10 Best Split-Screen Games for PC (Couch Co-Op)

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10 Best Split-Screen Games for PC (Couch Co-Op)

Are you a PC gamer looking for a fun way to play with your friends and family? Look no further than split-screen (couch co-op) games! These games allow you to enjoy the multiplayer experience with others in the same room, making for a more immersive and memorable gaming experience.

In this article, we will explore the 10 best split-screen games available for PC gaming. From cooking chaos to superhero adventures, there's something for every type of gamer in this list!

Key Takeaways:

  • Split-screen games offer a more immersive and social gaming experience.
  • Couch co-op games are perfect for playing with friends and family.
  • PC gaming offers a wide selection of split-screen games to choose from.
  • Multiplayer fun is guaranteed with these top-notch split-screen games.
  • From cooperative cooking to high-speed car soccer, these games provide endless hours of entertainment!

1. Overcooked 2

If you and your friends love playing local multiplayer games, then Overcooked 2 is a must-play cooperative cooking game. This game is a sequel to the original Overcooked, but it takes the cooking madness to a whole new level. With intense and fast-paced multiplayer action, you and up to three other players can work together in a virtual kitchen and cook up a storm.

The game's challenges will test your cooking and coordination skills, forcing you to work together to prepare, cook, and serve various dishes. You'll need to chop ingredients, cook them, and serve them in time to meet the demands of picky customers. The game's chaotic scenarios come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from cooking on a raft that's constantly drifting apart, to creating sushi on a moving vehicle.

Overcooked 2 provides a unique gaming experience that's both fun and challenging, perfect for when you're looking to spend time with your friends or family. The game's cooperative gameplay and multiplayer modes make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy some couch co-op gaming.

2. Rocket League

Rocket League is a popular multiplayer car soccer game that takes the excitement of soccer to a whole new level. Combining high-speed cars and soccer, players can engage in fast-paced matches against each other. Its split-screen gaming feature allows you to enjoy the game with your friends in the same room, adding to the fun.

Fun and addictive gameplayCan be difficult for new players
Customizable cars and arenasLimited game modes
Competitive scene and tournamentsRequires a stable internet connection

Rocket League's unique blend of sports and racing makes it an exciting and challenging game. Its split-screen feature is perfect for playing with friends in the same room, bringing back the joy of couch co-op gaming.

3. A Way Out

If you're looking for a unique cooperative game with split-screen co-opA Way Out is the perfect choice. This thrilling story-driven game follows two prisoners, Leo and Vincent, as they attempt to plan and execute their escape. Unlike most co-op games, A Way Out doesn't rely on online matchmaking to connect you with a partner. Instead, you and a friend can play on the same screen, working together to overcome challenges and shape the narrative.

The game's split-screen feature allows for seamless coordination between players, with each character having a different perspective on the story. This makes for a more immersive co-op experience, where you and your partner must communicate and make choices together to advance the story. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter various obstacles that will test your teamwork and problem-solving skills. And with multiple endings, your choices will have lasting consequences.

A Way Out is a perfect example of how cooperative storytelling can be used to create a truly engaging gaming experience. Whether you're playing with a friend or a significant other, the game's split-screen co-op allows for a deeper level of connection and communication between players.

The Gameplay

At its core, A Way Out is a narrative-driven adventure game that blends action, exploration, and puzzle-solving elements. As Leo and Vincent, you'll need to work together to overcome various obstacles and outsmart the authorities.

The game is played from a third-person perspective, with each player controlling one of the two protagonists on the screen. The split-screen layout allows you to see what your partner is doing at all times, giving you a better understanding of how to coordinate your actions.

Throughout the game, you'll encounter a variety of challenges such as stealth sections, driving sequences, and quick-time events. Successfully overcoming these obstacles requires attentive communication, strategy, and teamwork.

The Story

A Way Out's main story follows Leo and Vincent as they plan and execute their escape from prison. As they work together to overcome various obstacles, they slowly begin to build a bond and trust each other. The story not only follows the twists and turns of their daring escape but also explores their personal lives and motivations.

The game's well-written script, combined with excellent voice acting and character animations, helps to create an immersive and compelling narrative experience. The game is also full of Easter eggs and references to pop culture, making it a joy to explore and discover.

The Final Verdict

A Way Out is a perfect example of how cooperative storytelling can be used to create a truly engaging gaming experience. With its split-screen co-op, immersive narrative, and challenging puzzles, the game is a must-play for fans of cooperative gaming.

Compelling story with multiple pathsShort gameplay time (approximately 6-8 hours)
Split-screen co-op enhances the cooperative experienceSome mechanics can feel clunky and unintuitive at times
Tension-filled gameplay with well-designed set piecesMinimal replay value once story is completed

4. Cuphead

Cuphead is a visually stunning and challenging 2D platformer that will put your gaming skills to the test. This indie game has made quite the impact on the gaming community, with its unique art style and tough-as-nails gameplay.

With Cuphead's local co-op mode, you and a friend can join forces to take on incredibly challenging boss battles and navigate through beautifully designed levels. The co-op gameplay adds another layer of excitement, giving you the chance to work together with your partner to triumph over difficult obstacles.

The game's 2D platformer mechanics are masterfully crafted, with tight controls, precise jumps, and well-considered level design. The game's difficulty may be frustrating at times, but the satisfaction of overcoming each obstacle is worth the effort.

Overall, Cuphead is an excellent choice for gamers who enjoy challenging platformers with a unique and gorgeous art style. The game's local co-op mode adds another level of excitement, making it an ideal choice for those who love couch co-op gaming.

5. Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 is a thrilling third-person shooter game that can be enjoyed with a friend in split-screen multiplayer mode. The gameplay involves fighting against intimidating creatures in a campaign mode that is gripping and immersive.

The graphics are visually stunning, the controls are smooth, and the weapons are powerful, allowing you to take down your enemies with ease. The multiplayer mode offers a competitive experience where you can go head-to-head against other players.

With split-screen gameplay, you and a friend can take on the enemy together, strategizing and coordinating your attacks. You can also enjoy the game's cooperative campaign mode, where you can share the experience and story with someone else.

If you're looking for intense action, excitement, and an adrenaline-pumping adventure, Gears of War 4 is the perfect game to play with a friend in split-screen mode.

6. Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 is a survival horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Set in a world infested with zombies, you must work together with a friend to navigate through the dangers that lurk around every corner.

This cooperative gameplay experience is perfect if you're looking for a challenge. You'll need to strategize as you fight off hordes of undead enemies, solve puzzles to progress and stay alive!

The split-screen format ensures that you and your partner are always on the same page, providing a sense of camaraderie as you work together to survive. With multiple playable characters and storylines, Resident Evil 6 is a game that you and your friend will want to revisit time and time again.

7. Borderlands 2

Get ready to embark on a thrilling co-op loot game adventure in Borderlands 2. This first-person shooter game offers a unique blend of shooting, exploration, and RPG-style loot collection. With a diverse range of playable characters to choose from, each with their distinct set of abilities, you and your friends can team up in a quest to stop the villainous Handsome Jack from unleashing his evil plan.

Borderlands 2's captivating gameplay, stunning visuals, and engrossing story make for an unforgettable gaming experience. The game's split-screen co-op mode allows you to share the adventure with your friends and enjoy the action together from the comfort of your couch.

8. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is a family-friendly co-op game that allows you and your loved ones to immerse yourselves in a superhero adventure. Choose your favorite Marvel character and explore a vast, LEGO-built version of the Marvel universe. Solve puzzlescollect studs, and take on villains as you work together to save the day.

Accessible and easy for all agesCan be repetitive
Tons of playable characters to choose fromNot as challenging as other co-op games
Humorous and engaging storylineSome technical glitches and bugs

Overall, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is a great game for families looking to have some fun together. It may not be the most challenging game out there, but it certainly offers a lot of content and enjoyable co-op gameplay for all ages.

9. Diablo III

Diablo III is an action role-playing game that offers an incredible co-op experience. It has a unique dungeon crawling feature that lets you explore various dungeons, battle scary creatures, and collect an array of spectacular loot.

You can team up with friends to create a powerful team that can unleash powerful attacks on your enemies. Each player can choose a different character class, from the barbarian to the demon hunter, each with its unique abilities and fighting styles.

The game features an immersive story mode that takes you on a journey to rid the world of the evil forces that threaten it. There are also numerous side quests, challenges, and events to keep you and your friends engaged.

If you are looking for a truly captivating co-op dungeon crawler, then Diablo III is definitely the game for you. So grab your friends, come up with a strategy, and dive into a world of adventure and excitement!


The world of PC gaming is evolving, and split-screen games have become a popular way to enjoy multiplayer action with friends on the same screen. With these 10 best split-screen (couch co-op) games, you're sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

Whether you're in the mood for cooperative cooking, high-speed car soccer, or battling against hordes of zombies, these games have got you covered. The best part is that you can enjoy all the fun and excitement with your friends and family on the couch.

So, grab your favorite snacks, set up your gaming controllers, and experience the joy of playing together. Split-screen games offer endless possibilities for multiplayer fun, making them the perfect addition to your PC gaming collection.


What are split-screen games?

Split-screen games are multiplayer games that allow multiple players to play on the same screen at the same time. The screen is divided into different sections, with each section dedicated to a specific player, allowing everyone to see their own perspective of the game.

Are split-screen games only available for PC?

No, split-screen games are available for various gaming platforms, including PC, consoles, and even mobile devices. However, this article focuses on the best split-screen games specifically available for PC.

Can I play split-screen games with my friends?

Yes, split-screen games are designed to be played with friends or family members. These games offer a great way to enjoy multiplayer gaming experiences together, whether you're sitting on the same couch or in different locations.

How many players can play split-screen games?

The number of players that can play split-screen games depends on the specific game. Some split-screen games allow two players, while others can accommodate more players, ranging from three to four or even more.

Can I play split-screen games online?

While split-screen games are traditionally played locally, some games offer the option to play split-screen online with friends. However, not all split-screen games have online multiplayer functionality, so it's important to check the game's features before purchasing.

Can I play split-screen games with a keyboard and mouse?

Split-screen games typically support a variety of input methods, including controllers, keyboards, and mice. You can choose the input method that you prefer and is compatible with the game you're playing.

What are some popular split-screen game genres?

Some popular split-screen game genres include cooperative cooking games, multiplayer car soccer games, cooperative story-driven games, 2D platformers, third-person shooters, survival horror games, first-person shooters with loot-based gameplay, family-friendly co-op games, and action role-playing games with co-op dungeon crawling.

Can I play split-screen games with controllers?

Yes, split-screen games are often best enjoyed with controllers, as they provide a more immersive and comfortable gaming experience. Most PC games that support split-screen functionality also support controller inputs.

Are all split-screen games suitable for all ages?

While many split-screen games are suitable for players of all ages, some games may have content that is more appropriate for mature audiences. It's important to check the game's rating and content before playing, especially if you're playing with younger players.

Can I switch to full-screen mode while playing split-screen games?

Yes, in most split-screen games, you can switch between split-screen and full-screen modes. This allows you to enjoy the game in full-screen when playing solo or switch to split-screen mode when playing with friends.


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