Best Apps for Shopping to Make Epic Savings

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Best Apps for Shopping to Make Epic Savings

Best Apps for Shopping to Make Epic Savings

Best Apps for Shopping to Make Epic Savings

These shopping applications are the ideal addition to your collection if you enjoy the convenience of buying from your phone. Shop conveniently on the go and always get the best deal.

Raise your hand if you like how easy it is to shop on your smartphone.

These mobile shopping apps are the ideal upgrade for your smartphone if that describes you. Now it's simple to shop while on the road and get the best price on every purchase.

It's not always necessary to pay more for convenience. Several of these businesses will pay you to use their shopping app because of the increased competition for your online spending (both online and in-store).

We're going to reveal some of our favorite recommendations in this comprehensive list of shopping apps. If you're willing to give it a shot, these applications will not only assist you in finding what you need when you need it, but you'll also obtain the finest pricing or cash-back value imaginable.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the top shopping apps available for download right now. These are for you if you enjoy the simplicity and cost-saving measures.

Best Online Shopping Apps for Saving Money

You'll discover at least one phone shopping app on this list that will improve your shopping experience, from finding cheap gifts online to saving money on groceries (and cheaper).

Apps For Shopping That Provide Cash Back

To compare the worth of each potential purchase, we advise downloading each of these three cash-back applications.

For instance, you might receive 2% cash back for a transaction on one shopping app while receiving 3% on another. Even though it can seem insignificant on its own, your cashback will increase considerably more quickly if you receive an additional 1% for each purchase.

CapitalOne Shopping

CapitalOne Shopping is an internet browser extension and mobile application that lets you earn credits for shopping locally, applies coupons when you shop and alerts you when a lower price is available elsewhere. Additionally, you may add things to your CapitalOne Shopping watchlist to track pricing and receive notifications when a better offer becomes available.

How It Works: Download the app from the Google Play or iPhone App Store or install the browser extension on your PC. Once you've installed them and made an account, you can conduct typical online shopping using your default browser. If there are any potentially applicable coupons or if another website is offering a lower price, CapitalOne Shopping will let you know. You can enter a product you're interested in and CapitalOne Shopping will show you any bargains that are available when you use the app. Additionally, you can use the app to directly scan product barcodes.

Additionally, by connecting your credit card to CapitalOne Shopping, you may earn rewards points whenever you dine at a restaurant or spend at a participating retailer. Then, you may exchange these credits for gift cards to well-known stores like Sephora, eBay, and Walmart.

Stores on CapitalOne Shopping: The most well-known merchants, including Amazon, Groupon, Kohl's, Walmart, eBay, and Nike, are partners with CapitalOne Shopping.

Payout Minimum and Procedure: CapitalOne Shopping coupons are applied directly to your order, allowing you to save money right now. You'll automatically save money if CapitalOne Shopping informs you of where to get a less expensive version of the item you're purchasing. However, if you receive CapitalOne Shopping credits, you must exchange them for e-gift cards.

Where to Register: Click here to register for CapitalOne Shopping. Whether it's on your phone or PC, download CapitalOne Shopping wherever you conduct the majority of your shopping.


Dosh is a cash-back shopping software that offers incentives for regular purchases you currently make, both online and offline. Once you've linked your card to the app, you can use it to receive cash back rewards whenever you shop as you normally would.

You'll get cash back for shopping at your preferred retailers, just like Rakuten. You should keep reading about Dosh's convenience, though, because it now operates differently.

Dosh only requires you to attach your confirmed safe credit card and rewards you with cash for carrying out regular purchases. With Dosh, you may get cash back just for entering a business and paying with a credit or debit card.

While you can't combine Dosh and Rakuten into one purchase, you can compare cash-back offers before deciding whether to use one or the other. Additionally, Dosh offers a considerably greater range of in-store cash-back chances. You only need to link your payment card once, then Dosh will handle everything else.

One of those shopping applications, Dosh, doesn't force or control you to buy things you don't need just because they're "on sale." You get on with your day and shop for the stuff you require. You'll have a large bonus in your Dosh account waiting for you at the end of the day.

