Best Languages for Back-end Web Development

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Best Languages for Back-end Web Development

Best Languages for Back-end Web Development

Scripting Languages for Back-end Web Development The need for web development specialists is anticipated to grow significantly over the next several years. It's because companies are increasingly aiming to use websites as a tool for online marketing.

which suggests that back-end web development is becoming crucial in creating complicated solutions that adhere to user expectations and company branding requirements.

Look no further than this blog post if you've been wondering which languages will be most in demand in 2022. We'll go over the top languages to learn in this blog article if you want to be successful in back-end web development in 2022.

Overview of Back-End Languages

Back-end programming languages are typically employed in online applications that need to process a lot of data. They manage data manipulation, such as saving and retrieving data, and are frequently used with databases.

Some back-end languages, such as Python and Java, can run independently and are not bound to a particular application. Others are more likely to be included in web applications, such as PHP and Ruby.

No matter what language is being used, all of them rely on the same fundamental procedure: receiving data from a source (such as a database) and writing it to a destination (a web page).

Two categories of back-end languages can be distinguished:

Languages Used on the Server
Programming languages are more similar to server-side languages. As they run on servers rather than browsers and are simpler to scale because they don't require intensive I/O operations, server-side languages have several advantages over client-side languages.

Customer-Facing Languages
Scripting languages are more similar to client-side languages. Client-side languages have the benefits of being quicker, more secure, and simpler for beginners to use.

The following are the top six languages for back-end web development that we have compiled:


One of the most often used programming languages in data science is Python. It is an advanced programming language used to automate processes and address issues.

Python is one of the most potent and effective multipurpose languages used for both data analysis and web development. It is an open-source language that is incredibly simple to pick up, use, and deploy. As it is frequently used to create scalable web pages and applications, it is regarded as one of the best languages to learn for web development.

Key characteristics of Python:

Python's design of its language, which is straightforward, elegant, productive, and strong, is its distinctive selling proposition (USP).
It is the usual bar established for developer experience and has affected a variety of programming languages such as Julia and Go.

It is one of the greatest backend programming languages for web development and integrates superbly with languages like C and C++.
Additionally, it can seamlessly offload the CPU's taxing tasks to C/C++.
Python provides a wealth of frameworks and modules, including SciPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, and NumPy, that are useful for computational science, statistics, and mathematics.

Benefits of Python

multiple platforms and systems are supported
increases the efficiency of programmers and developers
object-oriented programming is what motivates (OOP)
provides a variety of support libraries
enables you to grow even complicated web applications with ease.
focuses on making the code easier to read

Python's drawbacks

Not the best language for use with mobile devices
has a basic, rather undeveloped database
applications for Python

Applications for the Internet of Things (IoT)
computing without servers
creation of enterprise-grade cloud-native applications
software engineering

Python is a top server-side language for web development because of its unique capabilities and advantages.

In the United States, the average salary for Python developers is around US$76,526 per year, with senior experts potentially earning up to US$107,000 annually.

Python has many different uses, such as in engineering, science, web development, and other fields.

Python's ease of learning and vast developer community that is eager to assist is another advantage of this programming language. Additionally, it offers a superb ecosystem with a wide range of Python modules and a well-defined roadmap for new features.

Python is used by developers in back-end web development to automate processes and find solutions. Additionally, it is employed in many other fields, including data sciences and artificial intelligence. Python is excellent for writing system programming and can be automated using frameworks.


One of the most well-liked languages for back-end web development is JavaScript. It is a programming language that is object-oriented and heavily geared toward web development. It is less difficult and easier to learn than other languages. It is therefore perfect for novices.

Mobile and desktop applications are also made with JavaScript. You can make websites and apps that work on all platforms by combining CSS and HTML. It takes little time to learn how to utilize and use JavaScript.


The programming language Java has been used for more than 20 years. It can be utilized for creating websites, apps, AI, and many other things. This object-oriented programming language places a big emphasis on writing readable code.

Beginners and those who want to code for a lengthy period without becoming tired should use it. Java's robust developer community, which is ready to assist you with any problems, is another benefit.

Although it has been available for more than 20 years, Java is still used often for back-end programming. According to certain experts, the demand for Java will dramatically rise in 2022.

For creating scalable back-end solutions that can manage massive volumes of data, Java is a good language. It is a highly structured language, making it ideal for creating software systems and APIs.

