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WordPress LMS plugin that is best free

WordPress LMS plugin that is best free

Do you manage a website for a university? The finest free WordPress LMS plugin is thus required to assist you in managing the features of such a website. There are numerous learning management system-specific plugins available for WordPress (LMS). With such a plugin, you can manage subscriptions, grade courses, manage payments for fees, and develop and manage online courses, among other things.

The drawback of having several plugin alternatives is the possibility of selecting a subpar plugin. We've put up a list of the top five WordPress LMS plugins to save you the time you'd spend looking for the best LMS plugin. To make it even simpler for you to choose the ideal one, we went above and beyond and compared them. This part contains the costs of the plugins and their advantages and disadvantages. Allow us to walk you through the top five free and paid LMS plugin options.

What qualities should a WordPress LMS plugin have?

A decent LMS plugin should provide a better user interface and course creation experience. By pressing publish after uploading various items like videos, PDFs, links, and other files, you can build classes.
LMS has drag-and-drop functionality for editing course modules.
Enrollment, homework, and student progress may all be tracked with greater ease using a better course administration system.
To display scheduling content to a registered student, support content dipping.
Students' positions are analyzed and their learning outcomes are evaluated via a robust quiz system.
Live video conferencing with Zoom and Google Classroom will be supported via an intelligent LMS plugin.
Support for bbPress and BuddyPress when creating forums.
LMS system support for mobile apps.

With multilingual support, students can take their courses in their native tongues.
A top-notch LMS plugin will provide email and smartphone notifications for any class announcements.
The LMS will provide certification and badge services following the completion of each course.
To manage course payments and membership, a strong shop and payment integration are required.
Allow student discounts, course coupons, and affiliate offerings.
The greatest LMS plugin needs top-notch support to address any issues as soon as they arise.
In terms of popularity and functionality, we choose each plugin. Use the top free WordPress LMS plugins listed below to create an online tutoring website.

Tutor LMS

Another excellent free WordPress LMS plugin that makes managing your online school easier is The Tutor. It satisfies every requirement for a fully functional online market for courses and has an engaging UI.

You can purchase premium add-ons of excellent quality with this plugin. Similar to LearnPress, Tutor is extremely lightweight but offers add-ons to enable sending mail notifications, issuing certificates, and many other features. Additionally, this plugin offers shopping carts to make the sale of courses easier. Finally, you can edit this plugin using a drag-and-drop interface if your theme is compatible with Gutenberg.

A fantastic, straightforward course builder allows you to construct an endless number of courses and lessons. The front-end student dashboard for The Tutor is exquisitely designed. This plugin supports embedding videos from several sources, including YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted, so you may even deliver video courses.

The creation and management of teacher profiles and panels are simple. You may organize lessons simply and include course requirements and instructions for your users. With timings and attempt trackers, you can also design difficult and entertaining quizzes.

The Tutor also provides a variety of withdrawal choices. PayPal, ECHECK, and bank transfers are all supported. You can distribute revenue and commissions to your users using the plugin. With a ready purchasing history, tracking course sales is simple.

The plugin provides a wide range of design choices so you may customize your website. There is also a course widget accessible. You can add additional tutors using the teacher registration form provided by The Tutor. A system for ranking and reviewing courses is also in place to determine how well-liked they are. To make them simpler to handle, all monetization options are consolidated.

Tutor LMS core feature:

  • Personalized dashboard for students, instructors, and admin.
  • Easy front-end course creation.
  • Supports drag & drop certificate design feature.
  • Content drip and restriction feature.
  • Supports multiple content sharing and live sharing media like Zoom, YouTube meets, etc.
  • Integrate payment with WooCommerce and Paid Membership Pro.
  • Report and analytics for courses.

Price Information
You can purchase premium add-ons for Tutor LMS's free edition. However, the cost of the Tutor LMS premium edition with the same length of support and upgrades starts at $149 per year. The starting price for lifetime plans is $399.

The accessible version of Tutor might not be the ideal choice if you anticipate using too many features that would be typical of a large institution. You can get more add-ons and features with the premium version. But there are still benefits in the free version as well. You will adore it if it meets your needs.

Download / More Info


LearnPress is a powerful WordPress LMS plugin that is free to use and builds the best online learning management systems for creating, managing, and selling courses. It also provides a tonne of free addons that greatly increase the power of its base system. Additionally, this plugin has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to create lesson plans and quizzes for courses. Despite the lack of an installation wizard, the setup procedure is simple and doesn't require any programming experience.

