Best Apps Popular Estate Agent Marketing

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Best Apps Popular Estate Agent Marketing

Best Apps Popular Estate Agent Marketing

Real estate may be a rewarding, intriguing, enjoyable, and lucrative industry, but it may be challenging to compete with, particularly for new agents. Work hard to establish yourself as one of the best in the business if you want to become a successful realtor.

Working hard, nevertheless, is not the only requirement for success in this field. To facilitate your work and establish a connection with your clients, you must employ the appropriate tools. Sadly, there are so many of them that it can be challenging to pick the best one.

We've compiled a list of the top marketing apps in this post that every realtor should think about utilizing to increase their chances of succeeding in the real estate industry.

Wise Pelican

A web tool called Wise Pelican offers postcard services to agents. Agents can use it to email real estate postcards to their intended clients. The two main benefits of Wise Pelican are its simple postcard templates, which you can customize and distribute in under 30 minutes.

Additionally, it provides a detailed real estate postcard mailing service that enables agents to focus on nearby residences. Although there is no monthly fee for Wise Pelican, agents are charged 70 for each postcard they send. Printing, postage, and mailing are included in the price.

RPR Mobile

Real estate agents can conduct research on potential properties using RPR Mobile. Additionally, it enables users to generate and distribute custom reports and view market data anywhere, anytime. To view the listed properties in your area, set your location.
Additionally, you can learn more about their mortgages, nearby schools, geography, and other topics. Using the app enables actual realtors to get all the data required to confidently respond to their clients.
It can be found on the iOS and Google Play stores. The one drawback is that practically every time a user exits the program and returns, they are required to check in.


Real estate agents can record and transmit videos using the real estate marketing tool BombBomb to anyone with a smartphone or computer. No special cameras are required to participate in the program.

Additionally, sending videos with BombBomb is quite simple. The ability to send a video is not a requirement for using BombBomb. The customization and integration are excellent, and using it is really simple.

However, some users dislike how the software looks. Nevertheless, it is a top-notch real estate marketing program.


Another program you might want to use is Homesnap. It is quite simple to use. You don't have to worry when using the app about out-of-date listings in your area because they are regularly updated to avoid offering pointless information.

It is simple to share with your consumers and is accessible on both PC and mobile devices. You can invite them by selecting the "me" option on the platform and entering the client's email addresses to acquire the invitation link.

You can easily navigate the MLS listing with the help of the app. Buyers can use it for free, but brokers must fork over $49 each month. Due to its substantial size, it is worthwhile to pay for consumers. The platform's only drawback, in the opinion of some users, is the length of time it takes to authenticate emails during registration.

Zillow Premier Agent

Each month, the Zillow website has over 227 million unique users who browse homes and look for real estate agents. Real estate brokers are able to purchase display ads across the Zillow network with Zillow Premier Agent. Customers in the chosen ZIP codes will see your adverts.

Zillow Premier Agents are the top option when site visitors have inquiries about a property or want to arrange a showing. The program elevates Premier Agents to the top of their agent listing and displays significant Zillow Premier Agent adverts next to properties for sale.

You can probably get excellent deals with it, and it is simple to use. Although it is a premium platform, it is well worth the money.


Two distinct real estate market solutions are offered by BrokerAssist. The first is to instantly connect agents' outgoing referrals and inform them of potential inbound referral sources nearby.

Second, brokers can participate in the gig economy market, which enables them to team up with real estate agents to complete deal-specific tasks with the aid of freelancers. BrokerAssit makes it simple for agents to get in touch with potential clients and is very user-friendly.


Dotloop is an online workplace that gathers all of the necessary components for concluding a real estate transaction in one place. Dotloop enables the buyer and the agent to edit, complete, and distribute documents without printing, faxing, or emailing them.

It provides the user with the ability to complete important documents while on the go and offers secure document storage. To be able to store documents through their cloud services, you must first register with them.


You can reach customers where they are with Buffer. People typically spend up to three hours a day on social media, and Buffer enables a representative to reach clients where they are. It assists with campaign creation and posts scheduling so you can concentrate on other tasks.

Using Buffer makes it simple for the agents to respond to comments more quickly. The app was introduced in 2010, and each year it becomes better. After a 14-day free trial, one can choose their chosen premium plan for as little as $15 per month.


The real estate industry has become more modern as a result of the increasing use of electronic signatures. DocuSign is one of the best programs for digitally signing documents online.

With the help of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Real Estate, you will be able to give your clients and staff the modern digital experience they deserve by getting rid of the previous paper-based procedures. Any agent, whether working with industrial or residential properties, can use DocuSign.


Calendly makes it easier for companies to schedule meetings and appointments with their clients. You may easily specify your preferences for availability with this software, and you can send a unique invitation link to schedule a meeting or appointment.

Give your guests the choice to RSVP at a time and date that's convenient for them. Additionally, you can select a meeting length of 60, 30, or 15 minutes when creating your event. This makes it simple for them to organize their time and utilize it effectively.

Meetings through Zoom can also be planned. One of the most secure real estate marketing applications accessible is Calendly, which is encrypted.


You must be aggressive, astute, diligent, and employ the proper tools if you want to succeed in the real estate industry. You may utilize a variety of marketing apps out in the field. Wise Pelican, RPR Mobile, BombBomb, Homesnap, Zillow Premier Agent, BrokerAssist, Dotloop, Buffer, DocuSign, and Calendly are among the top ten apps we recommend. Every app is different, and we've talked about this in the article.


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