Best Vim Plugins to Streamline Your Process

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Best Vim Plugins to Streamline Your Process

Best Vim Plugins to Streamline Your Process

Installing these top-rated Vim plugins for Linux will increase your productivity and expand Vim's functionality.

A popular terminal editor for Linux, Vim also functions on Unix, Windows, and macOS, like many other Linux programs.

Vim's high degree of customizability and extensibility via plugins is among its many admirable qualities. Your productivity on Linux will significantly increase after you find the correct plugins for your workflow.

Here are the top 12 Vim plugins for Linux to improve your productivity.


A file exploration plugin called NERDTree enables you to see your project structure right inside the Vim editor. You may also use it to open files for editing and explore through intricate folder hierarchies. NERDTree can be installed manually or using your preferred Vim plugin management.

After installation, NERDTree can be accessed by using the Vim command: NERDTree.

Download: NERDTree


Best Plugins A robust and adaptable code completion plugin is Emmet-vim. It primarily targets HTML and CSS-using, web developers. Emmet offers greater customization and flexibility than conventional code snippets.

For instance, using emmet, you can quickly construct three HTML links by typing li*3 and pressing Ctrl + Y, followed by, (comma), and emmet will generate the code for you. Emmet is also accessible to other code editors, including Atom, VS Code, and others.

Download: Emmet-vim


Best Plugins If you utilize the Git version control system in your workflow, the vim-git gutter is a fantastic tool. By displaying all the changes you have made in your remote repository, this plugin makes it easier for you to keep track of your code. For instance, it draws attention to newly added, changed, or deleted files.

You can also use the vim-signify plugin if you work with other version control programs like Bazaar, Mercurial, Subversion, Darcs, etc.

Additionally, you can stage, preview, and undo code changes in your repository using Git operations. Additional capabilities offered by vim-git gutter include partial chunk staging, optional line highlighting, and more.

Download: vim-gitgutter

commentary. vim

Plugins This fantastic plugin makes it simple to comment and uncomment code in Vim. Even for beginners, commentary. vim is incredibly simple to use and only contains a small number of commands.

The most crucial command is GCC, which removes a single line of code from the code. When you are in visual mode, you can comment out an entire selection by using the command GC.

Download: commentary.vim


Plugins vim-airline displays a gorgeous status bar at the bottom in place of Vim's default one. You can find information such as the file type, file format, current cursor position, and more in the status line's many sections. The distinct colors of the various portions serve as a helpful cue.

You may easily tweak and personalize the functionality, colors, and theme of the plugin. A small, tried-and-true Vim plugin, vim-airline works nicely with other plugins like Fugitive, climb, Flog, etc.

Download: vim-airline


Plugins The fzf (fuzzy finder) plugin is just a wrapper for the general-purpose command-line finder. It comprises a few commands that everyone who uses Vim, regardless of skill level, may quickly become accustomed to.

The plugin is highly compact, lightning-fast, and simple to set up. The official fzf GitHub page has excellent instructions on using the plugin.

Download: fzf


Plugins One of the top Vim plugins for Git integration is Fugitive. The authors of the game thought it was so fantastic that it ought to be against the law, hence the name Fugitive.

Fugitive's syntax is quite similar to Git's, and it functions more like a Git commands wrapper. Simply add the: Git prefix to your commands to execute any Git tasks. Use the Git commit or Git diff commands in Vim, for instance, to compare several commits or branches.

In addition, the plugin has a few special commands for more complex tasks, such as Gedit, which allows you to inspect any commit, tree, or tag in the repository, and delete, which lets you execute the git rm command on the currently open file. You can use GMove, which is akin to the Git command git mv, to move a file.

Download: Fugitive

Asynchronous Lint Engine (ALE)

Plugins The code analysis and linting tool known as the ALE plugin, or Asynchronous Lint Engine, shows warnings and mistakes as you make changes to your code.

With the: ALEFixSuggest command, ALE offers rapid code repairing recommendations in addition to linting. Additionally, it has auto-code completion. Even better, you can use the: ALEHover command to hover over a symbol to view more information about it.

The majority of ALE's documentation can be accessed by using the: help command. For instance, you can type run: help ale-hover to get assistance with the hover feature.

Numerous programming and scripting languages, including C#, Bash, Ansible, Chef, SQL, JavaScript, YAML, TypeScript, C, LaTeX, etc., are supported by ALE.

Download: ALE


Plugins Microsoft created the programming language C#, which could only be used with Windows. In the modern day, Linux, Windows, and macOS all support C#. And it doesn't end there; Vim also allows you to write C# code.

You can easily write C# code in Vim with the help of the OmniSharp-vim plugin. It offers code IntelliSense, code completion, and other capabilities that are required to make writing C# code in Vim as fun as possible. It also supports other fantastic features like a unit test runner, syntax highlighting, code formatting, and code refactoring.

Download: OmniSharp-vim

surround. vim

Plugins The surround. vim plugin, as its name suggests, is all about enclosing a block of text or code with another character, particularly brackets, parentheses, quotes, etc. The plugin employs extremely basic commands to achieve its objective.

Download: surround. vim


Plugins Using the Tab key on your keyboard, Supertab assists you with insertion completion. Even better, you can easily customize it to meet your needs because it is simple to set up.

To receive assistance with the plugin, do the vim command: help superb. The plugin can be installed using any of your preferred plugin managers or Vim's built-in plugin support.

Download: Supertab


Plugins This plugin's primary goal is to speed up your coding by offering snippets that are comparable to those offered by the TextMate text editor. For instance, if you want to write a for loop in a C-based programming language, just type "for" and press the Tab key. This will generate the following code for you:

for (i = 0; i < count; i++) {
    /* code */

Utilizing SnipMate, you can also quickly add your unique custom snippets for your favorite programming language.

Download: SnipMate

Using Plugins to Modify Vim to Your Preferences
Plugins not only expand and provide new features to Vim, but they also significantly increase productivity and workflow. You have access to thousands of Vim plugins, and you can find and install the ones that best suit your workflow for no cost.

If Vim's default user interface doesn't excite you, you can utilize the. vimrc file to further modify the editor's built-in customization options.


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