Best Apple Watch faces ON 2023

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Best Apple Watch faces ON 2023

Best Apple Watch faces ON 2023

How to obtain and personalize the greatest Apple Watch faces Want some motivation? Makeover your watch with these great picks in 2023. You ought to use the best Apple Watch faces for 2023.

Cool watch faces and complications are the simplest places to start if you want your Apple Watch to appear at its finest.

Apple has always been picky when it comes to watching faces and has a less-is-more philosophy. However, Apple gave watch faces some love in watchOS 8 with its new Portrait faces and by making your own photographs more prominent.

However, the variety of Apple Watch faces is already quite large, and there are many customization options available with first and third-party complications.

Continue reading for our list of the best Apple Watch faces and an explanation of how you can tailor everything to your preferences.

Change the faces on your Apple Watch

Your smartwatch's force touch (long press) function allows you to access the face gallery and change the Apple Watch face. You can scroll through your favorites from here or click the Plus icon to see the entire gallery.

You can cycle between your favorites by simply moving the watch face left or right after choosing one.

The complete Face Gallery is also accessible in the Apple Watch companion app, where you can manually add choices to your watch.

Utilize Facer to download watch faces.

We'll include our top picks for the Apple Watch faces that come pre-installed below.

However, Facer has launched additional faces for Apple Watch, with options from NASA, Star Trek, and Tetris, if you want to take customization to the next level.

2023's top Apple Watch faces

There is now a tonne of Apple Watch faces available, and the best part is that each one can be customized to your liking. We've highlighted some of our favorites below, but be sure to experiment with each one's intricacies and have a variety of shows in your on-watch library so you can flip between them if you grow bored.

Modular Compact

The infographic watches face and the modular Compact watch face are comparable in terms of both appearance and function. The upper right corner has a great small sub-dial that makes it easy to tell the time.

Additionally, there is a significant complexity at the bottom that displays the weather report for the moment. The sub-dial clock can be converted to analog or digital by going to the edit box in customization. Altering the hue is another possibility.

Each of us has a unique way of using the Apple watch, and we all have varied requirements for watch faces. Therefore, having more options is better. The rest is up to you to decide based on your needs.


When switching from a Casio watch to an Apple Smartwatch, users can quickly change the watch face with the help of the clock ology app.

The analog and digital clocks are located at the bottom of the display, followed by the day of the week. It functions just like a Casio G-Shock.

G-Shock watch faces come with a variety of displays; some feature complications and some don't. However, you will only receive the information you require on your screen.

Contour (Series 7 only)

Contour is one of the brand-new faces that came with the Watch Series 7 and is designed to highlight the more curved casing design of Apple's most recent smartwatch. You can choose to have the typography follow the contours of the Watch case or display it flat on the screen. It has a special Pride version and a background color setting, and it is a nice addition to Apple's growing selection of stylish faces.

Customizable: Background shade
yes complications


Smartphone cameras have improved significantly, so every now and then you'll take a photo that is so stunning you'll want to look at it repeatedly.

This face serves that purpose. Below it, we've added a straightforward calendar complication, which you may remove if you'd rather have a clearer perspective.

Change the photo customization complexity: yes

Chronograph Pro (watchOS 7)

The Kaleidoscope face is your best option if you want to relax or perhaps just zone out.

Go to the Watch Companion app, select your own image, then select a design (Radial is available here), and get your very own unique work of wrist art.

You are always just a tap away from complete zen since we chose to put the Breathe and Heart Rate issues up top.

Customizable: Color/style
yes complications


The Unity watch face, which will be unveiled in February 2021 in honor of Black History Month, is modeled after the Pan-African flag.

The color combination is fully customizable, and it's made to go with a special event-only Apple Watch band.

For Apple Watch Series 6 and later, including the SE, the Unity watch face is available. To obtain it, you must be running Watch OS 7.3 or later.

