Best 15 on 2024 Product Description Generators to Boost Your Sales

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Best 15 on 2024 Product Description Generators to Boost Your Sales


If you're looking to enhance your product marketing online and delegate product description generation to an expert, Anyword is worth exploring. Leveraging its AI trained on billions of marketing copies, including eCommerce product descriptions, Anyword creates unique content by gathering basic information from you and enhancing supplied data. It even allows you to optimize and paraphrase competitors' product copies for better engagement.


For an affordable, automated product and service copywriting workflow, consider CopyMonkey. This tool facilitates the creation of thousands of eCommerce product descriptions from scratch by importing CSV or Excel spreadsheet files. CopyMonkey's AI-generated texts can be further improved by your copywriting team using built-in features like text formatting, paraphrasing, plagiarism checking, and HTML markdown.


Utilizing natural language and text processing AI, NeuralText is a versatile tool for generating authentic product or service descriptions. It offers AI editing and content creation tools as templates within its web app. While the free edition allows you to create one product copy per input, opting for its paid plans unlocks advanced features and a more seamless experience.

Smart Copy

Tailored for digital businesses and digital marketing agencies, Smart Copy by Unbounce is an advanced AI copywriter offering a product description generator and other essential tools for eCommerce trade. With minimal initial data input, Smart Copy's 'Write For Me' module creates an initial copy that can be further personalized using its 'Fine Tune' module, making it a valuable asset for marketing purposes.

Etsy Description Generator

Designed exclusively for the Etsy eCommerce marketplace, the InsightFactory Etsy Description Generator simplifies the process of creating product descriptions. The free plan provides 15 credits for text copy creations, while paid plans offer extended capabilities, allowing you to create 100 product copies per day and use the Etsy keyword generation tool.

LongShot AI

Standing out with its dual functionality, LongShot AI offers both a product review writer and an excellent product description writer AI. Using the same input data, you can seamlessly create both a review and a description, ensuring cohesive eCommerce product marketing content. While LongShot AI does not offer free trials, its paid plans provide access to its powerful AI web app.

Quicktools by Picsart

A go-to choice for small digital businesses and eCommerce websites, Quicktools by Picsart has been helping create appealing, informative, and accurate product descriptions for years. Using proprietary AI, Quicktools generates authentic, engaging, and SEO-optimized product copies, suitable for both bulk products and more emotive items like jewelry, electric vehicles, and smart gadgets.

Hypotenuse AI

Functioning as both a product or service description writer and manager, Hypotenuse AI streamlines the creation, storage, and distribution of bulk product descriptions. The AI writer utilizes product images for personalized and tone-appropriate machine-generated copies. Additionally, Hypotenuse AI allows you to optimize over competitors' copy by supplying rival product content and creating plagiarism-free content using its built-in paraphrasing feature.


Simplified, a popular AI copywriter, guarantees flawless marketing copies through its advanced natural language processing AI writer and product description generator. Integration with Grammarly ensures effective proofreading, covering spelling, basic grammar, advanced grammar, and punctuation. With its plagiarism checking module, Simplified ensures original product description text every time.


For eCommerce businesses with a global customer base, Writecream offers multilingual support, covering up to 75 languages. The tool provides three machine-writing services: professional product description writing, AI-based content creation, and marketing copywriting. An integrated plagiarism checker ensures originality, crucial for submitting product descriptions to platforms like Amazon or Shopify.


Scalenut's AI content generator not only helps create SEO-optimized product descriptions but also provides guidance for creating product marketing copies aligned with the policies of eCommerce giants like Amazon and Shopify. The tool's free plan offers limited functionalities, making it advisable to opt for one of the paid plans for convenient use.


Revolutionizing the process of creating marketing copies, Copysmith eliminates weeks of investment in keyword research and optimization. With just one click, Copysmith's product description generator allows your company to efficiently optimize content for product names, brand names, specifications, benefits, and features, saving time and resources.


AISEO focuses on the effortless automation of product and service descriptions for eCommerce platforms. It excels in creating text in paragraph format, which is ideal for platforms requiring paragraphs rather than bulleted lists. The tool even offers a Google Chrome add-on, enabling you to create product copies directly within the Chrome browser.


To boost customer conversation and engagement around your eCommerce products quickly and affordably, consider trying Rytr's AI copywriter app. The free plan includes 10,000 AI-generated characters per month, along with features like more than 40 AI writing use cases, 20+ marketing copywriting tones, a built-in plagiarism checker, and support for over 30 foreign languages.

Conclusion: Q&A Section

Q1: Why are product descriptions crucial for eCommerce success?

A1: Product descriptions play a vital role in eCommerce success by providing detailed information, attracting potential customers, and optimizing content for search engines. They help enhance visibility, engagement, and ultimately, boost sales.

Q2: How do these product description generators benefit eCommerce businesses?

A2: These generators offer efficiency by creating high-quality product descriptions in bulk, automating the copywriting process, reducing the workload on in-house copywriters, and optimizing content according to eCommerce platforms and SEO policies.

Q3: What role does AI play in product description generation?

A3: AI-powered product description generators leverage natural language processing and machine learning to create authentic, engaging, and SEO-optimized descriptions. They learn from vast datasets, ensuring effective content creation and relevance for eCommerce platforms.

Boost your eCommerce success with these advanced product description generators. Explore the features of each tool and choose the one that aligns with your business needs. For additional insights, check out online meta-description generators tailored for marketers.

Discover the top 15 product description generators for eCommerce success. From Anyword's AI expertise to Copysmith's one-click optimization, find the perfect tool to boost your sales and streamline copywriting.


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