Best and Least Recommended Big Tech Companies for Internships

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Best and Least Recommended Big Tech Companies for Internships

Unveiling the Best and Least Recommended Big Tech Companies for Internships

Embarking on a tech internship is a crucial stepping stone to a promising career, and the company you choose can make all the difference. In a recent study conducted by, data sourced from Glassdoor reviews highlights the top 20 Big Tech companies for interns, offering valuable insights for those venturing into the tech industry.

Salesforce Takes the Lead as the Most Recommended Tech Company

According to the collected data, Salesforce emerges as the top choice for tech interns, boasting an impressive 99.22% satisfaction rate among current and former interns. Glowing reviews on Glassdoor commend the company for its supportive environment, meaningful work, and numerous events for interns. The consensus is that Salesforce provides an excellent platform for aspiring leaders in the tech industry.

LinkedIn: The Lowest Recommended, but Still Noteworthy

On the other end of the spectrum, LinkedIn ranks as the least recommended among the 20 companies studied. However, it's crucial to note that even the lowest scorer in the list achieved a commendable 94% satisfaction rate. Positive reviews highlight LinkedIn's excellent learning opportunities, exciting projects, and the chance to work alongside highly skilled professionals. Despite being the least recommended, LinkedIn still proves to offer a valuable internship experience.

Other Tech Giants on the List

Several renowned tech giants secured positions on the list, including PayPal, eBay, Microsoft, and Google, all boasting satisfaction rates over 95%. Additional companies highly recommended by interns include Adobe, Intel Corporation, and ServiceNow.

Notable Absentees: X (formerly Twitter) and Meta (formerly Facebook)

Interestingly, some big tech names, such as X (formerly Twitter) and Meta (formerly Facebook), did not make the top 20. Speculation arises about the unique leadership styles of their CEOs, with Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg facing criticism for their management approaches. Dissatisfaction among employees and interns at Meta is evident, suggesting a potential impact on the company's exclusion from the list.

Tips for Landing a Coveted Tech Internship

Despite the competitiveness of tech internships, aspiring candidates can increase their odds with strategic actions:

1. Build Skills: Acquire relevant technical skills through courses, tutorials, or personal projects.

2.Craft a Strong Resume: Highlight skills, projects, and relevant experiences, tailoring your resume for each application.

3. Network: Engage with the tech community through meetups, online forums, and LinkedIn connections.

4. Apply Widely: Explore opportunities at both startups and big tech firms; don't overlook smaller companies.

5. Prepare for Interviews: Practice coding challenges, technical questions, and behavioral interviews.

6. Follow Up: Express gratitude through thank-you emails after interviews to showcase continued interest.

7. Be Persistent: Stay committed to learning and applying, overcoming rejections with determination.

In conclusion, while the choice of a tech internship is crucial, the study reveals that even the least recommended companies still offer valuable experiences. Aspiring interns can navigate the competitive landscape with strategic actions and perseverance.


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