Best Holiday Villas in Sicily a Luxurious Retreat

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Best Holiday Villas in Sicily A Luxurious Retreat

Best Holiday Villas in Sicily: A Luxurious Retreat in the Heart of Italy
Perla Nera, Catania: 

Best for Large Groups

As Sicily's eastern gem, Catania boasts unparalleled views, and nestled in the shadow of Mount Etna is the luxurious Perla Nera. This holiday home, a lavish renovation from the 1500s, offers a hotel-size pool crafted from black lava stone. Extravagance knows no bounds with a Hydrojet, a changing room, and a garden adorned with stone sculptures. Experience "Sicily luxury" at its finest, complete with a grand entrance lobby, a reading room, and an impressive collection of vintage antiques. Ideal for large groups, it sleeps 14 comfortably.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 14 | Price: £££ Visit Villatravellers for more details.
Villa Arte Mare Blue, Cefalu: 

Best for Art Lovers

Discover the unexpected at Villa Arte MareBlue, a hilltop retreat in Cefalu. This luxury villa, with stone-walled pool area and sea views, surprises with vibrant pop art. The interior features vintage artworks, a jukebox, pinball machine, and even a life-sized Betty Boop model. Enjoy a pizza party with the outdoor wood-fired oven or retreat to the separate Timber Lodge, transformed into a fifth bedroom.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 10 | Price: £££ Explore more at Wish Sicily.
Villa Domus, Noto: 

Best for Families with Little Ones

Experience cinematic luxury at Villa Domus, a chic, loft-style villa near Sicily's east coast. Set against a nature reserve and rocky canyon, this villa boasts an outdoor screen the size of a London bus. With glass walls, a children's play area, and an infinity pool overlooking the Ionian Sea, Villa Domus is a family-friendly haven. Explore nearby UNESCO-worthy destinations like Ragusa, Noto, and Modica.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 10 | Price: ££ Book your stay at Host Unusual.
Villa Capo D'Orlando, Spiaggia di San Gregorio: 

Best for Sustainability

Embrace sustainability at Villa Capo D'Orlando, a four-story haven with its wind farm, turbines, and solar station. Enjoy morning-fresh organic eggs from the on-site chicken coop and explore the fruit orchard with citrus, peach, pear, and apricot trees. The villa offers a romantic attic suite, a fitness area with a Turkish bath, and stunning views of the Aeolian Islands from the barbecue area.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 10 | Price: ££ Find more information at Italian Connection.
Rocco Forte Private Villas at Verdura Resort, Sciacca: 

Best for Golfers

Immerse yourself in luxury at Rocco Forte Private Villas at Verdura Resort. Set on a slope above the sprawling Sicilian south coast resort, these villas blend Byzantine mosaics with traditional "baglio" farmstead looks. Enjoy perks like buggies for championship golf courses, butler-arranged breakfasts, private pools, e-bikes, and fresh produce from the resort garden.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 8 | Price: £££ Secureyour stay at Rocco Forte.
Infinita, Noto: 

Best for Design

Discover architectural opulence at Infinita, a hilltop perch near the baroque town of Noto. This award-winning villa boasts polished concrete, artisan furnishings, and a saltwater infinity pool. The terrace offers panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. Immerse yourself in the work of Dolce & Gabbana's favorite photographer, creating the epitome of Sicilian style.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 12 | Price: £££ Book your stay with The Thinking Traveller.
Villa Isabella, Acireale: 

Best for Day Trips

North of Catania, Villa Isabella awaits with its seafront splendor backed by Mount Etna. Enjoy the private pool overlooking the sea and explore nearby historic capitals like Syracuse and Taormina. The villa serves as an ideal base for boat rides to Aci Trezza and Aci Castello, unveiling the magmatic sea stacks.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 10 | Price: ££ Reserve your spot at Villa Saleiman.
Villa Saleiman, Scopello: 

Best for a Quiet Escape

Escape to tranquility at Villa Saleiman, perched on Trapani's coast. Revel in the private pool, wood-decked terrace, and aquamarine sea views. Designed for summer living, the villa seamlessly integrates light stone, wood, and glass amid spiky cactus and palm trees. Nearby attractions include Lo Zingaro nature reserve and Guidaloca sandy beach.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 4 | Price: ££ Secure your stay at Villa Saleiman.
Villa Amina, Mazara del Vallo: 

Best for La Dolce Vita

Indulge in the sweet life at Villa Amina, a countryside villa with orchard and ornamental gardens. Bask in the exquisite pool with a handy shower and enjoy both indoor and outdoor kitchens. The rustic chic interiors feature a hotel lobby-style staircase, marble bathtubs, and gilded furnishings. Located on Sicily's southwest coast, it's close to Ancient Greek temples and beautiful beaches.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 10 | Price: ££ Book your stay with Oliver's Travels.
Villa on the Cliff, Cefalu: 

Best for Sea Swimming

Why settle for a pool when you can have the Tyrrhenian Sea at your doorstep? Villa on the Cliff in Cefalu offers tiered and terraced luxury, with steps leading down to the sea and a wave-watching patio. Immerse yourself in pared-back design, extensive balconies, and breathtaking sunset views of Cefalu and its Norman-era cathedral.

