Best Timesheet Templates for Efficient Time Tracking

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Best Timesheet Templates for Efficient Time Tracking

Clockify: A Comprehensive Time Tracking Tool

In the realm of time management, Clockify stands out as a versatile and efficient time tracking tool. Designed for use by corporations, freelancers, and companies with hybrid working environments, Clockify offers free printable timesheet templates in various file formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, and Google Docs. The absence of team size restrictions in the free version allows for unlimited team members, enabling the tracking of employees' billable work hours and productivity on diverse projects.

Clockify's Template Variations

Clockify provides a range of timesheet template variations, catering to different needs:

  • Monthly
  • Semi-Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Daily-Hourly
  • Daily Supervisor Timesheet
  • Projects Timesheet

These templates offer flexibility in tracking work hours, expenses, billable hours, and more, making Clockify a valuable asset for efficient project management. Streamlining Work Schedules in the Cloud

A cloud-based work OS, offers a dynamic weekly timesheet template designed to enhance work scheduling. The template facilitates smooth scheduling by allowing users to customize templates based on company policies and priorities. Scalable to accommodate various company sizes and adaptable to different standards, workflows, projects, and tasks, ensures efficient project execution.

Features of's Weekly Shift Work Schedule Template's timesheet template provides numerous features, including:

  • Import and Export of Excel Sheets
  • Permission Management
  • Advanced Search Capabilities

These features contribute to creating a clear project overview, enhancing task management, and promoting effective communication within the team.

Office 365 Timesheet: Seamless Integration with SharePoint

For users within the Microsoft ecosystem, the Office 365 Timesheet offers a simple yet productive tool compatible with SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, and SharePoint Online within Office 365. This Excel-based timesheet template allows managers to track the time spent by team members on various tasks and projects.

Key Features of Office 365 Timesheet

  • Customizable Templates for Different Time Intervals (Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly)
  • Easy Recording of Time In, Time Out, and Lunch Breaks
  • Integration with Power BI for Actionable Performance Insights

These features empower both employees and management, fostering transparency and efficiency in time tracking and project management.

ActiTIME: Centralized Time and Project Management

ActiTIME is an excel-based time tracking template designed to streamline time and project management. With integration capabilities with over 200 apps such as Trello, Asana, JIRA, and GitHub, ActiTIME aims to make the time tracking process effortless and error-free.

Key Benefits of ActiTIME

  • Comprehensive Platform for Team Management, Project Tracking, and Billing
  • Insights for Invoicing by Classifying Billable and Non-Billable Tasks
  • Flexibility to Align with Company Standards

ActiTIME offers different variants of timesheet templates, including Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, and Monthly, catering to various company policies and preferences.

Toogl Track: Quick and Reliable Time Tracking

Toogl Track provides a popular timesheet template offering businesses a quick and reliable method to track time spent by workers on tasks. The template is available in all popular file formats and offers variants for daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly tracking.

Features of Toogl Track Timesheet Template

  • Hassle-free Time Tracking with Easy Configuration
  • Accurate Reporting for Employee Performance
  • Seamless Integration with Over 100 Apps

Toogl Track's cloud-based timesheet template simplifies time reporting, ensuring accurate tracking and easy access to information.

ClockIt: Online Time and Location Tracking

ClockIt is an online time and location tracking software that offers timesheet templates for monitoring and recording employees' clock-in and clock-out times. Ideal for small and medium-scale businesses, ClockIt's templates are available in various formats, including Excel, PDF, and Google Sheets.

Available Variants of ClockIt's Timesheet Template

  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Daily Manager's Timesheet
  • Project Timesheet

ClockIt's templates aid in automating workflow, recording attendance, and generating reports for further analysis, making time tracking efficient for businesses.

Dovico: Free Timesheet Templates for Time Tracking

Dovico is a time tracking tool that provides free timesheet templates in Excel, Word, and Google Sheets formats. These templates are versatile, helping small businesses track employees' attendance, overtime hours, and time spent on tasks and projects.

Dovico's Timesheet Template Variations

  • Time Management To-Do List Template
  • Weekly Timesheet Template
  • Daily Timesheet Template
  • Weekly Project Timesheet Template With Tasks
  • Weekly Employee Timesheet Template

Dovico's templates offer comprehensive tracking of payable hours, sick leave, vacation, and project-specific tasks, providing valuable insights for both employees and managers.

Hubstaff: Streamlined Time Tracking for Efficiency

Hubstaff is a straightforward time tracking software that offers simple timesheet templates for easy tracking of payable hours. These templates, available in PDF, Excel, Word, and other Google file formats, are user-friendly and require minimal configuration.

Variants of Hubstaff's Timesheet Templates

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Daily Hourly
  • Project Timesheet

Hubstaff's free timesheet templates are downloadable from the website, providing businesses with a convenient solution for efficient time tracking.

Summing Up

In conclusion, selecting the right timesheet template is crucial for precision in tracking payable hours and ensuring efficient management of projects. The recommended timesheet templates cater to various business needs, offering features such as customizable templates, seamless integration, and insightful reporting. By adopting these templates, businesses can eliminate manual tracking hassles, reduce the risk of human errors, and promote productivity in their workforce.

Q&A Section

Q1: Are there any limitations to the free version of Clockify?

A1: Clockify's free version does not have restrictions on team size, allowing unlimited team members. However, certain advanced features may be limited, and users can explore premium plans for additional functionalities.

Q2: Can I integrate ActiTIME with project management tools other than the listed 200 apps?

A2: ActiTIME offers extensive integration capabilities, and users can explore its compatibility with various project management tools beyond the listed 200 apps.

Q3: Is there a limit to the number of team members supported by's free timesheet template?

A3:'s free timesheet template is suitable for a team of up to two members. For larger teams, users can opt for one of the premium plans, starting at $24 per month.

Explore the best timesheet templates for efficient time tracking. From Clockify to, discover versatile templates for various business needs, promoting accurate tracking and streamlined project management.


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