Color complications can be changed: yes


You don't require a lot. You are understated but elegant. You only need the time and date, and you want it presented in the most elegant manner. Take on the Numerals watch face, establish a serene color, and then flaunt your prowess.

Color complications can be changed: yes

Mickey Mouse

Simply click Mickey and let him tell you the time. By the way, if you want some Pixar, don't be afraid to replace them with the Toy Story crew.

At the same time, you can use Pokemon Go to hatch your Pokemon, use Magic Guide to find out the weather, and schedule for rides at theme parks. Observe also Toy Story and Minnie Mouse.

Mickey or Mini Complications are customizable; yes


We added the HomeKit complication because if you are an Apple ecosystem user, your setup may also include some smart home technology. You also have simple access to Remote if you wish to operate your Apple TV. Of course, don't forget to bring your trusty timer. Sweet home, indeed.

Adaptable: Style and color
yes complications


You won't find a better watch face if you're searching for an assistant to be proactive about your day and what you need to get done.

If you need to complete a task but don't have access to your iPhone, the Siri complication, which is located at the top, will take care of it. A carousel of recommendations, alerts, and other information is displayed below.

Color complications can be changed: yes

Solar Dial

Solar Dial is yet another brand-new watchOS 6 design that has a very showy front and a very useful back.

The face has difficulties in each corner for your choice of information, and it has a large and eye-catching solar measure that, in addition to the time, tells you when sunset will occur where you are.

If you want to get in a run after work or are planning anything outdoor-related, you can also tap the watch to see how long the day will last.

Digital/analog Customizability Complications: Yes


You want to monitor your activity and calorie intake since you want to shed some weight.

We have the Workout complication at the top to help you get ready for your next workout, the Heart Rate complication on the other side to check your vitals, and the Lose It! complication at the bottom to let you know how you're doing with your eating.

The focal point here is the digital activity face, which makes it simple to keep track of your favorite rings, calories burned, exercise minutes, and stand hours.

Customizable: Time/color format
yes complications


The Pride watches face is what you need if you're going to a Pride celebration or want to demonstrate your support for LGBTQ+ people. Every year, Apple releases a new iteration, and the 2021 iteration (seen above) will debut with a watchOS upgrade. The variation for this year celebrates a larger range by including more colors.

Although it's simple, tapping the screen triggers beautiful animations that pleasantly wobble and warp those rainbow lines. As an added benefit, you can modify a single complication.

Additionally, you may long press Customize to cycle through all of the Pride designs from prior years if that's what you want.

Customizable: Select styles from previous years
yes complications


Gradient, a feature of watchOS 6, delivers a lovely, modern appearance with the advantage of vibrant colours. When your wrist is down, a Series 5 or Series 6 will also automatically switch to a darker mode.

The gradient is a terrific way to enhance a striking dress because you may choose the hue that best complements your style.

Customizable: Complicated color and gradient issues:


The Breathe watch face has the same animations and style as the app. If you want, you can add complications to the peace, but that will only make it more chaotic.

You may launch the Breathe app with a single tap on the watch face to start a guided session. This one is undoubtedly beneficial for individuals who are eager to practice mindfulness throughout the day.

Flexible: Various styles
yes complications

Modular Compact

The new Modular Compact face, which can accommodate reams of data, is another choice that is data-intensive.

The three bottom icons can be changed to common contacts using the six complication slots, allowing you to place calls directly from the Watch.

The center modular unit can also incorporate boarding permits from Quantas, heart rate information, and Citymapper commute warnings, so corner difficulties are no longer an option. However, you can still use this unit.

Analogue/digital; colour; and customizable
yes complications


With watchOS 6, Meridian was added to the Apple Watch Face Gallery and has since solidified its place in our high regard, just missing out on taking the top spot.

With a crisp, assertive analog appearance enhanced by the choice of four complexities in the middle of the dial, it delivers an excellent balance of beauty and functionality.

There isn't quite as much information available as on the Infograph face, but on the other hand, you could just want to keep things straightforward.

