The Top 10 Apps to Help You Achieve Your 2024 New Year's Goals

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The Top 10 Apps to Help You Achieve Your 2024 New Year's Goals


New Year's resolutions vary, but cultivating small habits can be key. Streaks, a well-established app, functions as a to-do list for building daily habits. With the capacity to set and complete up to 24 tasks daily, Streaks reinforces positive habits and offers a simple, beautifully designed interface. Widgets on the home screen enhance accessibility, making progress tracking effortless. Available on iOS for a $5 one-time payment.

Way of Life

For a more extensive approach to habit formation, Way of Life is an excellent choice. It introduces a chain system for habit tracking and provides a journal space for reflective notes. The app's simple design belies its detailed analytics, giving users insights into their progress. While free for three habits, a $6/month subscription unlocks unlimited habit tracking. Compatible with both iOS and Android.

YNAB (You Need A Budget)

Embarking on a journey to budget better in the new year? YNAB is the go-to app, allowing automatic or manual connection to bank and credit accounts. Categorize expenses, set budgets, and share them with others. YNAB not only aids in financial planning but also facilitates loan management and provides valuable insights. While initially free, a subscription is required after a 30-day trial period. Compatible with both iOS and Android.


Is learning a new language part of your resolutions? Duolingo, offering bite-sized lessons for 40+ languages, makes language learning enjoyable through game-like exercises. Track your progress, practice reading, speaking, listening, and writing. Duolingo is a free, popular language-learning app available on both iOS and Android.


Focused on improving eating habits and losing weight? MyFitnessPal helps set goals for weight, calories, fats, carbs, and protein. Log meals manually or via barcode scanning, track daily nutrient intake, and create custom recipes. A must-have app for anyone aiming for a healthier lifestyle, MyFitnessPal is available for both iOS and Android.


Another effective habit-building app, Productive, features a user-friendly design. Define habits, track progress, and benefit from programs, articles, and challenges. The app encourages reflection check-ins and provides motivational prompts. While offering a free version, a subscription enhances the experience. Compatible with iOS and Android.


Short on time for workouts? Seven offers seven-minute routines for beginners and experienced athletes. With over 200 workouts requiring no extra equipment, it's perfect for quick, effective exercises. Compete with friends, follow tailored fitness plans, and stay motivated with the everyday workout challenge. While free, a premium membership unlocks all workouts and additional features. Available on both iOS and Android.

Day One

Journaling is a powerful practice, and Day One is an excellent tool for private expression and reflection. The app supports multimedia entries, including photos, videos, and audio clips. Multiple journals, templates, and prompts enhance customization. Day One Premium offers advanced features. Available on both iOS and Android.


Aspiring to read more in 2024? Bookshelf is the app for organizing your reading life. Track what you're reading, set reading goals, and make streaks for daily logging. Engage with the AI librarian, review notes, and enjoy valuable insights to improve reading habits. Available on iOS.


Staying hydrated is crucial, and WaterMinder helps you track your daily water intake. Visualize your progress throughout the day and set hydration goals based on weight and activity level. Challenges, sharing features, and insights enhance the experience. Available on both iOS and Android.

Q&A Section

Q: Are these apps free to download?

A: All the mentioned apps are free to download, but some may offer premium features through subscriptions.

Q: Can I use these apps on both iOS and Android?

A: Most of the listed apps are available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Q: Are there any alternatives to the mentioned apps?

A: While these apps are highly recommended, there are various alternatives available on app stores that may suit individual preferences and needs.

Enhance your 2024 with these top-notch apps designed to support and elevate your New Year's resolutions.

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