Best Thermal Paste For PS4 » [2024 Updated] Review

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Best Thermal Paste For PS4 » [2024 Updated] Review

ARCTIC MX-2: Outstanding Thermal Conductivity and Secure Usage

The ARCTIC MX-2 thermal paste is a high-performance option designed for various processors, including those in PS4s, XBOXes, and PCs. With a 4g container, it boasts outstanding thermal conductivity through carbon microparticles, ensuring effective heat transfer from the processor to the heat sink. This feature allows your system to maintain steady temperatures even under stress.

Additionally, the ARCTIC MX-2 offers secure usage, being neither capacitive nor conductive. This quality ensures the safety of your internal components. The syringe applicator makes it easy to apply the precise amount needed, and its low thermal resistance helps maintain efficient cooling.

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Nabob Deals Arctic Silver 5: Super Easy to Use with Instant Cooling

The Nabob Deals Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Cooling Compound is a high-performance paste ideal for heatsinks. With over 88% thermally conductive filler, including aluminum oxide, sub-micron zinc oxide, micronized silver, and boron nitride particles, it provides superior performance and stability for thermal management.

The package includes a tool for easy application, and the 3.5g gram syringe covers a significant area. Proven to result in a temperature drop compared to normal compounds, it offers instant cooling with easy application and excellent value for money.

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ARCTIC MX-4: Easy to Apply and Effective for Medium Powered CPUs/GPUs

The ARCTIC MX-4 thermal paste is a high-performance option for various processors, including those in PCs, PS4s, and XBOXs. With a spatula for easy application, it boasts high thermal conductivity through carbon microparticles, ensuring fast and effective heat removal from the CPU/GPU.

Being metal-free and non-electrically conductive, the MX-4 is safe to use and has a durability of at least 8 years. Its simplicity, compatibility with medium-powered CPUs/GPUs, and excellent consistency make it a top choice for users seeking outstanding performance and longevity.

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HY-883-4g CPU Thermal Paste: Multiple Applications with High Performance

The HY-883-4g CPU Thermal Paste Kit is a silicon grease-based paste designed to enhance computer or gaming system cooling. With 6.5 W/MK thermal conductivity, it effectively distributes heat from the CPU and GPU. The kit includes a spatula, finger cots, and a cleaning wipe, making it convenient for various applications.

Durable and easy to use, this thermal paste is non-conductive, ensuring safety for PC, GPU, LED, and PS4. Available in different packaging sizes, it caters to diverse user needs, providing a high-performance solution for extended periods.

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Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut: Good Packaging with Great Thermal Conductivity

Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is a high-performance thermal paste designed for processors, graphics cards, and heat sinks. With fantastic consistency, it spreads evenly and is easy to use, ensuring proper application and complete coverage. Boasting low thermal resistance, it maintains a constant temperature even under strain.

Ideal for demanding users, overclocking, and normal use, Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut offers exceptional thermal conductivity and is non-toxic and secure to use. Whether for gaming consoles or computers, it provides stability and efficient cooling.

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Grizzly Conductonaut: Complete Package for CPUs and GPUs

Grizzly Conductonaut is a high-performance liquid metal thermal paste designed for CPUs and GPUs. The value pack includes 3 applicators, pads for easy application, and 1 gram of thermal grease. The liquid metal composition ensures strong thermal conductivity, making it suitable for high-performance computer systems.

Safe for sensitive electronic components, easy to apply, and offering enhanced cooling, Grizzly Conductonaut is a top choice for those seeking improved performance. While priced slightly higher, its superior performance justifies the investment for stability and cooling.

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Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Aluminum: Great Compatibility and High Stability

Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Aluminum is a high-performance liquid metal thermal paste for CPUs and GPUs. Available in a 5-gram size, it boasts a liquid metal compound with high thermal conductivity, making it perfect for high-performance computer systems.

Not suitable for larger cooling systems, it excels in stability and compatibility with CPUs and GPUs. The 5-gram size offers value for multiple applications, but caution is advised against using it on aluminum components due to potential corrosion. Popular among expert PC builders, it provides aggressive heat dissipation.

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How To Apply Thermal Paste To A PS4?

Applying thermal paste to a PS4 is a straightforward process but requires careful attention to detail:

  1. Unplug and disassemble your PS4, exposing the CPU and GPU.
  2. Clean the CPU and GPU surfaces with a lint-free cloth or alcohol-based solution.
  3. Apply a thin layer of thermal paste evenly on the CPU and GPU.
  4. Reassemble the PS4, ensuring tight screwing of the heat sink.
  5. Avoid using too little or too much paste to prevent overheating.

FAQs About Thermal Paste For PS4

Q: Which Thermal Paste is good for PS4? 

A: The ARCTIC MX-2, Nabob Deals Arctic Silver 5, and ARCTIC MX-4 are top choices for PS4, offering outstanding performance and safety.

Q: What is the Best Temperature for PS4? 

A: Maintaining a temperature range between 35-45 degrees Celsius is optimal for PS4 performance.

Q: Can Overheating Damage PS4?

A: Yes, overheating can damage internal components of the PS4, highlighting the importance of proper thermal paste.

Q: Does PS4 Need Thermal Paste? 

A: Yes, applying thermal paste to the PS4 CPU and GPU ensures effective heat transfer, preventing overheating.

Q: Can I Use Toothpaste as Thermal Paste on PS4? 

A: No, toothpaste is not suitable for thermal paste. It lacks the required thermal conductivity and can damage components.


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