Best Companies of 2023 Home Warranty American

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Best Companies of 2023 Home Warranty American

Best Companies of 2023 Home Warranty All the home's systems and appliance repairs can be among the least enjoyable aspects of homeownership. When it comes to paying for those repairs or even replacing broken goods, working with a home warranty provider might bring some relief.

The Best House Warranty Companies of 2023 are discussed here, along with information on what a home warranty does and doesn't cover and how to select the provider that best meets your needs.

Compare the Top 2023 Home Warranty Providers

Liberty Home Guard

Designs that are accessible: Appliance Guard Systems Guard
Complete Home Defense
Three alternative options are available from our No. 1 Best Home Warranty Company of 2023: a systems-only plan, an appliance-only plan, and a plan that covers both. You can buy these plans as-is or make them more unique by adding extra safety from home protection insurance.

Liberty Home Guard, unlike the majority of other home warranty providers, does not impose an upper age limit on approved appliances and does not demand a maintenance history or house inspection in order to be protected. With Liberty Home Guard, you can pick the contractor of your choice as well. Also, all services come with a 60-day workmanship warranty.

Choice Home Warranty

Plans accessible: Basic
The Basic Plan and Complete Plan are the two available plan options from Total Choice Home Warranty that provide coverage at a reasonable price. Appliances and home systems are covered by both of Choice's home warranties. Simply put, the Complete Plan provides a bit extra, such as coverage for your refrigerator, washer, and dryer.

Choice has longer than normal service guarantees: 60 days for parts and 90 days for labor. This is one way it stands out in our evaluation. It is accessible in 48 states as well as Washington, D.C., and has a lower-than-average service call price.

Landmark Home Warranty

Planning options:
Plan for home systems
Complete Security Plan
Landmark offers two coverage plans: Home Systems Plan and Complete Plan, but only in six western states. Both include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in addition to pest and termite management services.

Customers may put on expensive items like washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators as well as pools, hot tubs, roofs, and even guest homes, even with Landmark's most affordable plan.

Both plans do not, however, provide coverage for water damage, while your homeowner's insurance policy might be able to offer you some financial assistance. Learn more about this in our article comparing home warranties vs. insurance.

American Home Shield

Plans obtainable: shield Silver\sShield Gold\sShield Your monthly rate will depend on the three different home warranties and three different service charge choices offered by Platinum American Home Shield. The business also provides coverage for electronics, well and septic pumps, septic and pool spa systems, and roof leaks. A typical warranty plan might also include guest houses that are smaller than 750 square feet.

HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems are covered under the ShieldSilver plan. The ShieldGold plan also includes coverage for your home's systems and appliances. Hence, if you want coverage for things like your refrigerator, garbage disposal, dishwasher, oven, and washer and dryer, this more expensive plan might be helpful. ShieldPlatinum's coverage is identical to ShieldGold's, but it also adds flat roof leak repairs for underlayment, flashing, and flat roof leaks.

Select Home Warranty

Plans accessible: Bronze Care Plan
Silver Care Plan
Silver Care Plan
Starting at $52.50, Choice Home Warranty offers three plans that are priced similarly to many others in our review. It offers policies for systems-only (Gold), appliances-only (Bronze), and a mix of both (Platinum). The majority of the home warranty providers in our ranking charge a service fee between $75 and $100. Unlike many other providers, Choose includes roof leak coverage with each of the three plans.

Choose, a product available in all 50 states, that does not demand a home inspection or place any age restrictions on the insured appliances or residence. When customers pay annually, they receive a sizable discount on the premium, and Select also provides a 90-day workmanship warranty.

AFC Home Club

Planning options:
Systems Design
Gold Plan
Silver Plan
Plan Platinum
AFC Home Club offers four flexible payment and price options. There are two combination plans, a systems-only plan, and an appliances-only (Silver) plan available. You can choose a larger service fee with a range of $75 to $125 to lower your monthly payment. By selecting a three-year contract, you can save even more money.

The flexibility to select your own service specialist, which is uncommon with most home warranty organizations, is one element that distinguishes the business. Additionally, AFC offers a labor and parts warranty that is valid for the whole term of the plan. The business is accessible in all states and provides a few optional coverages.

First American Home Warranty

Plans accessible: Basic Plan
Priority Plan
Both the Basic and Premier plans from First American Home Warranty offer reasonable appliance-only coverage starting at just $36.67 per month. Although its $85 service price is less than that of some of the other businesses on our list, its $3,500 per appliance repair cap is more than average.