With LearnPress, you can accept payments using payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, and WooCommerce. There are both free and paid add-ons for this plugin. It works flawlessly with all connectors on your LMS site, including bbPress and WordPress membership plugins.

If you don't have a website and don't want to go through the hassle of building one, you could choose an equally profitable option. Take the top-notch WordPress LMS theme Eikra, for instance, whose creators based it on LearnPress. You don't have to do as much setup effort. Additionally, it assists you in avoiding plugin and theme compatibility issues.

LearnPress’s Best Features are:

  • Create courses with any theme and support multi-site.
  • It has mobile app support to convert your website into a mobile application.
  • Student Wishlist feature for adding favorite classes.
  • Offer Prerequisite courses to students.
  • Supports Content dripping.
  • Supports PayPal by default. 
  • Many add-ons support free and pro versions.

The cost of LearnPress is nothing.

Even if you can get free add-ons, you could still need to buy some if you need them. Additionally, the plugin provides free assistance.

The setup procedure may be a little challenging for beginners, however, the free assistance will assist you if you run into issues. LearnPress is accessible without cost. To get the most out of it, though, purchasing the premium additions would be beneficial.

Download / More Info


One of the most popular LMS plugins, LearnDash, has excellent ratings. Compared to LearnPress, this plugin's setup is easier to handle and comes with a setup tutorial. Its characteristics will be very enticing to institutions of all levels as well as professional trainers, developers, and designers.

You get access to all of the e-learning industry's trends thanks to this plugin. Among many other features, you may develop and sell courses, distribute quizzes, manage users, give grades and certificates, and download reports. With a drag-and-drop course builder, creating lessons is easy.

You can even program automatic content distribution so that your users receive new content regularly. Setting prices, pricing models, and publishing are simple processes for selling courses. LearnDash has engagement triggers that make it easier to engage with visitors based on their behavior on your website.

LearnDash provides you with powerful administrative tools for managing courses and learners that are simple to use. Even the distinctions between private and free courses are up for grabs. You have the authority to establish user groups and designate group leaders. You can use this plugin to send emails automatically and messages for particular classes or courses. By grading assignments when they are finished and going over submissions, you may manage learner progress as well.

LearnDash will assist you if you want to sell as many courses as you can. Any price strategy is acceptable, including subscriptions, packages, one-time sales, and more. Additionally, this plugin has reminders for automatic renewal. Additionally, LearnDash makes it simple to use WooCommerce and a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and over 300 others.

Learn Dash Key Features:

  • Create courses with text and media support.
  • Offers Scheduled Content drip-fed feature.
  • Automatically play and skip lessons after any lesson got finished.
  • Set prerequisite requirements to complete any task for course completion.
  • Gamification and certification support
  • Course forum feature
  • It comes with Zapier integration
  • Automated mail support

Price Information
A single site license for the Basic Package costs 159 dollars. With the Plus Package, you can license up to 10 sites for $189. The Pro Package, which costs $329 and gives you a license for up to 25 websites, is the last option. All three options include service and updates for a full year.

The most user-friendly interface is available in LearnDash. It also includes a tonne of addons and plugins from other parties to improve its functionality. It is priceless for these reasons and for the variety of functions it offers.

Download / More Info

LifterLMS Plugin

An excellent free LMS plugin for WordPress, The Lifter has a tonne of features and is compatible with a tonne of other plugins and themes. Similar to LearnDash, this plugin's setup is simple.

Lifter accepts both one-time payments and recurring ones. Your users can utilize credit cards to pay for courses with the help of this plugin. You can manage payment plans and establish an unlimited number of price models. PayPal and Stripe are two payment gateways that are supported by this plugin. It may make arrangements to provide particular courses at no cost. To accommodate the locations and preferences of your users, you can alter the nation and currency. You have access to an E-commerce dashboard to have an excellent shopping experience.

With an easy-to-use course builder, you can develop courses rapidly. Lifter offers the ability to create a content drip that releases your content automatically but methodically, similar to LearnDash. Additionally, your users have front-facing access to the top-notch student dashboard.

As you distribute quizzes, the plugin lets you specify time restrictions. Additionally, you can permit students to download lessons while importing and exporting courses. To guarantee that you are providing your audience with quality, you may also take course reviews. This plugin also includes a graphics pack so you may customize your appearance.

