Best Email Template Builders to Use in 2024

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Best Email Template Builders to Use in 2024

Stripo: Craft Professional and Responsive Emails with Ease

If you're looking to enhance your email marketing campaigns, Stripo is a top choice. With its user-friendly Modules library and template editor, even those without prior design or coding experience can create stunning and responsive email templates. The drag-and-drop editing feature accelerates email production, and Stripo's in-house designers contribute to the beauty of your templates. Give Stripo a try for your next email marketing campaign.

Why Choose Stripo?

Responsive and professional email templates

Easy-to-use Modules library and template editor

No need for prior design or coding experience

In-house email designers for personalized templates

Try Stripo Advanced Email Customization Without Code stands out as a no-code HTML email editor offering advanced customizations. It simplifies the promotion of products/services from online stores with just a click. Craft unique custom blocks, personalize emails quickly with merge tags, and enjoy a 14-day unrestricted platform access with the free trial. Choose between TOPOL Pro for an elaborate editor on TOPOL's cloud app or TOPOL Plugin for integration into third-party or in-house emailing software.

Why Choose

No-code HTML email editor for advanced customizations

Easy promotion of products/services from online stores

14-day unrestricted platform access with free trial

Options for cloud app or integration with third-party software


Beefree: HTML-Based Email Code Editor for Effortless Designing

Beefree, a popular email template builder, offers an HTML-based email code editor and cloud-based web app. What sets it apart is the ability to start designing effective email templates without signing up. Whether you're a marketer with coding skills or not, Beefree welcomes you to craft unique email templates using the HTML editor or choose from its library. Export your templates to popular email service apps and connect with advanced marketing emailing tools.

Why Choose Beefree?

HTML-based email code editor with a cloud-based web app

Start designing without signing up

Craft unique templates or choose from the library

Export to popular email service apps and connect with advanced tools

Try Beefree

Unlayer: Effortless Email Template Creation Without Coding

Unlayer is the go-to solution for creating outstanding marketing email templates without content designing or HTML programming skills. The drag-and-drop building feature simplifies the process, and Unlayer offers a vast catalog of templates organized by Collections, Usage, and Industry segments. Edit selected templates online or share them for collaborative design work. Save time and avoid the hassle of HTML coding with Unlayer.

Why Choose Unlayer?

Effortless creation of marketing email templates

Drag-and-drop building for easy customization

Vast catalog of templates organized for easy selection

Collaborative design work with online editing

Try Unlayer

Postcards: Modernize Your Email Marketing with Collaborative Work

Postcards is a template builder that brings modernization to the email marketing niche. Beyond standard features, it offers enterprise-grade collaborative work and content history. Create projects, assign tasks to team members, and benefit from detailed version history. Postcards saves all your work, allowing you to retrieve successful email templates. With features like Google Fonts, unlimited template exports, and responsive HTML templates, Postcards stands out for visual appeal.

Why Choose Postcards?

Enterprise-grade collaborative work and content history

Project creation and task assignment for team collaboration

Detailed version history for successful templates retrieval

Additional features like Google Fonts and unlimited template exports

Try Postcards

Chamaileon: Real-Time Marketing Email Collaboration

Chamaileon is more than an email template builder; it's an intelligent and smarter email builder designed for real-time marketing email collaboration. Suitable for startups, small and medium businesses, and corporations, Chamaileon offers role-based access in its online email editing workspace. Clean HTML codes, drag-and-drop email building, reusable email blocks, and real-time user-side views make it a comprehensive solution for efficient email production.

Why Choose Chamaileon?

Real-time marketing email collaboration with role-based access

Clean HTML codes and drag-and-drop email building

Reusable email blocks for efficient template creation

Real-time user-side views for effective collaboration

Try Chamaileon

Taxi for Email: HTML Email Builder for Advanced Marketing

Consider Taxi for Email if you seek an HTML email builder that allows you to produce advanced marketing emails and export them to your existing emailing tool. Compatible with most email service providers, Taxi for Email is a no-code web app that empowers content writers, editors, and copywriters to create effective emails without advanced coding or design training. Benefit from 80% more time savings on scaled-up projects.

