Best Bed Riser to Increase Storage Space in Your Bedroom

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Best Bed Riser to Increase Storage Space in Your Bedroom

Best Bed Raiser to Increase Storage Space in Your Bedroom

The Best Bed Raiser to Increase Storage Space in Your Bedroom.

The back-to-school season has arrived, so it's time to stock up on dorm accessories! The majority of college-issued bed frames aren't tall enough to accommodate an undergrad's pile of belongings underneath, so you absolutely must buy bed risers (that you'll use for school life and beyond).

They aren't simply the best for students, though. Bed risers are platforms, typically made of sturdy plastic or wood, that not only offer an extra lift to bed frames but also raise an abnormally low couch or desk. This is especially useful for older users who may occasionally have problems getting up from the furniture Bed.

With the correct set of bed risers, you can simply increase the amount of storage in your apartment or other tiny space and raise your bed. The best part is that they are a fairly reasonable investment; read our guide to find out more Beds.


BEST OVERALL Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers Utopia Bedding


Key specs

Height Range: 3-8 inches
Available colors: 3

You are no longer limited to a single bed height for the duration of your academic experience. With three various heights available from this plastic bed riser kit, you may raise your frame by 3, 5, or 8 inches. You can change if you decide to reduce the amount of goods you own. So that you may more easily match them to your bed frame, it also comes in brown, black, and white.

These top-rated risers have over 20,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, which is not surprising given that they are adjustable, inexpensive, and have a variety of colour options to match the decor of the room.

"These were fantastic! They are solid and sturdy, according to one reviewer. "Most furniture is too short for me because I'm tall. It's much simpler to sit down and stand up now that I've added these to my couch and love seat.

BEST POWERED RISERS Bed Risers with Power Outlet and USB Ports HOLDN’ STORAGE


Key specs

Height: 7.25 inches
Available colors: 1

In a constrained environment like a dorm room, 2-in-1 goods and under-bed storage become indispensable. Although there is just one height and colour option for these black bed risers, the package includes a single plug-in riser that enables you to charge up to four of your gadgets within arm's reach.

BEST BUDGET OPTION Black Bed Risers Home-it


Height: 6 inches
• Available colors: 1

This basic set of sturdy plastic and polymer bed lifts may not be fancy, but they do the job. They add 6 inches to a frame and have a top with a 1-inch sunken crater that helps keep casters from rolling off the edge.

Additionally, they are made to be conveniently stacked and stored when not in use, which makes them simpler to pack.



essential characteristics

2.6 inches tall
Various colors: 2
Many risers may not be designed to properly fit and cradle the wheels on the legs of the bed frame or piece of furniture you're working with, which can be extremely dangerous. A deep V groove on our BTSD-home lifts keeps the wheels from rolling or slipping, giving a steady and secure slumber.

Additionally, these risers can be stacked to add 4.6 inches to the overall height.

MOST STYLISH Gold Hanscom Bed Riser Mercer41


essential characteristics

Dimensions: 3.5 inches
Various colors: 1
The majority of the risers in this list are intended to be discrete, the kind of boring squares that blend into the background and draw no attention to themselves. However, you can like some risers that have a little of style bed frame.

These will work whether you want to add a little shimmer to the base of your barstools or brighten up the bottom of your bed frame. One Wayfair customer said, "These were a total lifesaver for me as I have lower nightstands with a bed that's a little high." "Works excellent and looks wonderful!"

BEST BLOCK RISERS Heavy Duty Stackable Bed RisersBTSD-home


Height: 3 inches; color options: 4

These four 3-inch-high, block-shaped risers are sold in sets of four, but they may be clicked together to increase the height by two inches. If you want the option to raise and lower your bed over time, you might want to think about purchasing two of these sets.

The exterior of these bed risers, which come in four different colors, is composed of sturdy plastic, and the top and bottom are padded with a rubbery material to prevent sliding or scratching the queen bed.

BEST SMALL-HEIGHT RISERS2-Inch Bed Risers Utopia Bedding


Range of heights: 2-4 inches
• Three hues are offered.

These eight plastic bed risers, another stackable set, are excellent if you don't need a lot of additional raises that would make it difficult to get into bed.

These can raise a low bed frame by 2 inches on their own or 4 inches when used in tandem. To avoid moving, they have a nonslip coating on top and rubber padding on the bottom of the bed.

BEST SCRATCH-FREE RISERS Rubber-Coated Bed Risers iPrimio


• 4 inches in height
• Two hues are accessible.

These bed risers are constructed of plastic, like many of the other choices on our list, but for increased durability and to keep them from scratching your floors, they have a rubber-coated plate and base dog's bed.

This set of bed risers gives your bed frame a small lift of 3 inches, giving dorm residents a little extra room for their laundry and any under bed organizing bed bath & beyond.

BEST WOODEN RISERS Wooden Bed Lifts Honey-Can-Do


Height: 3 inches; color options: 2

This bed riser set gives your decor a lot more polished and coherent appearance if your bed frame is made of wood. It is available in mahogany or walnut tones dog beds bed.

While purchasing a single set will raise the bed by 3 inches, purchasing a second set that matches it will allow you to lock the beds together. The risers have a circular depression in the centre that may accommodate frames of various sizes, with or without casters.



Range of heights: 1-2 inches
Only One color is accessible for bed sizes.

To allow your robot vacuum to clean below your sofa, you may need to raise it. This eight-piece set of risers is an unexpectedly appealing option for bed baths & beyond.

These circular, solid wood risers, a more sculptural take on conventional furniture risers, only add 1 inch to each riser's height (or 2 inches when doubled), but they may be piled up to four high in a variety of arrangements. To achieve the full, artistic impact, you might need to buy an additional set bed platform bed.

One 5-star reviewer explains why she gave the riser five stars: "Our sofa has one busted leg, and this riser is height-adjustable, so I added a few of the smaller additional discs supplied in the package to obtain the proper level of raise." My sofa is made entirely of teakwood and is quite a comfortable murphy bed.


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