Personalized emails and text messages are the best ways to engage your pupils. Additionally, Lifter enables you to present diplomas and achievement badges.

With the help of this plugin, you may integrate your website with a broad variety of applications, including authoring tools for e-learning, CRMs, and payment gateways. The lifter is not only compatible with any excellent theme you may have, but it is also very responsive and mobile-friendly.

Passwords can be used to secure user accounts and courses. You can offer members-only material as you sign up new members.

Lifter’s outstanding features are:

  • Easy course creation with drag & drop feature.
  • It offers WooCommerce integration to sell courses and allows paid membership plan.
  • Payment support with stripe,, and Paypal.
  • Support email marketing platforms.
  • All the features are completely free except for the payment gateway.
  • Offer courses on social media to integrate with the social learning tool.
  • Drip-fed content based on schedule along with quizzes.
  • Private coaching support

Price Information
It costs $99 for a single site license with individual add-ons. The $299 universal package entitles you to a license for up to 5 sites. The infinity bundle, which costs $999 and offers a license for an unlimited number of websites, is the last option.

The setup procedure for this plugin is simple to use. Anyone can use it easily, and the single-site plan is well worth the cost.

Download / More Info

Sensei LMS

Automattic, the company behind and WooCommerce, developed Sensei. As a result, you shouldn't have any issues developing courses, lessons, and quizzes. Additionally, WooCommerce allows you to sell your courses and generate passive money.

Although this plugin is simple to put up, a coding novice may find it difficult. It integrates seamlessly with your theme. The majority of your LMS website's features, including distributing and grading quizzes, can be programmed to operate automatically.

Sensei doesn't have many third-party connectors, in contrast to the majority of other LMS plugins.

Sensei’s essential features include:

  • Comes with a course progress tracker.
  • Support all the WordPress theme
  • Support WooCommerce integration for membership, payment, and course selling support.
  • Setup quizzes and grading features.
  • Content dripping feature.
  • Certification after the course gets finished.

Price Information
Sensei costs $129 for a single site license, which includes a year of unrestricted support and updates.

Sensei has an advantage over most LMS plugins since it was made by the same people that made WooCommerce. It combines perfectly with WooCommerce to create an amazing online store for you. WooCommerce setup, however, is challenging for non-programmers. Additionally, Sensei has far fewer functionality and integrations than the other plugins we provide you.

Download / More Info


Are you seeking an LMS plugin whose features are making it more and more popular? You must then view MasterStudy. It is an easy-to-use plugin that is user-friendly. Your online education may be easily created, personalized, and managed. The plugin may be downloaded for free and works with all WordPress themes. You may attract students from all around the world by using the most modern and SEO-friendly LMS plugin.

You can create excellent lectures using videos, graphs, slides, and anything else you may think of thanks to this user-friendly plugin. All of them are powered by the WYSIWYG editor, which makes creation and management simple. To ensure the quickest loading time, all crucial plugin components were also made using Vue.js.

Additionally, the plugin can use shortcodes to access the pre-instructional modules. It enables you to include various plugin blocks in any theme. To add shortcodes to any page, use the WordPress default editor. The LMS shortcodes can also be used with the WPBakery Page Builder, Elementor Widgets, and Classic Editor. You'll discover new possibilities, improve user experience, alter the look and feel of your website, and value the simplicity of usage.

Additionally, you can use WooCommerce to sell educational and course-related products by managing bundles and offering coupons and discounts. Additionally, you may use PayPal and Stripe to set up payments for recurring subscriptions.

MasterStudy’s Incredible Features are:

  • Offers a pretty cool course environment for students.
  • Prerequisite feature for Course enrollment.
  • Payment options to purchase a subscription with Paypal & Stripe.
  • It comes with quizzes and countdown timer options
  • Dynamic message board for the announcement
  • Zoom and google classroom support
  • Certificate after course completion
  • Group and forum support

Price Information
The free plugin does not include a lot of features. But the Pro version comes with them. A single site license for an individual addition is $54.99. The universal bundle, which grants you a license for up to 5 sites, is available for $99.99. The developer bundle, which costs $199.99 and offers a license for 25 websites, is the last option.

The user interface of this plugin is excellent. The single-site plan is fairly affordable and contains a tonne of features in the free editions.

