Best Powerful Root Apps for Android Phones

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Best Powerful Root Apps for Android Phones

Powerful Root Apps for Android Phones


Android applications varybased on the permissions they acquire. Some apps can achieve a lot or provide more features when granted extensive permissions. In this list, we focus on applications that require root access on phones to function. If your smartphone is rooted, we recommend these apps that can offer professional services and make the most out of your rooted device.


Termux is a command-line interface that allows you to execute various commands in your phone's terminal. It provides access to professional tools on your smartphone, enabling the installation of programming languages, entire projects from GitHub, and even complete systems. 

With root access, Termux becomes even more powerful, allowing you to install penetration testing apps like Nmap and conduct comprehensive hacking operations. While popular among all users, its true potential shines on rooted devices, offering diverse services exclusively through your smartphone.


Many battery-saving apps claim to optimize battery life, but most are not truly effective. Naptime, however, stands out by accessing deep device properties, stopping unused systems and energy-consuming services. For prolonged battery life, you need an app that can delve into the root permissions and control various aspects of your device. Naptime, with its root access, automatically shuts down battery-draining services, making it a must-have app for rooted Android users.


For complete control over your device and the ability to manage background applications, Servicely is essential. This app empowers users to control all software and applications running in the background, allowing you to stop and isolate them entirely from functioning in the background after locking them. Root access is crucial for Servicely to deliver its full functionality. With a user-friendly interface and powerful features, Servicely redefines control over your Android device, ensuring no app runs unnoticed or consumes resources in the background.

Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is a file browsing app that enables users to explore their device's files seamlessly. While it may seem like a conventional file browser, Solid Explorer, with root access, can access and modify system files. This feature becomes crucial when you need to make adjustments for certain applications or add files to the system, such as custom ROMs. Solid Explorer, available on the Google Play Store, serves as a versatile file explorer that becomes even more valuable with root permissions.


Although an older app not available on the Google Play Store, VIPER4Android is a potent application for rooted phones. It installs drivers that allow users to control the audio devices on their phones, notably the speaker. VIPER4Android provides the ability to manipulate the sound output from the device, allowing you to transform your voice or alter the outgoing sound. This app, though not on the Play Store, is worth trying for users who seek advanced audio control on their rooted devices.

System App Remover

Have you ever struggled to delete pre-installed apps on your phone? System App Remover is the solution. This app scans all installed apps on your device, highlights system apps that are non-removable, and allows you to completely delete them with a single click. With an additional feature of transferring installed apps from the phone to an external SD card, System App Remover provides a useful option to free up space on your device.


DiskDigger is a powerful file recovery app, capable of retrieving lost files even from formatted drives. While its primary purpose is data recovery, DiskDigger, with root access, gains the ability to perform more comprehensive scans and recover files from deeper layers of the device's storage. This app becomes particularly useful for rooted users who need advanced file recovery options on their Android phones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I install these apps on a non-rooted device?

No, these apps require root access to function fully. Without root permissions, their functionalities are limited.

Q2: Are these apps available on the Google Play Store?

Most of them are available on the Google Play Store, except for VIPER4Android, which needs to be downloaded from external sources.

Q3: How do I root my Android device?

Rooting methods may vary depending on the device model. It's recommended to check reliable sources or forums for specific instructions tailored to your device.

Explore the top-rooted Android apps for enhanced control and functionality. Discover powerful tools like Termux, Naptime, Servicely, Solid Explorer, VIPER4Android, System App Remover, and DiskDigger for a superior Android experience.


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