The best sites for creating Android applications for free and without experience

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The best sites for creating Android applications for free and without experience

Create applications for free

When you create a website or store, you will need your own application, but what if you do not have experience in programming, Android application creation sites are the solution.

In this article, we will answer the questions that many people ask, which are:

What are the best sites for creating Android applications?

How do I make an application when I do not have any experience in the field of programming?

How do I create my own application?

How to design smart phone applications for free?

The best site for making an Android app?

Features of application creation sites

We have collected for you the best sites that enable you to create applications for free, so your role is limited to choosing the interface, icons, sections, and so on only, while the rest is done by the site.

These sites are modified to be an integrated environment for building smart phone applications, whether for Android or iOS devices.

You no longer need a programmer to design your applications for you, but you can also design games through these sites.

As you choose a model similar to the game you want to design, then choose the name, add your own icons, and then modify the stages of the game according to your choice.

In addition to these features, these sites enable you to link your ad mob account to display ads on your application or game.

And download your application to your device after completing its modification or publishing it directly in one of the application upload stores such as playstore , apple store and other famous application stores.

These companies provide this service for free, except for their benefit from the percentage of your profit.

The best sites for creating Android applications

It is a site for creating Android applications, and this site includes a simple user interface so that you will not find it difficult to deal with it.

This site contains many tools that help you, from modifying your application to publishing it on the application stores.

This site is not much different from the first site, as it includes a simple and elegant user interface that makes it easy for you to access all the site tools that help you build your application.

All you have to do is register on the site and start creating your project.

When you register on this site, you will find many ready-made templates for applications, such as cooking, news, maps, and displaying photos.

And also, many game models such as xo game, puzzles and more.

This site is also one of the most powerful applications designers, as it contains an integrated environment for building your application and many ready-made application templates.

Once you register on the site, you will be able to design your application easily.

This site is a platform for creating, hosting and managing applications in an easy and innovative way, as it includes many ready-made templates that you can work on.

The site also enables you to build smart phone applications, whether Android or iPhone alike.

One of the advantages of the site is also that it is available in the Arabic version.

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