Best Pool Villas in Sicily

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Best Pool Villas in Sicily

Best Pool Villas in Sicily

Best Pool Villas in Sicily

pools in private villas Although the sea in Sicily is excellent and most Anglo-Saxons can swim in it all year long, having a property with a pool, especially in the height of summer, greatly enhances even a beach vacation. There are no natural dangers like strong currents or jellyfish, so you can chill in peace and quiet while the kids may play safely.

What comes to mind right away when you visualize your ideal villa? We are certain a pool would have been there. Enjoy every bit of the comfort that comes with staying in one of our villas in Sicily with a pool during your vacation.

Picture yourself relaxing by the pool while enjoying a tasty aperitivo while lounging in a comfortable sunbed. Imagine the tranquility of a morning swim or a late-afternoon swim in your own private pool.

Sicily is a dream location for a villa vacation, with beach scenes straight out of a Photoshopped travel agency brochure. Sicily has been allowed to develop its own infectious culture, a wonderful marriage of Italian and North African. 

Fear not, this isn't the crowded Italian Riviera or the Bay of Naples, and Sicily is still largely unexplored by tourists, making it more affordable to pinch yourself a luxury villa here than elsewhere in the nation. The best part is that eye-catching extras like expansive pool terraces and rooftop hot tubs are practically a given.

Our visitors have delighted in every private pool-equipped villa in Sicily that is a part of our collection. In order to create a tranquil and pleasant ambiance, we have selected a variety of fantastic sites across the island that are authentically unspoiled. We can guarantee that your vacation in a villa with a pool in Sicily will be one to remember!

Families can stay in one of our villas in Sicily with pools. Children enjoy playing in the pool, and there is also plenty of room for them to run and play outside on the grounds.

You can pick from a variety of chic lodging options in or near the country's major cities or in the stunning Sicilian countryside. We have selected a variety of homes to provide you with a cozy base from which to explore the island's beaches and its best-kept secrets, knowing that a refreshing dip in the pool is waiting for you when you get back.

Whether you are travelling with your family, a significant other, or friends, pick the Sicily villa with a pool that best suits your needs. Additionally, you might want to check out our villas in Sicily with heated pools if you're planning an early or late-season vacation.

Here, we give you a detailed list of every one of our Sicily villas with pools, along with information on all of their features. View our extensive selection, and if you're still looking for something, try browsing our entire catalog.

And there are undoubtedly few things in life that are as opulent as lounging by a pool, sipping a chilled beverage, and watching the sunset over a breathtaking land or seascape. Our villas include a variety of pools, including infinity pools, plunge pools, pools large enough for an intense workout, and pools with views you'll never forget.

Amazing Sicilian houses with private pools for rent

Villas in Sicily with pools are the ideal lodging for people looking for the enjoyment and excitement that a pool can provide!
During the sweltering summer months, infinity pools, heated pools, and hydromassage pools are all excellent locations to unwind. Villas in Sicily with private pools are popular among those who want to calm down their daily routines and completely appreciate their vacation time.

Our villas in Sicily with private pools can meet your demands whether you like the countryside or the sea.

The ideal solution for your vacation combining comfort and leisure may be a villa in Sicily with a private pool.

View the villas we have available in

Your lodging has a significant impact on your holiday. Even though you might only spend a short amount of time in a vacation apartment or villa, having a spotless space with lots of practical amenities helps you appreciate the trip more.

Look out for these Sicily villas with pools if you're trying to find the greatest locations to stay in Sicily. The villas that are available are probably the best ones on the island.

Utilize the Correct Operator

It's important to use a well-known operator when looking for the top Sicily villas with pools. The quality of the villa will increase with the number of positive reviews it receives.
This is the reason DiCasa in Sicily has become so well known: just the right operator.

Confirm regional expertise

It's critical to feel certain that the firm you are working with is situated on this stunning island and that it employs locals if you want to book the greatest Sicily villa with a pool. They'll be top-notch.

Examine The Qualities

Not every villa must have an attractive pool. You should think about other factors, such as a spa or a barbecue. All you need to do is think about which elements are actually vital to you in order to find the ultimate luxury in the perfect home.

