solutions to stay up to date with your business expansion.


Avoiding unsuccessful file transfers and data breaches is one of the finest methods for any business to protect its brand. MFT offers businesses a preventative security plan. Additionally, it safeguards your data through features like real-time monitoring and validation security policies when it is in transit and at rest.

Affordable Customization

The needs for sharing data and files vary from business to business. The industry is filled with managed file transfer software apps that provide personalized solutions. The MFT tool that best fits the user's budget can be chosen.


Depending on the business, your company may need to comply with certain regulatory requirements and laws. These could include the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) (PCI DSS.)

By encrypting, monitoring the transmission, and storing crucial data, the current MFT system is highly designed to meet security standards.

Recurrent Updates

You must exercise particular caution when disclosing sensitive or important information to third parties if your organization handles such data. Use systems that offer frequent upgrades to keep your files safe from hackers. MFT products offer updates to assist you to keep up with changing requirements for data protection.


While some businesses only deploy apps on-premise, others leverage cloud-based services. In addition to this, several companies have adopted a hybrid solution. You can get an MFT tool to deploy wherever you want, regardless of the policy you adhere to.

Features of Software for Managed File Transfer

To save time, effort, money, and resources, businesses frequently choose MFT solutions. You may watch and audit the file transfer process with effective MFT tools. Examine the following features before selecting a program for secure controlled file transfer:

Easy of Use: Choose a productivity-enhancing program that doesn't require you to create data transfer procedures.

Wide-ranging file type support: Before selecting an MFT tool, make sure it can transfer a wide variety of file types. It should transport email, XML, multimedia files, PDFs, and other file types.

Security: For both internal and external transfers, your MFT tool should provide the highest level of security (encryption) features both in transit and at rest.

Data analytics: It is preferable to choose tools with integrated analytics and reporting features if you need to collect file transfer data for HIPAA compliance.

Central Workflow Automation: A decent MFT tool will let you manage and plan file transfers from a centralized location.

Complete Visibility: MFT software ought to be able to provide you with 360-degree visibility so that you can see who is using the system to share what.

Here is a list of the best MFT programs to assist you in finding the ideal managed file transfer solution:

GoAnywhere MFT

Start Your 30-Day Trial Today!

Merchandise Description
An award-winning managed file transfer program called GoAnywhere MFT automates, simplifies, and secures crucial file transfers through a centralized enterprise-level solution.

It is the MFT solution with the fastest global growth rate, making it simple for businesses to connect to internal and external systems and transfer encrypted data using well-known protocols like OpenPGP, AES, FTPS, SFTP, HTTPS, AS2/AS3/AS4, and GPG. Beyond just protecting file transfers, GoAnywhere MFT also works flawlessly with the daily-use programs you depend on, like EDI and cloud integration. This solution can help you meet regulatory standards, save you time and money, increase data security, and protect zero-trust and data-centric architectures.

With our MFTaaS option, we handle infrastructure management and setup while you take advantage of the hosted deployment of our enterprise MFT platform. Visit www.goanywhere.com to begin your 30-day trial, request a quotation, or for more information. According to a report by Info-Tech Research Group, GoAnywhere is the best-managed file transfer solution. We are HelpSystems. A crucial component of the HelpSystems family of products is GoAnywhere MFT.

HelpSystems, a world leader in IT security and automation excellence, works with companies in every sector to improve and safeguard their operations while completing more tasks every day. By utilizing the potent solutions in our Infrastructure & Data Security and Intelligence & Automation portfolios, we directly collaborate with our customers to support their success.

Cleo Integration Cloud

Although there are numerous secure MFT solutions available, CIC MFT is the best option for integrating with sophisticated automated processes and connecting to partners & infrastructure.

To secure your file transfer environment and manage your trading partner community, CIC MFT, an award-winning secure managed file transfer software, offers a wealth of features and capabilities. It was designed to make using CIC MFT simple for you. Complete protocol support, security, end-user authentication/single sign-on, and visibility/dashboards/reporting are all provided by the platform.


CIC MFT is designed to grow with your company's demands. Without a hitch, the system manages installations from tiny firms up to multibillion-dollar corporations. Other noteworthy platform characteristics are:

  • ICAP Authorization (OAuth 2.0), authentication (SAML), encryption, and certificate management for secure access control using LDAP Antivirus and content scanning
    Security at the perimeter using a bidirectional proxy architecture
    Dashboards for reporting, audit trails, and visibility

Businesses have the choice of using self-service, managed services, or a hybrid approach when it comes to service alternatives, ensuring complete flexibility and control over their MFT strategy.

ActiveBatch Workload Automation

Redwood Software's ActiveBatch is an extendable, incredibly reliable workload automation platform. ActiveBatch offers a comprehensive IT automation hub for assembling and managing end-to-end workflows in data warehouses and across the company.

ActiveBatch may connect to any server, any application, or any service with its Super REST API Adapter and its numerous direct interfaces with leading business and IT systems. Organize your whole tech stack so that mission-critical applications like data warehousing, CRM, ERP, supply chain management, work order management, project management, and consulting tools communicate with one another naturally and with the least amount of manual effort possible.