Stores on Dosh: A few well-known companies that use Dosh include Nike, Walmart, Gap, Fitbit, Sam's Club, Callaway, Patagonia, Snapfish, Forever 21, Hilton, and Jack in the Box. Use your credit card at any of your preferred retailers and see your Dosh account fill up with cash back rewards.

Dosh has a minimum balance requirement of $25 before you can cash out your earnings, similar to the majority of other shopping apps. However, as soon as you pass the threshold, the money is sent instantly via Direct Deposit to your bank account or, if you choose, to your PayPal account.

Where to Sign Up: Join Dosh and attach your first card to receive $5 in cash back when you sign up.

Dosh will credit you an additional $5 for each friend you refer who downloads the free app. You will receive $5 for each friend you suggest who links their credit or debit card to the app.

Although there is a lesser referral rate than with Rakuten, it is frequently easier to have a friend link their card than to ask them to spend their initial $25. Furthermore, Dosh is just as trustworthy and secure as Rakuten, so you can be sure that you are recommending only the best free shopping apps available.


In that it gives "cash" back for all purchases made through approved links, Drop is like Rakuten. The primary distinction is that Drop reimburses you in gift cards as opposed to cash. However, if you enjoy the thought of earning points toward gift cards to your favorite shops, stay reading to learn more about this special shopping app.

Create a free Drop account to begin earning points toward your preferred gift cards. Simply open the Drop app, click on any referral link to your preferred online retailer, and complete your order to qualify your purchases. A sizable number of points will be credited to your Drop account.

You can exchange your Drop points for a $5 gift card of your choosing after you have 5,000 or more points. Despite being comparable to Rakuten and Dosh, Drop raises the bar and maintains it by giving exceptional deals to well-known brands.

You can download each of the three applications, compare the cash back percentages, and choose the link that offers the best return for your online shopping trip to complete your purchase. Or, if it becomes too difficult to keep track of everything with every transaction, focus only on one cash back app of your choice.

Stores on Drop: Some well-known retailers where you can earn points for purchases include Best Buy, Jet, Walmart, Forever21, Costco, Nike, Krispy Kreme, Gap, Aerie, Adidas, Instacart, and Uber.

Payout Minimum and Method: Drop has a smaller minimum payout than many other apps of a similar nature but at a cost. Drop restricts rewards redemption to gift cards only, not cash.

A nearby mobile shopping app like Rakuten or Dosh will help you make sure you never miss an opportunity to earn but keep in mind that you can only earn up to 5,000 points every week.

Where to Join: Join Drop to start accumulating points toward your preferred gift cards.

Recommend a Friend Bonus: You can earn a $5 gift card of your choice (5,000 points) for each friend you refer to Drop. You can earn up to $100 in gift cards by referring as many as 20 friends to Drop.


Popular shopping app Rakuten rewards users with cash back when they make purchases from well-known online retailers (and a few local stores). One of my favorite shopping apps, it streamlines and enhances mobile shopping.

How It Works: Shopping on Rakuten is simple, and you can do it on a computer or the official Rakuten app.

Search for the store of your choice in the search bar by simply opening the Rakuten app on your phone (or visiting the website on a desktop or laptop). Then, after clicking on any referral link, visit the retailer of your choice and carry out your typical online purchasing as usual.

You give Rakuten credit for the sale by clicking on its link to the retailer's website. In exchange, Rakuten always gives you cash back equal to a portion of your original purchase. It's incredibly convenient, quick to use, and shopping pays off.

Rakuten has a great Google Chrome extension that prompts you to use it whenever you shop on one of its partner websites if you're ready to commit to getting cash back with every purchase.

Simply carry on with your regular daily activities after installing and activating the extension, and it will remind you to apply Rakuten to any online purchases that provide cash back.