Recognize your ideal location

When renting a villa in Sicily, you should consider which area of the island suits your needs the most. Dicasainsicilia offers homes in a variety of settings, including villas on the outskirts of towns with all the amenities needed, villas overlooking the most exotic beaches, and villas with breathtaking views of Mount Etna.

Make a reservation right away

You should make early reservations and plan ahead if you want to reserve the greatest villa with a pool in Sicily. There is no better method to guarantee that you get the ideal villa with a pool… and the getaway you deserve.

Consult Your Friends

If you’re unsure whether to rent a villa through a particular agency, inquire about their experience, customer service, length of business, and a number of complaints.
You can browse internet forums, and social media, or ask your friends. Never before has it been so simple to check a company’s reputation.

Consider Cost

Without a doubt, the greatest villas in Sicily with pools are also the priciest ones available. However, they are worth every penny since, as you begin to compare prices, you’ll discover that they are also less expensive than you initially thought. After all, once you make a reservation, everything is handled for you, and the villa is equipped with everything you require.

If you’re traveling with others, you’ll see that renting a villa has lower “per person costs” than staying in a hotel.

Do Extras Exist?

Everything you require is provided by the ideal pool-equipped villa in Sicily. Thought should be given to validating this and any unique requirements. You should make sure they are included in the price because they can be considered extras.

Does The Villa Accept Children?

A great Sicily villa with a pool is necessary for the ideal vacation. Making sure the villa has all the amenities you require to enable your children to have fun is part of this. It must, however, be safe enough that you won’t have to worry about the children.

Exist Stairs?

Many people consider kid-friendly features like safe spaces, infant feeding places, etc. However, take a time to think about the group you are traveling with. Stairs can be difficult for seniors. Verify the presence of a stairlift or elevator in the villa and the level of the exterior landscape.
Booking a villa may seem like “a lot to work out.” However, if you ke a reservation through a reliable firm like Dicasainsicilia, all you have to do is tell them what you want, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Best Sicilian villas

Sicily has everything you need for the ultimate Italian villa acation,, including ustic vineyard palaces and villas with private pools framed by volcanoes.

Perla Nera, Catania

Ideal for big gatherings

The east of the island has the greatest vistas, as Sicilians are well aware. This opulent vacation home with a hotel-sized pool was constructed from the same black lava stone as the surrounding active volcano where Mount Etna is located, and it is situated in its shadow.

In fact, it is so luxurious that it includes a changing area, a Hydrojet that produces bubbles that resemble prosecco, and a surrounding garden that is overflowing with stone art.

Remember the villa as well; it is a gorgeous restoration of a home from the 1500s, complete with a huge entrance lobby, a reading room, and enough old-fashioned furnishings to fill the Vatican. On a stick, it's "Sicily luxury".


Cefalu's Villa Arte Mare Blue

best for art enthusiasts
In a luxury home in Sicily, especially one with a typical stone-walled pool area, an olive grove garden, and picture-window sea views, vivid pop art is perhaps the last thing you'd expect. 

The interior of this hilltop hideaway is filled with old artwork and carefully chosen memorabilia, including a life-size Betty Boop model, a pinball machine, a billiard table, and a Spider-Man scaling the walls. Use the outdoor wood-fired oven to host a pizza party or retreat to the Shark House, a separate log house that has been converted into a fifth bedroom.


Noto's Villa Domus

best for families with young children
This stylish, loft-style Sicilian villa near the east coast is outfitted with an outdoor screen the size of a London bus. The Italian Island already feels cinematic due to its illustrious filmography (The Godfather trilogy, Cinema Paradiso, Il Postino). 

The home cuts an outstanding figure with glass walls, a kids' play area, and an infinity pool with views of the Ionian Sea. It is perched above a natural reserve and a steep gorge. The Unesco-listed cities of Ragusa, Noto, and Modica—a historic centre for chocolate artisans—are just moments away for the restless.


Villa Capo D'Orlando, San Gregorio Spiaggia

The most sustainable
Have you always wished your property had a wind farm? With its own turbines and solar system, this energy-efficient property is the perfect fit. Pick your own citrus, peach, pear, and apricot are available in the fruit orchard. 

There is also a chicken coop, which ensures morning-fresh organic eggs. The four-story hideaway is also equipped with a romantic attic suite, a fitness centre with a Turkish bath, and a barbecue area with mesmerising views of the Aeolian Islands. Take a hydrofoil north to Stromboli for an unforgettable day trip; it's only a 30-minute drive from your home.