Download / More Info


Mastery is one of the newest LMS plugins available for WordPress. It is a powerful plugin with many features that makes it simple to use. Forget about coding; this innovative LMS plugin offers a distinctive, straightforward course builder interface that makes it possible for you to construct courses as simply as possible.

You can create classes, sections, lectures, and exams all under one roof. There is no need to waste time classifying courses and classes. Furthermore, it has never been easier to interact with teachers and other students. When taking classes on Masteriyo, you can even post your questions to the sidebar. The inquiries are open to all enrolled students; not just the administration. Additionally, you can look for previous Q&As by searching. The progress bar is located in the page's upper right corner a scrollable bar that students can use to view their course progress.

The plugin provides a simple drag-and-drop course-building interface. because React is used to code the LMS builder. the loading process is quick. Additionally, the plugin is simple to configure. You can therefore totally alter it to meet the aesthetic of your website. Your LMS website can be made with any WordPress theme that you select. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly eLearning website template for creating and promoting online courses. With only one click, you may import these demonstrations. The lessons you create will display beautifully on smartphones and other compact hand-held devices.

One further outstanding feature of Masteriyo is the built-in order system. On the system, there is a shopping cart as well as a checkout form. It is simple to sell courses and take safe payments. You can provide WooCommerce integration, offline pricing, and different payment processors. The plugin also has a top-notch support staff to look after both its paid and free users.

Master's unique features include:

  • Super fast course creation with drag & drop feature.
  • Interactive user interface with React and loads quickly.
  • Create quizzes with true or false and multiple choices.
  • Progress bar feature at the top
  • Sell courses effortlessly with a secure payment option.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce and supports payment with Paypal &Stripe.
  • Front-end question section for students.
  • Includes a theme for ease of LMS site development.
  • Very responsive LMS plugin
  • Incredible support for any Masteriyo user.

Price Information
In addition to the free edition, Masteriyo offers three various paid subscriptions. The annual cost of a single website plan is just $199. A license for five sites is available for $299 per year. The annual fee for the 99 sites license is $499.

This plugin manages smoothly and with ease. A lot of features in the free plan also allow you to build courses without any technological expertise.

Download / More Info

ProProfs LMS

The Easiest LMS WordPress Plugin in the World for Creating Courses and Exams

Create, share, or sell online courses, lessons, and tests with ease on your WordPress website to turn it into an e-learning portal. The ProProfs plugin for WordPress is really simple to set up and use.

High-End Library

On a variety of corporate training themes, the LMS provides a premium library with more than 100 courses and default templates. These resources are ready to use, easily customizable, and created by experts.

Simple Tracking & Assignment of Courses

You may add courses or quizzes and assign them to students immediately from your WordPress dashboard by using the add-on. The best part is that you can use the same dashboard to monitor learning progress and generate insightful insights.

More Info/Preview & Download

LMS by LifterLMS – Online Course, Membership & Learning Management System Plugin for WordPress

LifterLMS is a potent WordPress LMS plugin that makes it simple to build, market, and secure training-based membership websites and engaging online courses. Any properly coded WordPress theme and all widely used WordPress page builders are compatible with LifterLMS (like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, etc.).

LifterLMS aggressively promotes and assists other fantastic plugins like Affiliate WP, Monster Insights, WP Fusion, the most widely used form plugins, GamiPress, Astra Pro, the Course Scheduler, and many others connect with LifterLMS as an active member of the WordPress community. Through Zapier, you can link your WordPress LMS website to over 1,500 more apps. Only 11 WordPress plugins are included in the Zapier app directory, including LifterLMS.

In being an all-in-one solution and integrating with other best-of-breed technologies important to course developers and owners of membership sites, LifterLMS hits a lovely balance.

More Info/Preview & Download

MasterStudy LMS – WordPress Course Plugin

Within the education sector, online education is a rapidly expanding area. Online courses have grown in popularity as a cost-effective alternative for people to develop in life or their various vocations.

If you want to promote your expertise in this way, you'll need a strong channel for reaching out to potential clients.

Making a website is an excellent approach to connecting with these students. The WordPress LMS plugin fills this gap since the majority of normal websites lack the features necessary to support online learning.

WordPress plugins for learning management systems (LMS) let you build and manage online courses similar to those offered by Udemy. However, you must be certain that the LMS plugin you select for your online learning platform is the best one available. In addition to tools and capabilities for managing your online course content, processing subscriptions, administering and grading quizzes, taking fees, and more, these will offer end-to-end services.