Nearly all of the most well-known retailers may be found on Rakuten (plus the not-so-popular ones). Rakuten offers cash back for shopping at several retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, JCPenney, Kohl's, Macy's, Nordstrom, Old Navy, Priceline, and Target.

Rakuten provides cash-back rewards every quarter with no minimum payout requirement. Your "big fat check" is sent in the form of a physical check, a PayPal deposit, or a transfer to a friend, family member, charity, or other designated recipient.

Where to Sign Up: After spending your first $25 using Rakuten's links, sign up for Rakuten to receive a bonus of $10 (+ cashback %). Cashback is a simple and cost-free way to reward yourself for your purchases.

Refer a Friend Bonus: Sharing wonderful things with your friends is always a great idea, isn't it? Fortunately, you can receive generous cash-back bonus for each friend you recommend to Rakuten. For each friend who makes their first online purchase of $25 or more, you'll receive $25.

Join Rakuten, use it, love it, and share it with others for a bonus if you know anyone who enjoys online shopping and saving money.

Apps for Grocery Shopping that Save Money

We all go grocery shopping, but few of us look forward to it. These shopping applications can help you with some of the issues that make grocery shopping your least favorite activity, such as crowds and costs.


Ibotta offers cash rewards for purchases you make at well-known retailers that you already frequent (without linking a card). To earn the cashback benefits, just evaluate the deals before each grocery shopping trip and add the goods you require to your list.

How It Works: To make apps like Ibotta work in your favor, you'll need to be organized. You won't get the most out of it by simply doing your typical shopping. Instead, the app presents you with new offers that you can anticipate.

To utilize Ibotta, sign in to the shopping app, then go through a few quick steps to add offers to your shopping list. Purchase the desired items at a retailer that is willing to accept them, and then upload a picture of your receipt to the Ibotta app. Within 24 hours, a credit for your partial refund will appear in your Ibotta account.

By utilizing the shopping app to make mobile purchases or by connecting a store loyalty card to your Ibotta account, you can also receive cash rewards. Ibotta strives to make your shopping experience as simple as possible, but to get the most out of this shopping app, you'll need to purchase strategically and preserve your receipt.

Popular retailers including Walmart, Sam's Club, Walgreens, Target, Whole Foods Market, and many more are partners with Ibotta. On Ibotta, credits are given out for a wide range of discounts, although groceries are typically the most popular.

When you have $20 in Ibotta credit, you can request a payout to your PayPal or Venmo account. Payout Minimum and Method: Popular gift cards can also be redeemed in return for Ibotta credits.

Where to Sign Up: When you sign up with Ibotta and begin redeeming deals, you'll receive a $10 incentive. A box of Oreos or a gallon of milk is two popular items on Ibotta that you most likely already have on your shopping list.

Earn an additional $5 for each friend you suggest who downloads the Ibotta grocery shopping app. When it comes to collaborating on purchases with your friends on the app, Ibotta is a little different. Within the software, you can organize a team and set objectives together. Once you reach your goal, your team will receive additional bonus funds.


You may take part in the entertaining grocery shopping app Instacart from both perspectives. Either sign up to have your groceries delivered to your door, or sign up as a shopper to deliver groceries for pay.

How It Works: To use Instacart as a customer, you just open the shopping app, choose a grocery store in your neighborhood, and browse the products you want to buy.

The majority of things are available on Instacart at the store of your choice, where you can add them to your virtual shopping cart. After that, place your order to have fresh goods brought to your door. This is the pinnacle of supermarket shopping. Have someone else look for the freshest bunch of bananas so you don't have to battle the throng at the store.

All deliveries costing $35 or more are free if you join up for Instacart Express ($99 annually). If Instacart operates in your neighborhood, you might be able to check off one task from your list without doing anything. Do not forget that time is money. If you already have too much on your plate, paying $99 annually for unlimited grocery deliveries could save your life.

You can register to become an Instacart shopper and deliver goods to your neighbors if you'd prefer to be on the receiving end of this unusual shopping app. This could be a fantastic method to earn extra money if you don't like grocery shopping, have your car for doing deliveries, and have spare time. Delivering groceries for Instacart normally pays $10 to $15 per hour.