Sciacca's Rocco Forte Private Villas at Verdura Resort

optimum for golfers
In many of Europe's most picturesque cities (Rome, Florence, St. Petersburg, Edinburgh), English hotelier Rocco Forte planted the flag for exceptional hospitality. However, his most recent endeavor is this collection of villas, which are located on a slope above his expansive Sicilian south coast resort. 

While the views of Verdura Bay enchant, the décor marries Byzantine mosaics with traditional "baglio" farming stylings (wooden beams, flat roofs, outside staircases). Buggies for the resort's two championship golf courses, butler-arranged breakfasts, private pools, e-bikes, and fresh vegetables from the resort garden to prepare your own meal are just a few of the many enticing extras. Does caponata sound tasty?


Infinita, Noto

optimal for design
The design philosophy behind this opulent hilltop perch close to the baroque town of Noto is space, light, and order. 

A delicate sense of tranquility is created by polished concrete and understated artisan furnishings, while the spacious patio and saltwater infinity pool take full use of the picturesque views of the surrounding countryside. This was the idea of a renowned Milanese architect, and one of Dolce & Gabbana's favorite photographers provided the monochrome pictures in the rooms to complement his work. It perfectly embodies Sicilian design.


Acireale's Villa Isabella

For day trips only.
This opulent oceanfront home is located north of Catania, the second-largest city in Sicily. Mount Etna, the island's picture-perfect volcano, backs the villa and explains the lava rock outcrop wedged between the property's private pool and the sea. 

A spacious lounge, dining area, and kitchen are located in each of the five elegant rooms, which are conveniently located near the waterfront. The villa is an unbeatable starting point for boat rides to the magmatic sea stacks at Aci Trezza and Aci Castello in addition to providing trip options to Taormina and the historic capital Syracuse.


Villa Saleiman, Scopello

Ideal for a peaceful getaway
The shore of Trapani isn't the most sought-after in all of Sicily, but after seeing the private pool, wood-decked patio, and azure sea from this simple, planted property, you might reconsider. 

Your main choice will be whether to cook and drink inside, outside, or up on the rooftop terrace. It is made up of light stone, wood, and glass, with spiky cactus and palm palms interspersed. Tempted to go on a few excursions? Guidaloca sandy beach and Lo Zingaro nature reserve are close by.


In Mazara del Vallo, Villa Amina

Best for living the good life
This rural mansion, complete with an orchard and decorative gardens, was built to maximize days spent outside. Pull back the draperies to expose the palm-fringed garden and sunlounger terrace, as well as the magnificent pool with a convenient shower and both an indoor and an outdoor kitchen. 

The interior design adheres to a rustic-chic style, yet with unexpected dramatic swooshes (a hotel lobby-style staircase, marble bathtubs, and gilded furnishings). It is situated near the Agrigento Greek temples and a string of stunning beaches on Sicily's southwest coast.


Cefalu's Villa on the Cliff

best for swimming in the sea
a pool in a villa? With this terraced and tier-built villa perched so closely above the Tyrrhenian Sea, it is hardly necessary when you are so close to it. You come for direct access to the ocean and the wave-watching patio, but you stay for the minimalist décor, sizable balcony, and — best of all — the prime sunset view of Cefalu and its cathedral from the Norman era. If you can look away from the view for just a moment, you can walk to the fine-grained Settefrati beach.


Favignana's Lighthouse

optimum for privacy
This courtyard home on the Egadi Islands, so named because of its two rooftop terraces, white color scheme, and floor-to-ceiling windows on every corner, is perfect for people who prefer to spend their time away from the masses. 

A huge garden and lawn, an olive grove with hammocks strung throughout, a garden bursting with bougainvillea and mulberries, a pool covered by sails, and an outdoor refrigerator with chilled wines on tap are all there. A personal chef is available upon request, or you can spend a little extra money and take some of the owner's hand-pressed olive oil home.-to-color


Best for wellness: Villa Donnalucata Lusso, Donnalucata

The island's wealthy congregate in the opulent villas on the southeast coast. Explore this extravagant luxury property with its own heated indoor pool and wellness room, which includes a Turkish bath and whirlpool, and you'll understand why. 