Java is a powerful OOP language that can be used to create desktop, web, and Android applications. It is a multi-purpose, platform-independent programming language that has long been a favorite among many different companies.

Its stability has led the majority of businesses to embrace it. You should learn it because it is one of the top languages for web development in 2022.

Significant Java features include:

Java is a multi-paradigm, robust, interpreted, and feature-rich programming language that offers developers excellent productivity and a manageable learning curve.
Java is an essential need for many business applications because of its backward compatibility.
Java has never seen any significant updates or changes, unlike other programming languages like Scala or Python, which is why it is still the language of choice for the majority of businesses.
Java Virtual Machine (JVM), the Java runtime, is one of the top VMs in the IT sector.

Benefits of Java

a plethora of open-source libraries are provided
automated memory allocation and trash collection
adheres to the stack allocation system
provides significant platform independence with the aid of JVM
Due to the usage of a security manager to define class access, it is extremely safe.
supports multithreading and distributed computing
offers a wide range of APIs to carry out several essential functions like networking, XML parsing, utilities, and database connection

Java's drawbacks

The creation of high-quality data structures is hampered by a lack of templates.
The cost of memory management is high.
In comparison to languages like C and C++, Java is slow.
Java use cases:

uses for big data
creating Android applications
Web Development Creating business applications

Java continues to be one of the most disruptive programming languages. JVM created the first "write once, run anywhere" language and aids in OS abstraction. The life cycle of a Java object is also managed by the JVM's garbage collection.

Java is attempting to make itself accessible on the cloud through the GraalVM initiative so that it can be quickly accessed and used to meet the demands of the current market. This programming language continues to lead the pack for utilization in businesses.

Java developers typically earn a base salary of US$79,137 annually, with experienced experts earning an additional US$117,000.

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The object-oriented programming paradigm is the main focus of the computer language C++.

It is a popular programming language that has aided many developers in their transition to the field of computer science. It can be used for a variety of things, including developing apps, artificial intelligence, and back-end web development.

Although learning C++ is difficult, you can start by using online tutorials or reference materials. The programming language that replaces the earlier one is C++.

The good thing about C++ is that you don't have to learn it from scratch because there is a tonne of online tutorials and books available to guide you.


Dynamic web pages are made using the scripting language PHP. It is an object-oriented programming language similar to JavaScript used to build apps and webpages.

The primary distinction between PHP and JavaScript is that the latter is intended to function as a client-side language. It implies that the PHP-generated webpages are never viewed by the client but are instead used by the website.

One of the best languages for developing websites is PHP. The market still has a great need for experts that can deal with PHP, even though it competes with other languages like Python and JavaScript.

Additionally, PHP is a dynamic, all-purpose language used for creating server-side applications. It is kept up by an open-source platform compatible with Mac, UNIX, and Windows operating systems.

Significant PHP characteristics:

PHP is a very effective programming language that is used in the web development industry.
It is extensively used in the web industry to quickly design and deploy apps.
PHP is used in the development of Facebook, one of the most well-known and significant social media platforms.
benefits of PHP:

offers many different frameworks
Simple to use while creating web pages
possesses the Xdebug extension, which offers excellent debugging
provides a vast ecosystem and excellent community support.
supports a variety of automation tools for delivering and testing applications
supports the object-oriented and functional programming paradigms

Drawbacks to PHP

It may take longer to create a web page with PHP alone than with other languages.
Security and error handling capabilities are lacking.
Examples of PHP usage

building systems (CMS)
creation of stand-alone web applications
creation of server-side web applications

The average annual salary for PHP developers in the US is $82,007. However, those with more expertise can make up to $100,000.

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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is now much more in demand than it was a few years ago. It's because an increasing number of companies want to combine the functionality of their websites with that of their mobile applications.

Many developers use the well-liked web application framework Rails. It has a robust community and is simple to learn. It is excellent for developing secure apps since it has strong security features.

Its cutting-edge framework is frequently utilized to build online apps. This framework may be used to construct APIs, apps, and much more.


Our list of the best languages for backend web development in 2022 comes to a close now. The rising demand for web and mobile applications over the past few years has led to significant growth in back-end web development.

The top back-end web development languages should be learned if you want to advance your profession as a back-end web developer.

We hope you now have a clearer idea of where to start after reading this article, which covered some of the most well-liked back-end programming languages. Good fortune!

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