The job scheduler, which enables you to create and manage cross-functional workflows, is the brain of the workload automation system. Load balancing, scheduling, dependency analysis, SLA monitoring, reporting, and notifications are all handled by it. By using automated tasks from ActiveBatch, you can do away with manual workflows and hasten the creation of high-value services that will advance your business.

With the help of ActiveBatch's low-code drag-and-drop GUI and hundreds of DevOps capabilities, you can quickly and efficiently create end-to-end business processes without the need for bespoke coding. A self-service portal for business and help desk users is one of the customizable interfaces that allow users to safely access ActiveBatch from any device. The proactive support strategy from ActiveBatch provides 24/7 global assistance and AI-powered predictive diagnostics to keep your environment productive and reliable.


File transfers between users and servers are made possible by the secure managed file transfer software known as GoAnywhere. Users have centralized control over the entire process and can operate it on Windows, Linux, IBM I OS, and AIX.


By using load balancing, this program may execute mass file transfers to meet company needs. Your organizational requirements can be met by its characteristics, such as a complete workflow and a simple interface.

GoAnywhere provides a variety of deployment options that guarantee total flexibility. Additionally, you can interface it with the many web and cloud applications used by your company. This solution enables active-active automated failover as a measure for disaster recovery.

ExaVault Cloud FTP

Merchandise Description
With the instant-setup Cloud FTP platform, which assists more than 5000 businesses in 101 countries with manual and automatic file transfers, you may strengthen the operations of your firm. We're advancing FTP by integrating simple web management and supporting open standards on infrastructure built for businesses.

Eliminate obstacles and software quirks to link everything, everywhere. We've examined compatibility with countless pieces of third-party software, including integration platforms like Boomi and Mulesoft as well as desktop programs like FileZilla. Our platform has a tonne of features, many of which include:

Complete FTP, FTPS, and SFTP capabilities, along with support for SSH keys for password-free logins. - Extensive logs for compliance and audit. - Security that is enterprise-grade and has yearly compliance checks.

- Detailed User permissions, allowing you to manage who has access to particular files and folders.

– A strong developer API. - Real-time webhooks and notification-based on events.

If you require client-facing file transfer, our product can be built directly into your website using your logo rather than ours thanks to branding and website integration features.

Best-in-class, secure, and dependable hosted FTP supported by enterprise-grade security, managed by specialized engineering and support with live chat assistance. Tell us how we can assist you.

Progress MOVEit

Organizations can reduce the risks associated with workplace mobility by using the MFT software Progress MOVEit. The necessary capabilities, including tracking, data encryption, and central access restrictions, are included in this open-source framework.


All of these characteristics guarantee that your company's file transfer complies with SLA and turns into an operationally reliable process. Users can transmit files with both internal and external users by using the collaboration capabilities element of the system.

Advancement MOVE

Without scripting, it offers sophisticated automated workflow. If your business has a large number of users of mobile devices who participate in file transfer, this platform infrastructure also provides a tailored solution for mobile device management.


Merchandise Description
More than 6,000 businesses rely on Files.com to automate and protect mission-critical transfers. Our obsession with security, compliance, dependability, and performance ensures that your vital business processes run smoothly and consistently. Without creating scripts or code, handle any transfer flow with ease, and onboard workloads and partners with ease.

For collaborating with outside partners, we enable common file transfer protocols (FTP, SFTP, AS2) and also offer native apps for fast internal transfers. Because it is a cloud-native SaaS, there are no servers for you to purchase or operate, no installation is necessary, and high availability and redundancy are already included at no additional cost.

Microsoft (Azure, SharePoint, OneDrive, Active Directory & Office), AWS (S3 & SNS), Google (Cloud & Drive), Box, Dropbox, Zapier, and numerous other services have connectors available right out of the box. Our SDKs, API, and CLI are all available to developers for use in creating unique integrations. Files.com can be configured to "Push" files to the system on a schedule, "Pull" files from the system on a schedule, or both when interacting with other systems.

These are other great sites

Diplomat MFT

Axway Managed File Transfer




Globalscape Enhanced File Transfer


IBM Aspera




Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System


IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

IBM Sterling Managed File Transfer

Oracle Managed File Transfer Cloud Service (Oracle MFT CS)

OpenText Alloy


Cornerstone MFT Server

CData Arc

webMethods.io B2B

Diplomat Managed File Transfer

Qbox Plus

Serv-U Managed File Transfer Server

Control-M Managed File Transfer

XM SendSecure

Couchdrop - Cloud SFTP and File Automation Platform

MFT Gateway


In conclusion

Managed file transfer solutions are essential for businesses with complex file-sharing requirements or numerous external stakeholders to maintain security and stay competitive. These are crucial to a company's success as well.

Only specialized technologies can provide the correct kind of secure managed file transfer service as business networks continue to spread around the globe and demand high-quality services.


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