Customizable: Style and color
yes complications


Customizable: Color-related issues: Yes
The Infograph is the best Apple Watch face available and has been specially designed for folks who are fixated on intricacies.

It can accommodate up to eight complexities, four of which can use the improved Series 4 and Series 5 displays to display additional information. For example, the weather in the top-right corner displays the current, minimum, and maximum temperatures.

Although there are shortcuts to popular apps like Activity and Music in the center, you can chop these any way you like.

Chronograph Pro (watchOS 7)

By default, the Chronograph Pro displays a tachymeter for monitoring speed. You can, however, switch to other dials, such as 60, 30, 6, and 3-second timers, by tapping the dial and pressing the green button.

Customizable: Timing and color
yes complications

Typograph (watchOS 7)

Typograph is another elegant and abstract watch face that displays the time in an edgy script with an analog dial in the middle. Numerous fonts, a more traditional dial, numerals in place of digits, and color changes are also options. There are no potential issues.

Customizable: alter the typeface and color of
No complications

Count up (watchOS 7)

Count Up places stopwatch functions directly onto the watch face, making it one for track runners (maybe). A timer that appears on the watch face itself can be started by tapping the screen. Sadly, despite what the design sort of suggests, it doesn't store laps. However, you do get four complication areas on the edge that can alter the ring's color.

Change the dial's color Customizability: Yes Complications

Stripes (watchOS 7)

Customizable: Yes (colors, stripes' lengths, and stripes' directions).
No complications
The number of stripes, colors, angles, and orientation of these stripes can all be altered practically indefinitely. You can choose the color of each stripe and have them as a square or an inset circle with complicated corners, between 2 and 9 stripes. Although we opted for the traditional football strip appearance in the example above, this is one of the most unique Apple Watch faces available.

Memoji (watchOS 7)

It has to happen eventually. You can transfer a Memoji that is currently set up on your iPhone to your Apple Watch. However, if you want, you can have one of the now well-known stock Memoji characters. The small information panel at the bottom can also be customized.

Customizable: Change your Memoji or use your Character Difficulties: Yes

Artist (watchOS 7)

The Artist's Watch face, which was commissioned by artist Geoff McFetridge, has faced the time quietly displayed as the eyes and nose. The always-on Series 5, Series 6, and Series 7 will display the drawing's outline when the power is turned off. Tap the screen to alter and personalize the face that is displayed. It has an unusual aesthetic despite being abstract.

Customizable: To alter the face, tap it.
No complications

GMT (watchOS 7)

GMT lets you establish a secondary timezone and is the first of several new watch faces included in the watchOS 7 upgrades. Although the colors can be completely customized, we prefer the Rolex-inspired defaults. Additionally, there is room in the corners for four problems.

Customizable dial color; yes complications

Fire and Water

On Apple's Retina display, the animated face option Fire and Water pop up. You can choose a dial shape with up to three complications from a circle or a rectangle. You can choose to use fire or water only, or you can combine the two to see how they work together.

Customizable: dial design
yes complications

Astronomy (watchOS 8)

Astronomy, a watch face feature for astronomy enthusiasts, allows you to display the earth, moon, or solar system view with space for complications at the top and bottom of the face. The crown may be turned to interact with it and display information like the date of the next full moon. We have plenty of time for this incredibly lovely alternative.

View complications are customizable; yes

Modular Duo (Series 7 only)

Modular Duo, the other significant new face introduced with Watch Series 7, makes the most of the additional screen state on Apple's most recent model. Although you can add up to three complications and change the typeface and complications' colors, we believe the multicolor appearance is the best choice here.

Customizable: Color and font
Three complications

Portraits (watchOS 8)

It does function on previous Watches (Series 4 or later), allowing you to add more dynamic-looking portrait photos to your watch face. Portraits were the main new feature in watchOS 8. Choose from traditional, contemporary, or circular designs with top and bottom complication support. To make the time and problems stand out, you can also play around with the font colors.

Style Complications: Yes; Customizable


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