Stores on Instacart: Because it's location-specific, it's difficult to say exactly which stores you'll find there. Instacart is likely accessible if your neighborhood has Sam's Club, Aldi, Tops, Costco, or other well-known grocery stores.

Where to Sign Up: To receive $10 off your first order delivered to your door, sign up for Instacart here. You will be glad to cross one more item off your to-do list during your hectic weeks.

If you enjoy using Instacart, you may refer friends and receive an additional $10 in grocery money. Your buddy can also save an additional $10 on their first $35 minimum purchase when they use your referral link.

Amazon Fresh

A subscription-based grocery shopping app called Amazon Fresh offers fantastic discounts on fresh meat and produce that is delivered right to your door. You complete all of your shopping on your phone, and you quickly receive the food of the highest caliber.

How It Works: It's no surprise that Amazon entered the online grocery shopping sector given its reputation as a reliable shopping app for all kinds of goods. It's still only available in a few places. However, if you have the choice to register, it's worthwhile to do so.

With Amazon Fresh, you may order a variety of fresh items and eliminate numerous journeys to the grocery store. Visit the website and register right away. From there, you can browse fresh produce, packaged goods, deli meats and cheeses, fruits, and much more.

Save yourself the hassle of going grocery shopping. Instead, arrange to have your purchases delivered to your door while they're still fresh and prepared for consumption.

Where to Sign Up: To obtain a 30-day free trial of Amazon Fresh, sign up here (available to Amazon Prime members only). You can at least benefit from 30 days of convenient grocery shopping free of charge. If you don't like it, you may cancel your subscription whenever you want without having to pay a price.

Top Apps for Finding Unique Deals

If you're anything like me, you'll be looking for the top home shopping applications that provide additional discounts, safe transactions, and an intuitive user experience. If so, you should try out the following group of shopping applications.


Raise is a fantastic marketplace where you can find cheap gift cards for every store you can think of. Before making an online or in-store purchase, it's the ideal spot to look for discounted gift cards.

How It Works: Simply download the Raise shopping app and look for cheap gift cards when you buy if you're prepared to include Raise into your regular shopping routines to genuinely save you money (rather than costing you extra for something you don't need).

You can check the market value of a gift card to determine whether it will help you save money on the purchase you're about to make whether you're shopping in person or online. Gift cards sent by mail can take up to two weeks to arrive, but digital delivery is frequently fast. To save money each time you buy, purchase your discounted gift card and use it at the register.

Even better, you can combine Rakuten's cash back rewards with Raise's reduced gift card purchases. You just need to access Rakuten, click on any referring links to Raise, and buy your gift card that way.

Then, turn around and use the gift card you got on Raise to make your last purchase at the store. Although it may be unclear at first, once you've used Raise to save your first few dollars and used Rakuten to earn cash back, you won't want to buy anything for full price again!

Stores on Raise: Save big on gift cards to your favorite shops like Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, Nike, Outback Steakhouse, Red Robin, IHOP, DSW, and Regal Cinemas.

Where to Sign Up: Sign up here to receive $5 off a gift card that is already on sale. Searching the Raise Marketplace for discounted gift cards is free. Additionally, if you use it frequently, you could save hundreds of dollars.

Refer a Friend Bonus: By recommending Raise to your friends and online acquaintances, you can receive some additional credit toward gift cards that are already reduced.

Give your friends a $5 credit toward their initial purchase by sending them your link via email, text, or social media. You are paid a cool $5 for each buddy that accepts your offer in exchange. Both of you stand to gain from this circumstance!


Although Groupon is not your normal location to shop for a specific item, you can get the finest bargains there if you want to try something new in your neighborhood.

How It Works: By providing you with the finest local bargains at the lowest prices, Groupon keeps your life interesting (and affordable). Check out Groupon's list of deals if you're planning a family vacation or just want to liven up your Friday night. It's a little challenging to categorize Groupon because there is so much variation there!

