Best Extension Cords [Updated Review 2024]

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Best Extension Cords [Updated Review 2024]

Extension Cords: A Comprehensive Guide

Extension cords are indispensable tools in any household or workspace, offering versatility and convenience for powering devices beyond the reach of a standard power source. The market is flooded with various types and brands, making it challenging to select the ideal extension cord for your needs. In this guide, we'll explore key factors to consider when shopping for extension cords and provide a detailed review of the 8 best extension cords available in 2023.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Extension Cord


The length of the cord determines how far you can extend your device from the power source. Consider the distance between the outlet and the device, choosing a cord that's long enough without stretching or bending.


The gauge indicates the thickness of the wires inside. Thicker wires handle more current and are less likely to overheat. Select a lower gauge for heavier loads.


The maximum amperage rating determines the amount of current the cord can safely handle. Choose a cord with a higher rating than your device to ensure it can handle the load.


Extension cords come in various types, including indoor, outdoor, and heavy-duty. Select the type suitable for your needs and environment.

Safety Features

Look for cords with safety features like grounded plugs, built-in circuit breakers, and UL certifications for added protection.

Review of the Best Extension Cords

1. US Wire 99050 12/3 50-Foot SJEOW TPE Cold Weather Extension Cord

  • Lighted plugs for visibility
  • 15 Amp input current
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Ideal for construction sites, outdoor power equipment, RVs, workshops, and household appliances.

2. Southwire 1638SW0061 12/3 50' SJEOW Supreme Extension Cord

  • Chemical and oil-resistant
  • Bright blue jacket for visibility
  • Lighted end for low-light conditions
  • Suitable for construction sites, outdoor events, and residential use.

3. Clear Power 50 ft 12/3 SJEOW TPE Rubber Heavy Duty ExtensionCord

  • Grounded plug for safety
  • Flame-retardant material
  • Agency tested and certified for USA & Canada
  • Ideal for heavy-duty power tools and appliances.

4. IRON FORGE CABLE 50 ft Lighted Outdoor Extension Cord

  • Water-resistant and slip-resistant
  • Reinforced blades for durability
  • Heavy-duty construction for indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for gardening, major appliances, and indoor/outdoor applications.

5. Cordinate Designer 3-Outlet Power Strip with Surge Protection

  • Braided d├ęcor fabric cord for style
  • Low-profile flat plug for easy positioning
  • 10-foot extra-long power cord
  • Surge protection for electronic equipment.

6. LifeSupplyUSA’s 6 ft Power Extension Cord

  • Highly durable in extreme temperatures
  • Rugged vinyl jacket resistant to oil, grease, moisture, and abrasion
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Ideal for drills, circular saws, wet/dry vacs, lawn mowers, and more.

7. Amazon Basics 6-Foot Extension Cord

  • Durable construction with flexible vinyl cord
  • Plug and play design with LED indicator lights
  • 6-foot length for various indoor applications
  • Affordable pricing for reliable indoor use.

8. Mifaso USB Power Strip

  • Three power outlets and three USB ports
  • Built-in protections against over-current, over-charge, short-circuit, and over-heating
  • Compact design for home, travel, and office use
  • 5-foot braided power cord for flexibility.

Q&A Section

Q1: What safety features should I look for in an extension cord?

A: Grounded plugs, built-in circuit breakers, and UL certifications add extra safety to extension cords.

Q2: Can I use an outdoor extension cord indoors?

A: Yes, but it's advisable to choose a cord suitable for your specific needs.

Q3: How do I determine the right gauge for my extension cord?

A: Consider the amperage and length requirements of your devices; choose a lower gauge for heavier loads.

Choosing the right extension cord involves considering factors like length, gauge, amps, type, and safety features. The reviewed extension cords offer a variety of options for different applications, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Make a well-informed decision to power up your devices safely and efficiently.


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