10 Practical Apps for House Hunting in 2024

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10 Practical Apps for House Hunting in 2024

Mobile apps revolutionizing house hunting

In the dynamic landscape of real estate, house hunting has evolved into a seamless experience with the aid of sophisticated mobile apps. As the online real estate marketing industry becomes increasingly competitive, these apps are not only growing in number but also in sophistication. They provide accurate housing information and features that assist users in narrowing down their search effectively.

The go-to apps for your house hunting journey


Zillow stands out as the most downloaded real estate app for both Apple and Android phones. It boasts Zillow's signature map and home value estimate tools, allowing users to search in multiple locations simultaneously. The app's next-generation 3D Home tours provide panoramic images and floor plan views, enhancing the house hunting experience.

Realtor.com Real Estate

As the consumer-facing company associated with the National Association of Realtors, Realtor.com Real Estate connects users with nearby Realtors effortlessly. The app's search function includes filters for specific details, such as multiple floors, fireplaces, and community amenities. Property profiles offer comprehensive information, including neighborhood noise levels and FEMA flood zone status.

Redfin Real Estate

Redfin's app simplifies the homebuying process with straightforward preferences navigation. Users can schedule tours, both virtual and in-person, directly through the app. Climate risk data from First Street Foundation and ClimateCheck provides insights into a property's risk of natural disasters. However, the app's features are limited if you reside outside Redfin's agent-served markets.


Trulia's app offers a desktop-like experience on mobile devices, with robust neighborhood-focused features. Polls conducted among users living in specific neighborhoods provide valuable insights. The app also highlights local legal protections against discrimination. However, inaccuracies may arise if certain property features are not checked by real estate agents or homeowners.


Replacing Homesnap, the Homes.com app facilitates collaboration by allowing users to co-shop with friends, family, and agents. It offers access to homes for sale and rent, along with additional features like mortgage calculators and historical photos. While comprehensive, the app may face occasional crashes and requires occasional logins.


Movoto's Real Estate app stands out for its detailed property searches and listing details. Beyond buying and selling, the app encourages homeowners to monitor maintenance and track home equity. Property profiles include one-year and five-year market statistics, providing a holistic view for potential buyers.

Rocket Homes

From Rocket Mortgage, the Rocket Homes app combines home search functionalities with mortgage application preparation. The app's standout feature is the free credit-tracking tool, aiding users in the financing process. However, neighborhood data is comparatively limited on this platform.

StreetEasy NYC Rentals & Sales

Designed for those relocating to New York City, StreetEasy is a widely-used app for finding homes. User-friendly and providing timely updates, the app offers information on monthly maintenance, taxes, and mortgage costs. However, it may lack certain details and create confusion about contacting the listing agent.

Xome Real Estate

Known for its auction property information, Xome's app offers detailed insights into homes on the market through traditional sales. The Xome Zoom feature provides information about a property by pointing the phone's camera at it. However, users interested in auction properties must download a separate app, limiting convenience.

Compass Real Estate & Homes

Compass's app, from the national real estate brokerage, provides information on properties listed in the desired area. Bluetooth access allows the app to connect to Compass smart listing signs, offering information about nearby properties for sale. However, the app's menu presentation may seem repetitive, echoing item descriptions.

Q&A Section

Q1: How does Zillow stand out from other real estate apps?

Zillow's standout features include simultaneous multi-location search and next-generation 3D Home tours, providing panoramic views and easy navigation.

Q2: What makes Redfin's app unique in the market?

Redfin simplifies the homebuying process with straightforward preferences navigation and the ability to schedule tours, both virtual and in-person, directly through the app.

Q3: How does Homes.com foster collaboration among users?

Homes.com facilitates collaboration by allowing users to co-shop with friends, family, and agents, enhancing the homebuying experience.

In the competitive realm of house hunting, these apps empower users with comprehensive information and advanced features. Whether you prioritize 3D home tours, straightforward navigation, or collaborative functionalities, there's a perfect app to cater to your specific needs.

Explore the top 10 house hunting apps for 2024, offering advanced features like 3D home tours, neighborhood insights, and collaboration tools. Find the perfect app to simplify your homebuying journey


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