Only 20 minutes separate you from the equally beautiful baroque towns of Ragusa, Modica, and Noto, but you'll be terribly tempted to remain put because Donnalucata, which is nearby, has a sandy beach, and the villa has a sprawling garden, terrace, sea views, and a lot of dreamy little details.


Mount Etna, Monaci delle Terre Nere

optimum for wine
The wine produced on Mount Etna's lava-rich slopes is the main draw, not the breathtaking views of the smoke-plume-blowing volcano. 

On this sprawling vineyard-covered estate, there are five private houses that have been converted from old granaries and wine presses, as well as a boutique hotel. 

One even has walls in the living area that are covered in an ancient lava flow. Toast Etna at dusk, unwind in your personal garden or go on an adventurous trekking tour to get a close-up look at the volcano.


Taormina and La Preziosa

optimum for water sports
Taormina is the chicest location in Sicily for a luxury villa vacation, but La Preziosa manages to boost the ante: this striking penthouse, with a rooftop hot tub, is close to a traditional sandy beach, perfect for gratifying swimming and snorkeling. 

You can take boat rides out to caves or explore Mazzaro and its environmental areas if you travel a little further south. Although you might spend every day mesmerized by some of Sicily's most stunning views from balcony sun loungers and outdoor dining.


The best place to impress friends is Tenuta della Cava in Noto.

Be ready to be amazed. Tenuta della Cava, one of the most opulent villas on the island, is a venerable country house that has benefited from a very clever renovation. Few villas have a sophisticated sauna and hammam, a nod to the island's Arab influence. 

By pressing a button, the glass walls and ceiling pull back, allowing you to enjoy the inside Jacuzzi plunge pool or the outdoor one. Wow, what a gimmick. In addition, there is a glass-roofed courtyard, a yoga space, a variety of vegetable patches, and a walled garden with another pool.


Pambula and Cefalu

optimum for sea vistas
Stay in this secluded vacation rental with a bird's-eye view of Cefalu's old centre for a chance to experience Sicily as it once was. Those searching for farmhouse shabby chic can anticipate finding well-maintained wooden rafters, squeaky armoires, brass faucets, a country kitchen, as well as a dining area shaded by a pergola and an expansive pool. 

The soul-stirring view of the Cefalu coast is the highlight, especially when the city changes from honey gold to pastel pink. Keep in mind that the villa has low walls and unprotected drops, and the owners do not allow children under the age of 12.


Santa Maria del Focallo and Dimora di Circe

Beach time is best
Despite the fact that it is situated right on the sand and has an outdoor hot tub, Villa Dimora di Circe isn't in Malibu. The sublime covered terrace, the recycled antiques, the outdoor shower, and the beach boardwalk are just a few of this villa's best features, but the real perk is getting a stretch of the beach almost all to yourself. Even better, you can combine sightseeing with plenty of tanning time because it is close enough to Sicily's baroque towns.


Taormina, La Boheme

Sicilian style is best
Sicilian vacation homes aren't all open-concept structures with modern architecture. With hand-selected antiques, ceramics, hand-painted bed frames, and other furnishings, this Taormina villa is an ode to historic Sicilian artistry. At times, you'll feel as though they belong in a museum. There is a private pool surrounded by bougainvillea, and Taormina's magnificent Ancient Greek amphitheater is just a short stroll away for even more antiquity.


San Lorenzo Villa, Timo, and Marzamemi

ideal for sunbathers
This sugar cube-shaped villa, which is just steps from a sandy beach and has a private pool and rooftop hot tub, is all-white, with cerulean waters feverishly lapping just beyond the surrounding stone walls. The Vendicari Nature Reserve, which is close by, has a lot of gorgeous sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, and the rooms are uncluttered and have French doors that open directly to the terrace. You can also easily stroll to San Lorenzo, a serene lidos resort with even more perfectly groomed sand strips.


Scordia Villa, Catania

ideal for special occasions
This expansive luxury villa, which is larger than many boutique hotels and is situated on an organic citrus estate, has its own Orangerie with a living room and dining area, as well as a library, tennis court, Finnish sauna, private pool, and bar. It also has a tennis court. Every upper room has a private balcony, and it's spread out over a maze-like garden, so there is plenty of room for everyone. The dining room can hold up to 60 people if you want to throw a big birthday or wedding celebration.