Best of 2023 Moving Companies American

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Best of 2023 Moving Companies American

Best of 2023 Moving Companies American

Best of 2023 Moving Companies The secret to a good relocation is transferring your belongings from one location to another safely, on time, and without going over budget. Hiring a professional mover who meets your needs the best might be very beneficial. Our list of the top moving companies for 2023 contains examples of their prices, services, and availability.

Our list includes two-in-one movers like PODS, 1-800-PACK-RAT, and College Hunks Moving Trash. Some businesses also offer moving services but also specialize in portable storage or rubbish removal.

Our Best Rated Moving Companies

JK Moving Company

JK Moving: JK Moving is ranked first among the Best Moving Companies of 2023 in our ranking. The business handles interstate, long-distance, and worldwide transfers for homes and businesses. You can use JK Moving for local moves if you reside in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C. JK Moving also provides a wide range of commercial transfers tailored to certain industries, as well as employee relocation and government migrations.

When compared to the other businesses in our evaluations, JK Moving is more expensive, but their selection of services, which includes full-service packing, auto shipment, and international moving, helps to justify the expense.


Bellhop: In our ranking of the Top Moving Companies for 2023, Bellhop Moving comes in at No. 2. Together with commercial, flat, and last-minute relocation, the organization provides local, long-distance, and interstate home moving services.

The entire booking process can be streamlined to one digital channel by using online and telephone porter quotes and scheduling. Other moving services include packing, loading, unloading, assembling some items, and storage.

Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines is tied for third place on our ranking of the Best Moving Companies of 2023. It provides residential, business, military, and governmental relocation and operates in 45 countries. You may estimate the cost of your move on the Allied website using built-in calculators, whether you're moving locally or internationally.

It has numerous locations around North America and oversees a sizable fleet of vehicles and drivers. Automobile transport and full-service relocation are additional services offered by the business, meaning the movers will pack and unpack your possessions for you. By giving your unwanted items to the Salvation Army in collaboration with Allied, you may clear up your home before your move.

North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines: In our ranking of the Best Moving Companies of 2023, North American Van Lines is also ranked third. The business has about 90 years of experience in the field. It improved its monitoring capabilities by adding satellites to monitor client shipments in order to stay competitive. Local, national, and international household and business movements are handled by North American.

Storage, loading and unloading, installation, and cleaning services are further choices. The website provides relocation checklists, calculators, and advice for a smooth transfer.

International Van Lines

International Van Lines (IVL): This company does local and long-distance moves in addition to international moves, despite its specialty. It manages corporate relocations, military and government migrations, and vehicle shipping.

The business provides consumers with a virtual service that enables them to construct a walkthrough of their home and send the information to IVL via their mobile device. After receipt of the information, the business will then offer a quote. Customers have the choice of using IVL's full service, which includes packing, storage, and cleaning if necessary, or packing their own belongings.

American Van Lines

American Van Lines: According to our ranking of the Top Moving Companies of 2023, American Van Lines comes in at No. 6. It provides relocation services locally, nationally, and internationally. Alaska and Hawaii aren't among its served locations, though. Clients have the option of using American's full service or doing their own packaging (DIY).

The business provides special or sensitive item storage options. For instance, it has piano moving experts and licensed antique movers on hand. Veterans with disabilities, senior people, and active duty military personnel frequently receive discounts from Americans. It also has a moving costs webpage with specific deals for particular regions around the US.

College Hunks Hauling Junk

University Boys Moving Junk: University Boys It's convenient to use Hauling Junk, a moving and rubbish removal service if you need to clear out a space or declutter in preparation for a move. Also, they arrange for the recycling and donation of the goods you want to be removed.

Together with moving, this business also provides a number of other services, such as packing, unpacking, storage, furniture arrangement, and hourly labor for a range of jobs. In addition to Alberta and Ontario in Canada, 38 states also offer access to College Hunks. The services of College Hunks are available for local and long-distance home moves, office transfers, and dorm moves.


An all-inclusive moving and storage business is PODS. It provides a variety of storage choices, such as mobile storage units of various sizes that can be delivered to your home or place of business and stored there, transported to a new location, or moved to one of the company's indoor storage facilities.