The organization is accessible in 35 states, and its 48-hour response time is typical for the sector. For pools and spas, sump pumps, and pre-season HVAC tune-ups, additional coverage is offered.

Cinch Home Services

Available Plans: Appliances Integrated Systems Whole House
Cinch Home Services has one of the longest labor guarantees of any business in our ranking, at 180 days. The only business that has a chance to defeat it is AFC Home Club.

Cinch offers three different plans: Whole House, Appliances, and Built-in Systems. One of the few businesses in our rating that covers pre-existing conditions as long as the problem wasn't known beforehand. If a problem wasn't found during the home inspection, this information can be useful for new homeowners.

Old Republic Home Protection

Available Plans: There are five distinct Standard Ultimate Platinum Old Republic plans, all of which provide coverage for home systems and appliances. It is also one of the few businesses in our review that let you pick your own contractors rather than having the warranty company do it for you. This gives you the choice to utilize one of the company's technicians if you don't already have any trusted techs, which might be a terrific option if you do.

The only business in our ranking that doesn't make monthly payments is the Old Republic.

ServicePlus Home Warranty

Planning options:
There are two programs available through Platinum ServicePlus, formerly known as Complete Home Protection: Gold and Platinum. These insurance policies cover a range of equipment and home systems. It has a 90-day parts warranty and a 30-day labor warranty. One of the most affordable service call fees in our rating is a flat $75.

The two states where ServicePlus is not offered are California and Nevada.

Home Warranty of America

Every state and Washington, D.C. offer the Premier Plus Home Warranty of America plan. Customers can pick between its Premier and Premier Plus plans, which each have two options. Both offer protection for a variety of appliances and systems. Its Premium plan, which may be unique in our evaluation, covers fire and burglar alarm systems.

In our rating, we also offer the option to add coverage for SEER/R-410A changes to your HVAC system.

Do Home Warranties Pay Off?

A home warranty can assist homeowners in paying for pricey system and appliance repairs or replacements. Assuring that all systems and appliances included in the transaction won't require costly emergency repair can also give buyers and sellers peace of mind.

Companies that offer home warranties might send out technicians to look into your damaged goods. These contractors could be required by businesses to submit background checks and have contractor or business licenses. This can save you time and frustration if you don't already have a group of contractors you can rely on.

Home warranties do have some restrictions, particularly in terms of their contractual exclusions. Your policy might, for instance, cover built-in microwaves but not countertop ones.

When combined with a homeowners insurance policy, a house warranty can be helpful, but the value of one will ultimately depend on your own circumstances.

Read our article, Are House Warranties Worth It? for more details.

How to Choose a Home Warranty Provider

To select the ideal provider of house warranties for you:

Choose the coverage you desire. To calculate your coverage requirements, you must go through your house and examine your systems and appliances. You might choose a home warranty that solely covers systems if your house is older but has new kitchen appliances.
Evaluate the business plans. Visit the websites of the various businesses to see which ones have plans that are most similar to what you desire.

Examine the possibilities available to the organization. Once you locate a plan that largely satisfies your needs, consider the choices that various providers offer. Most will provide a variety of coverage choices you may choose from to expand your plan's coverage of anything from a second refrigerator to a pool to a guest house.

Seek out a contract or terms sample. An example contract will typically be available on a company website. Go over this to see if any of the exclusions might be a deal-breaker for you. Moreover, check to determine if it is simple to understand.
Call the business. If you have any inquiries regarding the sample contractor or coverage, you should get in touch with the business. A lot of employers might also demand that you apply directly with them.

Some factors to think about include response times, craftsmanship guarantees, coverage caps, and customer service. Is it simple to get in touch with customer support if you have queries about your contract, a repair, or for any other reason?
You need to be wary of coverage caps, according to the District of Columbia Office of the Attorney General. The warranty has a $1,600 cap, therefore the example given is if you have a boiler that would cost $12,000 to replace.

In our ranking, the majority of home warranty providers offer a workmanship warranty for services rendered by one of their specialists. They span between 30 days and the duration of the contract for businesses in our rating. Examine the company's response time as well. Most businesses let you submit a claim any time of day or night, however, they may have a different turnaround time if you submit it during work hours or if it is deemed an emergency.


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