Why Choose Taxi for Email?

HTML email builder for advanced marketing emails

Export to existing emailing tools with high compatibility

No-code web app for easy content creation

80% more time savings on scaled-up projects

Try Taxi for Email

Zoho Campaigns: Complete Email Marketing Suite

Zoho Campaigns offers a complete email marketing suite with dedicated functionalities for managing marketing drives. The drag-and-drop HTML email builder allows you to import existing designs or use editable templates from Zoho's library. With over 240 templates for businesses and casual occasions, Zoho Campaigns caters to diverse needs. Switch between Basic, Advanced, and Design interfaces for varied design components, and integrate products from popular platforms.

Why Choose Zoho Campaigns?

Complete email marketing suite with dedicated functionalities

Drag-and-drop HTML email builder with editable templates

Over 240 templates for businesses and casual occasions

Integration with popular platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce

Try Zoho Campaigns

SendGrid: Comprehensive Email Marketing Solution

SendGrid offers a comprehensive email marketing solution with both self-service and managed-service options for template building. Enjoy features like automated email APIs, deliverability insights, and a library of responsive and professional email templates. The Design Editor and Code Editor provide intuitive design interfaces, and the dynamic workflow allows changes to any element. Start free with standard features and scale up with premium options for enhanced capabilities.

Why Choose SendGrid?

Comprehensive email marketing solution with self-service and managed-service options

Automated email APIs, deliverability insights, and a library of templates

Intuitive design interfaces with Design Editor and Code Editor

Dynamic workflow for easy changes and cloud-based work

Try SendGrid

Understanding Email Templates and Their Components

What is an Email Template?

An email template is a vital asset for your email marketing campaign, comprising HyperText Markup Language (HTML) code modules with reusable elements. These simple HTML codes feature placeholders for image links, text content, marketing copy, and more. Email template builders and editing tools simplify repurposing via a graphical user interface (GUI). The HTML codebase enables the addition of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for visual presentation.

Components of a Good Email Template

Distinguish your marketing emails with strategic elements:

Spam-free Subject Line: Successfully passes spam filter bots.

Content Hook or Email Pre-header: Convinces users to read the entire email.

Relevant and Acceptable Images: Avoid too many images due to potential restrictions.

Appropriate Links: Include links to blog content, portfolios, whitepapers, and more.

Social Media Subscription Links: Make it easy for the audience to subscribe to social media profiles.

Call to Action (CTA) Buttons: Place sufficient CTA buttons throughout the emails.

CAN-SPAM Act Compliance: Include an easy way to unsubscribe from marketing emails.

Benefits of Using an Email Template Builder

Email templates have transformed email marketing by offering automation, productivity, and efficiency. Benefits include:

Effortless Branding: Simplifies branding on marketing emails for agencies managing multiple client accounts.

Deliver Customized Content: Enables personalized content delivery for subscribers using automation tools.

Consistent Content: Resolves issues of inconsistent email structure, visuals, and overall content.

Scaling Up Email Marketing: Facilitates scaling up client operations or increasing target leads for brands.

Final Words

Choose from the above email template builders based on your email marketing style and objectives. Each tool offers unique features, ensuring outstanding performance at affordable costs. your trusted source for unbiased reviews, delivering meticulously crafted insights and reviews.

Q&A Section

Q1: Why should I use an email template builder for my marketing campaigns?

Using an email template builder streamlines the process of creating visually appealing and responsive marketing emails. It saves time, ensures consistent branding, and allows for easy customization without the need for coding or design skills.

Q2: How do email template builders benefit marketing agencies?

For marketing agencies, email template builders offer effortless branding across multiple client accounts, consistent content structure, and the ability to scale up client operations efficiently. They simplify the management of brand assets and enhance productivity.

Q3: What are the key components of a good email template?

A good email template should have a spam-free subject line, a compelling content hook or pre-header, relevant images, appropriate links, social media subscription links, sufficient call-to-action buttons, and compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act, including an easy unsubscribe option.


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