In addition to providing local and long-distance household moving services, PODS also has a unique solution for navigating big cities. Packing, unpacking, and car transport via a third party are additional services. On the PODS website, there is a moving calculator and checklist. PODS, unlike some other movers, do not provide an app to track your movements.


In addition to long-term storage alternatives, 1-800-PACK-RAT provides consumers with DIY packing and unpacking services. The company will send a portable container for you to pack yourself when you schedule your relocation. Then, whether local, long-distance, or commercial, 1-800-PACK-RAT will transfer your container.

In addition, you can keep your pod at one of its facilities. Military personnel, first responders, health care workers, educators, and the elderly are all eligible for discounts from the business. Nevertheless, the business doesn't currently operate in 18 states and doesn't ship internationally.

Most reliable long-distance movers

Most businesses define a long-distance move as one that is more than 400 miles away, whereas shorter transfers of 50 to 100 miles or less are categorized as local moves. Each organization in our ranking of the Best Moving Companies of 2023 provides long-distance relocation services.

A long-distance move could take place within a single state and not be regarded as an interstate one. Before to schedule, confirm with your moving company how far they can travel and learn the distinctions between local, long-distance, and interstate removals.

Most reliable interstate movers

Moving across state lines is referred to as an interstate move. However, if the new location is close to the old one and is between 50 and 100 miles distant, it might not be considered a long-distance transfer.

To find out which price structure is appropriate for your particular relocation, be sure to ask the moving company. Be sure the firm is authorized to handle the kind of move you require. Moreover, look into the various insurance coverage levels. Every business in our list of the Best Moving Companies of 2023 provides interstate moving services.

What Qualities Should a Moving Company Have?

Read our reviews first if you're looking to find a moving business, then take into account the following:

Seek a business with a minimum of three to four years of experience. There is a greater likelihood that it will complete your move quickly and expertly, giving speed and efficiency in addition to quality.
Reliability. You can examine a moving company's registration history with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in addition to reading reviews (FMCSA).

Price. You don't want a business that will take shortcuts, cause damage to or lose your stuff, so resist the urge to choose the one that gives the lowest pricing. Don't pay more than required for a mover who matches your needs and has a solid reputation because a high price does not always equate to good service. For an accurate comparison, obtain cost estimates from at least three businesses, and make sure you are aware of all the details of the quotes.

Registration and protection. Every mover you choose should have the appropriate insurance and licenses. For instance, all of our Top Moving Companies of 2023 are registered with the FMCSA due to the fact that they move goods across state lines. (To find out if a mover is registered, check the organization's website.)

Insurance and a license. Your chosen mover ought to be appropriately licensed and insured. For instance, all of our Top Moving Companies of 2023 are FMCSA-registered because they move things over state boundaries. (You may look up a mover's registration and insurance status on the agency's website.)

Be sure the company is officially registered with the state government if you're moving within the same state. A business association that works to encourage responsibility and safety is the American Mover and Storage Association.

provided services. Be sure the business provides the services you require. For instance:
Do you need to transport a heavy object, like a piano?
Do you require additional packaging supplies?
Are the company's trucks big enough to accommodate your belongings?
Do you want a mobile app to track your belongings while you move?
Do you need short-term storage?
Does the company have a window for relocating that works with your schedule?

Timing. Never plan a move for a specified time and then be forced to wait. It's crucial to look for a business that will value your time and arrive on time for your appointment.
Before you sign up, discuss these and other issues with a customer support agent.

"Check to see if the company specifies its rates in full, including any additional fees for packing, transporting bulky objects, or other services."

What is the price of a moving company?

According to, the price of a move varies greatly depending on the specific circumstances of each person but generally costs $1,250. According to our data, a long-distance move of around 1,000 miles costs about $5,000, although the overall price varies greatly depending on where you're relocating and how many belongings you have. Our calculations take into account moving a two- or three-bedroom house with furnishings weighing roughly 7,500 pounds.

An approximate amount can be determined using an online moving calculator. It will inquire as to your relocation date, your destination and departure locations, the number of bedrooms in your current residence, and the packing services you'll require. Based on this data, reputable national movers will offer an approximate, non-binding estimate.

Prices for our Top Moving Companies of 2023 are shown in the table below.


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