Haibike Nduro 7 Conquering Trials and Defying Expectations

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Haibike Nduro 7Conquering Trails and Defying Expectations

In the ever-evolving world of e-MTBs, the Haibike Nduro 7 emerges as a trail-blazing titan, surpassing expectations and claiming its throne as the most capable ride of the year. Tested rigorously by Benji for Singletrack World Magazine Issue 150, this e-bike showcases Haibike's unapologetic approach to design and innovation.

Unmatched Capability

The Nduro 7's prowess on varied terrains sets it apart from the competition. Whether hurtling downhill with confidence, tackling jaw-dropping uphill challenges, or navigating with agility, this e-bike dominates. Its only limitation? The challenge of being easily lifted over obstacles due to its robust build.

A Resilient Legacy

As one of the pioneering brands in the e-bike realm, Haibike has weathered skepticism and mockery, particularly for its bold and unconventional designs. However, the Nduro 7 stands as a testament to the brand's commitment to function over form. In a market inundated with hype, Haibike's classic yet effective approach makes a refreshing statement.

The Bike's DNA

The Haibike Nduro 7 is a heavyweight contender, boasting 180mm of front and rear suspension, driven by a Yamaha PW-X3 motor fed by a 720Wh battery. Its aluminum frame exudes durability, with every component built to withstand the rigors of trail riding. The bike's weight, though substantial, is a testament to its robust construction.

Innovative Features

Haibike's Modular Rail System (MRS) adds a touch of practicality to the Nduro 7, allowing riders to customize their experience by attaching accessories like water bottles or range extender batteries. This thoughtful feature underscores Haibike's commitment to functionality.

Performance Highlights and Critiques

While the Nduro 7 excels in geometry, suspension, and tire specifications, not every component reaches perfection. The Haibike dropper post, grips, stem length, and brake power leave room for improvement. Despite minor niggles, the overall ride experience is unmatched, making it Benji's favorite in the test.

Ride Experience

The Nduro 7 defines the quintessential e-bike experience. It conquers both ascents and descents with equal prowess, showcasing that, beyond raw motor power, geometry plays a pivotal role in an e-bike's performance. The 180mm of travel is finely tuned, providing support without sacrificing responsiveness.

Verdict: Trail Royalty

In a market flooded with options, the Haibike Nduro 7 emerges as trail royalty. While some may criticize the Yamaha motor's power, its overall performance on the trail overshadows any shortcomings. The bike's weight becomes inconsequential when the superior geometry and suspension take center stage.

Overall Impression

The Haibike Nduro 7 is not just an e-bike; it's an experience. Its unapologetic design, coupled with outstanding performance, makes it a standout choice for riders seeking a trail-dominating companion. Haibike's legacy of pushing boundaries is alive and well in the Nduro 7, securing its place among the elite in the e-MTB realm.

Haibike Nduro 7 Specification

- Frame: Aluminium, 180mm

- Fork: Fox Float 38 Performance, 180mm

- Shock: Fox Float X2 Performance

- Wheels: Mavic E-Deemax

- Tires: Schwalbe Magic Mary Addix SuperSoft 29×2.4in (Front), Schwalbe Big Betty Addix Soft 27.5×2.6in (Rear)

- Motor: Yamaha PW-X3, 85Nm

- Battery: Intube, 720Wh

- Weight: 27kg

Price £5,599


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