A robust online education, course, and learning management system plugin for WordPress is offered for free and is called MasterStudy LMS. It is compatible with WordPress versions 4.6 and up.

More Info/Preview & Download

WP CourseWare (Freemium)

We make it simple for anybody with a WordPress website to simply produce and sell online courses, allowing them to monetize their expertise without having to contribute it to a market or pay a subscription fee.

How is course creation made simple by WP Courseware?

With WP Courseware, all you need is a WordPress website and an idea, regardless of what you want to teach, how you want to teach it, or how much you want to earn from it. With the help of WP Courseware, you'll be dragging and dropping your way quickly to a lucrative, passive income stream from your very own digital course.

More Info/Preview & Download

CLEVO LMS, E-Learning Platform

Welcome to the WordPress version of the CLUEVO learning management system. You may add SCORM e-learning modules, video guides, podcasts, and other media to your WordPress website using our LMS. You can easily control the rights of various individuals and groups because the content may be divided into courses, chapters, and modules.

The LMS is made up of many courses, which are made up of chapters and modules. Your initial action should be to upload a SCORM module. Use the uploader found under the modules tab on the Learning Management website to accomplish this. You can begin developing your learning framework after uploading one (or more!) modules. Chapters and modules should be added to some courses.

More Info/Preview & Download

WP Courses LMS

GRATIS AND SIMPLE TO USE With its easy interface, drag-and-drop tools, video lessons, and other features, LMS WP Courses is a fully functional, free learning management system (LMS) that makes developing courses on your WordPress site easier than ever.

An LMS that has been created to effortlessly work with virtually any theme is WP Courses. It includes a tonne of design options as well, so you can match it to the style of your website.

On every device, courses are aesthetically pleasing and simple to browse.

More Info/Preview & Download

Edwiser Bridge – WordPress Moodle LMS Integration

The best WordPress and Moodle integration plugin, Edwiser Bridge, offers a stable framework for online Moodle course sales.

Are you a Moodle user that wishes to offer their courses using a strong integration with WordPress/WooCommerce?
If so, Edwiser Bridge is the only WordPress plugin that offers a stable and reliable interface between the two platforms, so you've come to the correct spot.

The infrastructure you need is provided by Edwiser Bridge, which enables you to sell your Moodle courses using PayPal as the default payment processor.

Include the following plugins in your WordPress site to expand its capabilities and create a fully automated eCommerce solution to sell your Moodle.

More Info/Preview & Download

Namaste! LMS

Namaste: Online Course and Class Creation Software! PRO\sNamaste! A free learning management system for WordPress is called LMS.

Manage an unlimited number of courses, enroll students, or let them self-enroll.
To encourage enrollment, post the course descriptions on your website.
Namaste! PRO Perfectly Improves Your Current Namaste! Site Powered by LMS.

More Info/Preview & Download

Awesome Support – WordPress HelpDesk & Support Plugin

The most flexible and feature-rich support plugin for WordPress is called Awesome Support. The feature set of a SAAS solution like Zendesk or Helpscout can only be matched by this helpdesk & support ticketing plugin.

And it takes just five minutes for your consumers to use it! Just respond to a few prompts in the setup process after installing and activating the plugin, and your helpdesk will be prepared for customers.

More Info/Preview & Download

Watch the video below for a product tour to view the long number of free and paid features that will be offered on your new helpdesk! You can also use the Live Demo to get a hands-on experience or scroll to the bottom of this page for screen pictures.

Which free LMS plugin for WordPress is the best?

If you are familiar with Moodle, LearnPress is a free all-inclusive WordPress LMS plugin, similar to Moodle for WordPress or WordPress Moodle. You can quickly and easily develop education, online school, and online course websites with this WordPress LMS plugin without any coding experience.

Which WordPress LMS Plugin is the most widely used?

LifterLMS is a free, robust WordPress LMS plugin that makes it simple to build, market, and secure training-based membership websites and engaging online courses. Any properly coded WordPress theme and all widely used WordPress page builders are compatible with LifterLMS.

What is the most user-friendly free LMS WordPress plugin?

A complete, feature-rich, and powerful WordPress LMS plugin called Tutor LMS makes it simple to design and sell courses online. This learning management system's features all pass the requirements for a fully functional online course market. The best and easiest LMS plugin for beginners is Tutor LMS.

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