Best DNS for 2024 Faster Internet Worldwide

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Best DNS for 2024 Faster Internet Worldwide


In the ever-evolving landscape of the internet, having a reliable and fast Domain Name System (DNS) is crucial for a seamless online experience. Choosing the right DNS server can enhance internet speed, block unwanted websites, and optimize online activities, including gaming and file downloads. This report delves into the best DNS options for 2024, focusing on servers that operate efficiently in the Middle East, particularly in Egypt and the Gulf Arab region.

Understanding DNS Servers

Before we explore the top DNS choices, it's essential to understand the role of DNS servers. These servers translate domain names entered into a web browser into IP addresses, facilitating easy and quick access to websites. By storing information in a distributed database across the internet, DNS servers simplify the process of navigating the web. In essence, they serve as a vital component in connecting to the internet.

The Importance of Choosing the Right DNS

Selecting the right DNS server goes beyond speeding up internet connections. Some servers can bypass content restrictions in specific regions, offering users a more open online experience. Additionally, certain DNS servers prioritize privacy and security, protecting users from malicious websites and potential cyber threats.

Top 7 Free DNS Servers for 2024

1. OpenDNS

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

OpenDNS, now owned by Cisco, stands out as one of the largest and most reliable public DNS services. Established in 2005, OpenDNS provides high-speed connections, automatic blocking of unsafe websites, and optional web filtering for parental control. Users can also benefit from free email support. For advanced features, a yearly subscription of approximately $20 can be considered.

Visit OpenDNS

2. Cloudflare

Primary DNS:

Secondary DNS:

Cloudflare's DNS servers offer impressive performance, emphasizing top-notch privacy and security. Renowned for its high-ranking content delivery network, Cloudflare provides reliable and fast DNS resolution. Users seeking enhanced privacy and security levels will find Cloudflare's DNS servers to be a compelling choice.

Explore Cloudflare

Google Public DNS server

Primary and Secondary DNS Servers: and

In light of the presence of many servers on the scene, Google did not remain silent, but rather put its hand into this matter and created the Google Public DNS server, which is one of the free, simple, and effective servers for Internet service. 

This server works to troubleshoot errors and fix them, in addition to deleting permanent records and site information after two weeks. For experienced users, Google's support site provides some basic instructions and warns them if they are not sure what users are doing and to check the OpenDNS server and replace its name servers with these names and

Norton ConnectSafe Server is the best DNS for blocking websites

Primary and secondary DNS servers: and
Although this server no longer exists and its services are no longer available But this server provided three levels of protection, and setting up the service required choosing from three levels of protection. 

Since this server provides free services without the need to install any software, it can automatically prevent access to fraudulent and phishing sites, as well as malicious software, in addition to filtering sites according to content. 

Optionally, and in accordance with the security policy, this server blocks malicious and fraudulent sites using the names and The security policy also blocks pornographic sites using the names and 

The server also filters sites that Contains mature content, including pornography, alcohol, crime, drugs, tobacco, cults, hatred, violence, gambling, suicide and sexual orientation by the names of 199.85. 126.30 and This site is suitable for safe use by children and teenagers, but when you change your device settings, make sure to use the IP addresses of the name server in Norton.

Comodo Secure DNS

Primary and Secondary DNS Servers: and
This server focuses a lot on security and smart dealing with parked domains. This server offers a set of distinguished security tools in order to preserve user safety, block dangerous sites, and prevent deception. On the other hand, it must warn users against entering harmful sites that may contain spyware or domains. Stopped can help increase the number of advertisements and pop-up windows. These servers are somewhat smart as they detect attempts to visit hosted and unused domains and automatically redirect you back to the site you want to go to.

Quad9 server

Primary and Secondary DNS Servers: and
This server offers high levels of fast performance in addition to being completely free since 2016, in addition to its ability to block malicious sites. Quad9 server company confirms its ability to block all malicious domains by collecting intelligence information through a variety of public and private sources, but not It is clear what these sources are, but the website indicates that this server uses 18 threat intelligence providers as of December 2018, and in general there is no debate about the performance of this wonderful server.

Verisign DNS server

Primary and Secondary DNS servers: and
This server is not considered one of the fastest servers, but it has good security. It is worth noting that Verisign was founded in 1995 and has provided many wonderful and free services over the previous years. What distinguishes this server most is security, stability and privacy. 

The company confirms that it does not sell data and information to third parties. It is worth noting that is ranked tenth in the world, and through their website you can obtain many educational programs on how to set up their public and private DNS. 

These educational programs are available for Windows 7 and 10 operating systems, Mac and Linux operating systems, and also for mobile devices. Smart devices and other devices. There are also educational programs on the site on how to configure the DNS server settings on your router. Therefore, it is considered a wonderful server and is worth at least trying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can DNS servers impact internet speed?

DNS servers play a crucial role in translating domain names into IP addresses, facilitating quick access to websites. Choosing a fast and reliable DNS server can significantly improve internet speed by reducing the time it takes to resolve domain names.

Q2: Are there risks associated with using public DNS servers?

While public DNS servers offer various benefits, users should be cautious about potential risks. Some servers may compromise user privacy or be susceptible to cyber threats. It's essential to choose reputable DNS services with a focus on security and privacy.

Q3: Can DNS servers help in bypassing content restrictions?

Yes, certain DNS servers can help bypass content restrictions by providing access to blocked websites or content that may be restricted in specific regions. Users seeking a more open online experience should explore DNS servers with this capability.


In the quest for the best DNS servers in 2024, users must consider factors such as speed, privacy, and security. OpenDNS and Cloudflare stand out as robust options, catering to different user preferences. Ultimately, the right DNS choice can significantly impact internet speed, online security, and the overall digital experience.

Discover the best DNS servers for 2024 to achieve faster and more secure internet browsing. Explore top choices like OpenDNS and Cloudflare, and understand the impact of DNS on internet speed and online security.


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