Pool: No | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 10 | Price: ££ Reserve your spot at Villa on the Cliff.
Villa Nature's Embrace, Trapani: 

Best for Nature

Unwind at Nature's Embrace, a villa cradled by sun-ravaged cliffs and a marine reserve in Trapani. Connected to hiking and biking trails, this villa offers a sweeping terrace to enjoy the majestic surroundings. The rustic farmhouse chic of the wood-beamed living room and kitchen adds to the allure. Explore Sicily's wild side with a boat trip to the rarely visited Egadi Islands.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 8 | Price: £ Discover more at Scent of Sicily.
The Light House, Favignana: 

Best for Privacy

Escape the crowds at The Light House, a courtyard villa on the Egadi Islands. Named for its two rooftop terraces, white color scheme, and floor-to-ceiling windows, this villa offers unparalleled privacy. Explore the expansive garden, hammock-hung olive grove, sail-shaded pool, and outdoor fridge for chilled wines on tap. A personal chef is available on request for an extra touch of luxury.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 6 | Price: ££ Secure your stay at Scott Williams Villas.
Villa Donnalucata Lusso, Donnalucata: 

Best for Wellness

Indulge in wellness at Villa Donnalucata Lusso, an OTT luxury villa on Sicily's southeast coast. With a heated indoor pool, Turkish bath, and whirlpool tub, this villa epitomizes opulence. The nearby sandy beach of Donnalucata complements the villa's rambling garden, terrace, sea views, and in-your-dreams quirks.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 8 | Price: £££ Plan your stay at Holiday Homes in Italy.
Monaci delle Terre Nere, Mount Etna: 

Best for Wine

Journey to Monaci delle Terre Nere, a vine-covered estate on the slopes of Mount Etna. Home to a boutique hotel and secluded villas, this estate showcases historic granaries and wine presses. One villa even features an ancient lava flow in its living room walls. Experience the allure of Etna with sunset toasts, private gardens, and adventurous hiking tours.

Pool: No | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 8 | Price: ££ Book your stay at Monaci delle Terre Nere.
La Preziosa, Taormina: 

Best for Watersports

Taormina's swishiest base, La Preziosa, offers an eyecatching penthouse with a rooftop hot tub. Just moments from a sandy beach ideal for watersports, this villa provides balcony sunloungers and alfresco dining. Explore Mazzaro and its nature reserves or embark on boat trips to caves, all while enjoying some of the most memorable views in Sicily.

Pool: No | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 8 | Price: £££ Secure your stay at Oliver's Travels.
Tenuta della Cava, Noto: 

Best for Impressing Friends

Prepare to be dazzled at Tenuta della Cava, one of Sicily's most luxurious villas. This venerable country house underwent a smart renovation, boasting a sophisticated sauna, hammam, and glass-roofed courtyard. Choose between the Jacuzzi plunge pool inside or alfresco, and delight in additional features like a yoga area, vegetable patch, and another pool in the walled garden.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 8 | Price: £££ Book your stay at Tenuta della Cava.
Palomina, Cefalu: 

Best for Sea Views

Retreat to Palomina, a remote holiday home with a bird's-eye view of Cefalu's centro historico. This farmhouse shabby chic villa offers well-preserved wooden rafters, armoires, and panoramic pool views. The highlight is the soul-stirring view of the Cefalu coast, turning from honey gold to pastel pink. Note that the villa has unprotected drops and low walls, and it doesn't accept children under 12.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: No | Sleeps: 8 | Price: ££ Explore more at Vintage Travel.
Dimora di Circe, Santa Maria del Focallo: 

Best for Beach Time

Villa Dimora di Circe offers a beachfront retreat in Santa Maria del Focallo. Indulge in barefoot luxury with a covered terrace, recycled antiques, and an outdoor hot tub. This villa provides a slice of beach almost to yourself, complemented by proximity to Sicily's baroque towns for the perfect blend of sightseeing and tanning.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 4 | Price: ££ Reserve your stay at Dimora di Circe.
La Boheme, Taormina: 

Best for Sicilian Style

Embrace Sicilian artistry at La Boheme, a Taormina villa exuding historic charm. Hand-picked antiques, ceramics, and hand-painted furnishings create an ode to Sicilian craftsmanship. With a bougainvillea-trimmed private pool and proximity to Taormina's Ancient Greek amphitheatre, La Boheme offers a journey into Sicilian style.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 10 | Price: ££ Book your stay at La Boheme.
Villa San Lorenzo, Timo, Marzamemi: 

Best for Sun Seekers

Bask in the sun at Villa San Lorenzo, a sugar cube-shaped villa steps from a sandy beach. This pure white retreat features French doors opening to the terrace, a private pool, and a rooftop hot tub. Unwind in uncluttered rooms with panoramic views of the nearby Vendicari Nature Reserve and the brilliant blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 6 | Price: £ Secure your stay at Villa San Lorenzo.
Villa Scordia, Catania: 

Best for Special Events

For grand celebrations, choose Villa Scordia, an expansive luxury villa on an organic citrus estate. This villa boasts an orangerie, library, tennis court, Finnish sauna, palm-shaded private pool, and bar. Spread over a maze-like garden, it accommodates up to 28 people. Perfect for hosting special events, from birthdays to weddings, this villa promises an unforgettable experience.

Pool: Yes | Family-friendly: Yes | Sleeps: 28 | Price: £££ *Plan your special event at [The Luxury Travel Book](https://www.thelux

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