I've gotten deals like 50% off Starbucks gift cards and 50% off Regal Cinemas gift cards just by signing up for Groupon's deals newsletter. The majority of the bargains on Groupon are for events and services, but you never know what you'll find.

Raise, Rakuten, and standard credit card reward points can be combined to effortlessly stack various discounts and cashback chances on Groupon. It's entertaining to calculate the amount of money you can save by utilizing different shopping applications for every online purchase.

Stores on Groupon: Because deals frequently change, it's difficult to predict exactly what businesses you'll discover there. Discounts for amusement parks, movie theatres, escape rooms, hotel stays, all-inclusive trips, and more are some of the frequently offered promotions.

Where to Join: Join Groupon today to start saving up to 70% on fantastic local offers.

Earn $10 in Groupon Bucks for each friend you refer to Groupon with the help of the refer a friend bonus. You get your credit whenever they make their first deal purchase of $10 or more. It's a fantastic way to share the savings and put a little extra money in your pocket!

Apps for Shopping Like Wish

These shopping apps are my go-to places when I need to buy practically anything. To ensure I receive the most value for my money, I use my savings to shop on these online shopping platforms (or the ones mentioned above) once I've researched my cash-back prospects and purchased discounted gift cards.


eBay is a go-to app for both new and used goods of all kinds and is trusted by customers worldwide. I enjoy combining my cashback benefits with the sale of Rakuten and Raise gift cards to purchase items via the eBay mobile app for even lower costs. It's comparable to Wish and the best price-shopping app you'll find (only better).

How It Works: Install the eBay app on your phone and browse a vast selection of things to have them delivered right to your door. On eBay, you can find a wide variety of apparel, books, toys, home appliances, and consumer gadgets.

Use the user-friendly shopping app on eBay to type in the item you require. then contrast vendor ratings and prices in one handy place. The shipping times are often considerably more predictable on eBay, and I frequently find that the costs are similar to those on shopping apps like Wish.

On eBay, purchasing is safe and dependable. Additionally, eBay's Money Back Guarantee shields customers like you and me from fraud in the event of a problem. On the infrequent occasion when I've received a product that wasn't exactly what was listed on eBay, the seller has always provided me with a return shipping label at their expense along with a complete refund.

Shops on eBay: Any store can list products on eBay. However, you'll discover that deals between consumers are rather common. You can save a tonne of money by acquiring a gently used item through eBay when someone no longer needs it.

Where to Sign Up: To get started, download the eBay shopping app (Android | iPhone) onto your smartphone if you don't already have an account there. Just be cautious because eBay shopping can become very seductive!


Amazon is another incredible shopping software that unites a huge number of sellers and brands on one platform for a simple shopping experience for customers.

To begin your search for everything from clothing to electronics, download the Amazon app. Because you can sort and filter results by price on Amazon, it's another excellent app for price comparison shopping. You can tell if an item is brand-new or used and when you should expect it to arrive.

Amazon Prime is a fantastic subscription-based program that entitles you to free, two-day shipping on some purchases. When you need something urgently but are unable to visit the store, Amazon Prime can help.

Stores on Amazon Prime: You can buy practically anything on Amazon, from major brands to independent sellers.

Register for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime here. To determine whether the benefits are something you may use, you can test them out without cost. It's simple to cancel with just a few clicks from within your Amazon Prime account if you don't love it.

The Best App to Use in Your Situation

These shopping applications might save you hundreds of dollars a year if you like to save money on your smartphone.

The most practical method of shopping is through mobile apps. Convenience and cost-effectiveness have finally converged. I sincerely attest to the fact that the aforementioned shopping applications provide both.

There is no law in the book of shopping that prohibits you from utilizing several offers at once. On a single transaction, I try to combine cash back, reduced gift cards, store discounts, credit card rewards, and any other special offers I can discover.

I can easily incorporate a few extra steps into my internet buying regimen. Without ever cutting a coupon, I frequently discover that using money-saving applications helps me recoup the most money from expenses.

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